New plot concepts/devices for Fallout

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  1. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Hi Dark Philly,

    Heh you mean Limit 115, also known as the New Plague? :P
    In Van Buren it was to be revealed to be actually created by some scientists at the Boulder Dome on orders of the US government or more likely the Enclave to seriously cut back on the world's population.

    Parts of Van Buren's story revolved around the New Plague as the player and the other prisoners that had escaped were carrying various strains of it.
  2. DarkPhilly

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    Jan 23, 2007
    I was thinking more along the lines of an old forgotten virus, that nobody had any idea about. Had no idea what they were dealing with, and how to counteract it. maybe it could be so potent that It could wipe out the entire worlds population? Who knows...
  3. couch

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    Feb 27, 2008
    How 'bout somethin' to do with Alaska or somewhere thats real backwoods like that? Perhaps not Alaska cause it would probably be pretty unlivable, though maybe not since it would have been spared a bit of the brunt of the blasts (nothing worth blowing up there is there?).

    Going with the backwoods idea maybe a country boy trying to go see the big city? Thats an interestin thought and something I havent heard in a while. Kid gets picked up by a fallout circus or something, kinda goes with a sweet 50s vibe too.
  4. Robert Czarwolski

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    Feb 5, 2007
    New Main Plot Idea

    Some days ago i was thinking on a main story plot, and got a (i think) good idea.... Here it goes:
    You start as an Enclave full-armed, no-trained recruit. You saw the Oil Rig blowing, you retreat to Navarro, but everyone is dead, exept for Sgt. Granite squad. You ask: WTF happened here????
    They say: One guy that calls himself "chosen one" has destroyed all of the enclave. You need to track your way to the new arroyo, beetween the anti-enclave pressures everywhere; once you got there, you should chose:
    Hey, lets kill the bastard of the chosen.
    Or: Hey, lets talk to him and see if we give him a chance.
    -Interesting plot point:
    You start with top-grade equipment, and lower the grade of equipment troughout the game. Example: You know where San Fran is, so you go there you the rest of your patrol squad, but you encouter BOS... They kill everyone but you, torture you, pick your armor for analisys and try to kill you. You survive. They don´t got space for the APA, so they leave an HPA behind. And the game progress this way.
    Instead of LeatherJ/LeatherA/MetalA/TeslaA/CmbtA/PA/APA you get APA/PA/CmbtA/TeslaA/MetalA/LeatherA/LeatherJ.
    Obs: As most of the enclave guys you DON´T have a clue of what were they doing.
  5. Wooz

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    May 18, 2003
    What a bunch of horseshit.

    How the fuck would anyone know who blew up the oil rig?

    Anti enclave pressures? Peasants with pitchforks against power-armoured soldiers?

    "Let's give him a chance"? The fuck?

    BOS soldiers *torturing* people? What kind of Tictacs fanboy are you?

    Nor do you, apparently.
  6. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Re: New Main Plot Idea

    Not a very good plotline to begin with. Game would be completly unbalanced, and IMO the fun of Fallout is the working up part. Not starting off with everything.
  7. Ah-Teen

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    Jun 21, 2007

    I bet beth would dissagree with you Toront, but we'll see.
  8. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Hello all,

    Hmm, well that stuff with the Enclave wasn't really what I was looking for, plus the Brotherhood torturing people? Man, they really have become extreme.

    Personally I rather would like to start like the first two Fallout games, well particular the first Fallout game; the player absolutely has no idea how the world outside his or her Vault looks like, having always lived or forced to live in comfortable ignorance.

    This is just a rough setup idea I have been walking around with for a while, a combination of the various other ideas I have had over time.
    Some elements are not that original but there would be a couple of plot twists different from from Fallout 1

    Taking place in a region different than that of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, (I am thinking around the Mid West), it starts in Vault 51.
    Unlike most of the other Vaults this one is actually properly built, no defective technology, no limited supplies, and none of the Enclave's experiments in place or so it seems.
    I would like to make the fact that this Vault works properly an important fact to the plot, just have to find out in what way.

    At the start of the story/player's quest the Vault has opened its doors for some time now, a couple of years or so, but to maintain the security of the Vault only selected people are allowed to go outside, having been given a rank or something, and the player of course doesn't have a rank high enough for the right to leave the Vault (Its better for you, the wasteland is very dangerous).

    Then one day on purpose or by accident you discover a signal or transmission that is coming from outside the Vault, according to the records the Vault has been receiving this signal long before the doors opened and perhaps have something to do with people finally being allowed to go outside again.
    No long after the Vault computer gives you clearance to go to the surface, perhaps you are even urged to do so, but the reasons aren't very clear yet.

    So after getting some basic training and supplies, you find yourself outside for the very first time.
    You probably have been given some basic assignment to carry out and from there the story develops on further.

    Really a bit stuck in how the story would progress but I am thinking of the player discovering information and evidence of all kinds of Pre War research and US government/Enclave experiments that are still going on, including the Enclave's failed space program, and that the player's Vault Community has something to do with them.
  9. Sorrow

    Sorrow So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Feb 9, 2006
    It sounds very interesting :) . I would like to play a Fallout game with such beginning.
  10. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Hello Sorrow,

    Thank you, but this is just a basic set up idea, I would like to intrigue the player to get out without making him or her feel forced.
    Yet I would also like to bring up a reminder that something interesting is going on and that the player should venture into the wasteland and find out what it is.

    Still so much to think out.
  11. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    I have been doing some thinking and I now realise that what I wrote down sounds a bit like the Twin Mothers Tribe concept and Diana from Van Buren.

    Damn, another idea down the drain :(
  12. Robert Czarwolski

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    Feb 5, 2007
    Re: New Main Plot Idea

    OK, the idea was DECREASE the equipment quality, as I said starting with a APA, going lower untill no armor at all... This was because i realy think that fighting the Tyler's gang with no armor+10mm Pistol is a LOT harder than blsting your way trought the enclave with a APA+Vindicator Minigun.
    As well for the "anti-enclave pressures":
    Nobody like the enclave, no doubt if you say -hey I'm from the enclave!- anybody armed with some decent weaponary will try to kill you (New Reno gangs/ NCR Rangers/BOS/). And they REALY don't know what happened with the Oil Rig. Thats the point, discover what happened.
    About the BOS torturing people... SORRY missed the point.
    About the "lets give him a chance", you would chose to fight against the Chosen, or, after knowing about what hapenned, you stand by his side.
    And yep, my english is VERY bad. Well, getting better with the time. :oops:
  13. Moving Target

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    Oct 25, 2007
    Re: New Main Plot Idea

    More correctly, nobody besides some Brotherhood chapters KNOWS about the Enclave. Which would probably just make everyone think the Enclave people were from the Brotherhood.

    That's point one.

    Point two: the Enclave made sure they had enough weapons to completely massacre any resisting groups. If they didn't have enough, they wouldn't try. So WHY would this group, of all the Enclave groups, after losing their home base, decide to put themselves at risk by flying aaaaallll the way to California, park their damn vertibird, and then trek across the Wastes AND even talk about their mission with other people?!?

    Here's the thing: the Enclave are the remnants of the U.S. army. They have a chain of command. If they're told to do something, even if they find it questionable, they're going to do it. Especially in extremis, since in that case they'll most likely just end up with a bullet in their skull from their CO or fellow grunts.

    So, if the orders from the remaining command structure are "Kill this person," and if they SOMEHOW know that the Chosen One blew up the Rig, they'll freaking do it. They might feel kind of crummy afterward, or imagine what if, but the idea that they'll choose to stand by the Chosen One's side rather than obey the chain of command is beyond ridiculous.

    So, you can understand why we think the wheels on your plot derail even before this theoretical Enclave soldier hits the ground.
  14. Robert Czarwolski

    Robert Czarwolski It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Feb 5, 2007
    Re: New Main Plot Idea

    I know some of my plot points are wrong, but you reply is double wrong.
    Nobody exept BOS? This is why even the New Reno prostitutes talk about the enclave and the president, you do a porn film about it and father tully gives you a book for kicking their asses?
    2nd:They didn´t "fly all the way trough california". They were near navarro, you survive, anyone else is dead. You don´t know fuck and then need to find what the hell hapened. You need to make your way by FOOT. You are in the mainland, not in the middle of the sea. About the weapons: The same weapons that had turned into dust when the rig blowed.... AND the others that the chosen stole from navarro? And the main character of the plot isn´t on a "mission".
    3rd: The same "chain of command" that was blowed up on the rig. That in conjunction with the now ghost-base navarro dead leaders?
    Maybe this is why the Tanker Captain isn´t a desertor from the Enclave and Sgt. Granite and his team kill you instead of helping you kill Horrigan. And the main plot character don´t, -i repeat DON´T- know that the Chosen did it, what we did and why he did. They only know that he saw all his platoon and base killed. The plot point is dicover why, who and what he did.
  15. SkynetV4

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    Jan 25, 2005
    I actually had three converging plots for my "dream Fallout 3".

    The first one started with a gecko hunter and her mother who are captured by raiders. They become fuck toys; her mother dies from the strain and the raiders head north, past Nuevo Arroyo/Neo Arroyo (after Fallout 2), back to their secret base. One of the raiders falls for the girl and tries to make love to her (gently). She takes a knife and puts the hilt up her hoohah. When the raider thrusts, he gets a rudimentary sex operation and the girl runs. After a few days, with raiders in hot pursuit, the girl comes to a mysterious facility built into the side of a mountain. For some reason, the defense system allows her through and cuts the raiders to pieces. Inside the base, she finds a computer who asks her about her life, circumstances that brought her to the base and her mother's death. The computer explains to the girl that the base contained manufacturing facilities to make almost anything of pre-war tech and raw materials. It was to be used as a failsafe in case the US had to be rebuilt. The thing is that the facility has been automated and the security system is physically and electronically separated from the computer, thus anyone trying to access the underground levels of the base is vaporized. The girl sees several pieces of robots that the computer sent. The computer claims to want to help her with the tech in the base and help humanity as well, however, she won't be able to access the underground levels unless she finds a way to disable the security system.

    The second starts with the senile President Tandi, forcibly annexing most towns of Fallout 1. With the help that the Chosen One gave to the NCR, the city has flourished faster than its neighbors. When Tandi tries to annex San Francisco, an emergency conference between Ken Lee (I think he was the leader of Chinatown), the BoS security council, the leaders of the Den, Nuevo Arroyo (Chosen One), Modoc, Redding and representatives from the New Reno crime families make a plan to assassinate her. The Chosen One, promises a mysterious traveler riches and security untold if he could eliminate Tandi. To ensure that the traveler doesn't take a dive, the Chosen One's daughter, eludes her father's security and goes with the traveler. When they arrive close to the NCR, they find the ruins of a small town and decide to camp there. Upon exploring around a little bit, they find a Pre-War cache of weapons, including a Stanchion Anti Tank rifle. Using that, they manage to sneak into the town and disintegrate Tandi's head. They manage to escape, however the Chosen One's plan has backfired because Tandi's loyal military supporters, decide to launch an all scale war on the above towns and organizations. The Chosen One's position is delicate because his daughter is implicated in the assassination and has to work with the mysterious traveller as a scout.

    The third and final plot starts when a mysterious attack all but destroys Broken Hills. The town had sided with the "Alliance" (the NCR foes) and initially the NCR is suspected. However the brunt of the NCR's army was engaged with the BoS bases in the south and as such couldn't have destroyed a heavily fortified outpost at that time. Some investigators from the alliance are sent to "CSI" the town a bit and they discover that the town was attacked with heavy, heavy firepower. Only the Enclave or the BoS could have done this which puzzles the leaders of the Alliance. After re-garrisoning Broken Hills, the Alliance starts patrolling heavily, yet military convoys both from the Alliance and the NCR go missing. The Alliance sends their investigators again to track down the mysterious foe.

    The plots converge in a final engagement with the NCR, Alliance and two more foes into a devastating war.
  16. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    I remember I had a story called Fallout: The Fall of the New California Republic.

    In 2260, the NCR was the largest and strongest force in the United States of America. However, the NCR has grow decadent. A five-year civil war left the Republic in shambles. The decadence of NCR spurred Slavers, Crime Lords, Raiders, Tribals and Mutants to atack the Republic, raiding, looting, raping and killing. A true barbarian horde. The Republic was left in shambles... The player can customize his background, which can make him a NCR soldier, a Brotherhood Knight or Scribe, a New Reno Mobster and many other things.

    The game happens around the time where the republic is being atacked by the barbarian horde. The player is a pawn in this struggle. Depending on his background, the player can restore the NCR to it's former might, destroy the NCR and turn California into a lawless wasteland, turn the NCR into a military governament, change the NCR to allow slavery and gambling and many, many other things, which the background will be useful for.

    The world map is Fallout 1's map + The South of Fallout 2's map (up to New Reno, Navarro and Broken Hills) + certain lands in the east. NCR law enforcement is falling, but it's still exists. The Brotherhood of Steel was recently taken by a very xenophobic leadership, and they want nothing to do with the republic, as they believe that the republic is not worth the technology that the BOS introduced into it. Many towns are seceeding from the republic. Slavers and NCR Rangers clashing around is frequent, as are towns in ruins or atacked by raiders. New Arroyo was estabilished where Vault 13 once was. Many new or old factions are trying to fill the vacum in the NCR's fall.