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  1. JunjiItosGio

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    Oct 29, 2020
    I wanted to throw some ideas I had for some factions and enemies in a New Orleans Fallout game. It won't be much, but it's all I have at the moment.

    Les Gris (The Grey Ones) - A French-speaking tribal raider faction that practices their own post-war version of Louisiana voodoo. They are isolationists who only come out to attack when a caravan or wastelander comes too close to their territory. They are for the most part a boogeyman faction of sorts as people who go near them seldom return to tell about it. The further away settlements are from them, the wilder the stories get. In reality they just want to be left alone. They live in a shanty town of sorts they made deep in the bayou.

    Red's Rangers - A faction seeking to provide all sorts of aid to settlements in post-war Louisiana. From guarding caravans, clearing out raiders, pest control, settling territorial disputes, or even stationing as lawmen. Anything settlements new or old might need, the rangers will help -- for a price. Headquartered in the middle of former Baton Rogue, their settlement, named Ft. Red is one of the safest in the Cajun Wasteland. It was terraformed by a G.E.C.K. extracted from an abandoned vault. The only people living in the fort's walls are those who can afford the outrageous rent prices. They recruit only from settlements who pay to have them stationed.

    The Mardis - A well-known nomadic raider faction that leeches off caravans, settlements, and unlucky wanderers alike. Disguised in masks used for the pre-war Mardi Gras celebration, and due to their nomadic nature, no one's been able to pinpoint their exact base of operations.

    The Tinmen - Nestled in downtown New Orleans, The Tinmen are the lawmen that police the city. They are named after their uniform of Combat and Power Armor which are rare in post-war Louisiana. Despite having smaller numbers than the rangers, their armor alone is worth a squad of them. The fear of them usually keeps people in line.

    If you'd like to contribute please do so, also I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  2. ElloinmorninJ

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    Jun 25, 2019
    I have some ideas for creatures!

    Giant mutant catfish would be cool.
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    Oct 29, 2020
    I rather liked Fallout 76's inclusion of cryptids, maybe there could also be the rougarou. :boy:
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    I don't think there should be cryptids in Fallout, they are to much in the realm of the supernatural.

    Far better to work with the idea that what people perceive to be cryptids are mutants or genetically modified creatures.
  5. JunjiItosGio

    JunjiItosGio It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Oct 29, 2020
    I'd like that as well, like the wanamingos being called aliens.