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Discussion in 'Fallout 4' started by M-14 rifle, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. M-14 rifle

    M-14 rifle First time out of the vault

    Dec 1, 2015
    It would be fun if you could capture a baby fire gecko and teach it to be an attack animal. Bug-type creatures are over used; why not more unique creatures and robots and factions, too.
  2. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign ⛧卐⛧ [REDACTED]

    Apr 1, 2005
    Geckos don't exist in Boston because reasons.
  3. Crni Vuk

    Crni Vuk M4A3 Oldfag oTO Orderite

    Nov 25, 2008
    The Geckos went extinct because of JET. Why? Reasons. Writers are supposed to have fun, and I don't discuss logic/reason/realism in a fiction setting'n shits, ...
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  4. PossibleCabbage

    PossibleCabbage Vault 22 Survivor

    Jul 2, 2015
    It's entirely likely that Geckos, being reptiles and hence cold-blooded, just never crossed the Rockies.

    I mean, it's a plausible explanation.
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  5. Irwin John Finster

    Irwin John Finster Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Nov 13, 2015
    I don't think geckos and lizards and the like are anywhere in that area so it makes sense to me, but I could be mistaken.
  6. Empty09

    Empty09 Still Mildly Glowing

    Nov 26, 2009
    Everytime you combine fertilizer with plastic a gecko dies.
  7. MercenarySnake

    MercenarySnake Kept you waiting huh?

    Aug 22, 2015
    Geckos don't appear in Boston because"Something something something geckos".

    Everyone keeps forgetting that it's Bethesda, they don't need explanations and logic in a world with "talking ghouls". It just works.