Mr. House - Fallout's take on an Ayn Rand Hero/Protagonist?

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    Ayn Rand's self-declared purpose in writing her fiction was to project the "ideal man" - the man who perseveres to achieve his values, even when his ability and independence leads to conflict with others.

    Mr. House is an exceptional individual in the Fallout universe and for anyone who's familiar with her works Robert is very much the archetypal Ayn Rand novel Protagonist. Exceptional, Charming, Rational, Conventionally Attractive, Highly Intelligent, modest Ego (doesn't like the idea of being known as a God, just wants to get shit done and people out of his way that have the potential to screw with his plans for Vegas and humanity). Those actions of the few exceptional "great" individuals such as himself further and advance the rest of society such as his plans for outer space.

    House despises slavery and cares not to interfere with the personal lives of those that do not effect him in any way or to force himself on anyone else whom does not interfere with his plans and makes that clear. Only the BoS faction whom threatened his ideals and freedom he wanted utterly destroyed.

    Rand rejected the notion that individuals inherently have duty towards one another, such as when House cared not when he pushed all those people from the Strip onto Freeside under the impression it was his strip and that he saved it himself, caring not for those tossed into the Wastes homeless whom had settled there in the meantime as it would disrupt his plans.

    Any thoughts or opinions to add?
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    Sounds about right to me.

    I once listened to a very odd interview of Rod Serling, by Bob Crane; yep— those guys.

    Serling and his wife had contemplated building a Fallout shelter to protect their family, should the need arise. But they didn't actually do it. The thought of what to do if the neighbors came calling; begging to be let in, stopped them from going through with building the thing at all. But he did make a TZ episode about it.
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  3. Cobra Commander

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    Dec 6, 2016
    I only read Atlas Shrugged.

    They are similar, but I found the 3 protagonists of Atlas very concerned with their own navel. House seems to have a somewhat broader view.

    Of course, he wants profits and prosperity, like an post apocalyptic Rockefeller, but I always saw Robert House as a man who took upon himself the burden of taking mankind out of the static hole in which they are now. This is a duty towards one another.
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    Mister House seems to draw from Howard Hughes and Randolph Hearst as well, who were the historic embodiment of the American Dream around the time parodied.

    I think House might find Randism a bit quaint.
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  6. Eshanas

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    He's a technocrat. There's no fun for him to play with the Brahmin Barons, gun smiths, or the Coal Mines; he wants a multi-faceted, post-industrial not-near feudal humanity to toy with.

    It's a good thing the Legion existed in a shitty piece of America, lest they had ruined Texas....
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    From my perspective Mr. House is by far the most coherent and sane individual trying to make progress in the Western American Wasteland of Fallout. While many perceive his indifference to the plight of the local population as "evil", I can honestly understand his logic. In the grand scheme of his he is far more focused on building a sturdy foundation in which he can uplift his territory and its denizens to the state he desires.

    Compared to most individuals in the Fallout universe he is the only one progressing towards an actual future with long term goals, plans, and resources to ensure they come to pass. If his objectives are met he would most likely take the time to build the infrastructure required to ensure that his labor pool can effectively focus on the tasks he requires of them, all the while allowing them the freedom of personal lives in which he would not govern.

    A highly intelligent business man free of regulation, isolated in a metal tube with only his dreams to propel him forward. It is hinted that he has some weird robo fetish, but considering the guys position I wouldn't blame him for it considering he can't exactly enjoy typical vices the average person does.
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  8. The Man From Nowhere

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    Oct 28, 2017
    Speaking of ShoddyCast had a video well worth watching on the morality of killing Mr. House

  9. President_Peaches

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    Mar 4, 2018
    He is the Fallout universe's version of the Charles Foster Kane archetype, which was influenced heavily by Hughes. However, House is also inspired by Walt Disney- he bears a strong resemblance to Disney with that tache, he is the secretive overlord of a theme park (for adults), and his life-extension chamber could be a reference to the persistent urban legend that Disney's body is cryogenically frozen somewhere below Disneyland.
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    Not sure.

    House shares many superficial elements and character traits with a Rand protagonist, but looking deeper into the characteristics of House and any Atlas protagonist you can see a philosophy that is different - maybe in nuance - but that is enough to make a different outcome. As Cobra put it, House has a broader view. And, if I may personally add, a more realistic one.

    It goes without saying that if you seek Rand in video games, you should play BioShock.
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    Edwin House = mix between chaotic good and evil.

    He is neither bad nor good exclusively, rather focused on his own desires and pursuits. If those things happen to benefit humanity then so be it.

    I can easily see someone like House stepping on peoples freedoms if he stands to benefit some how.