New Vegas Teaches Me How to Want to Kill Everyone In 3 Easy Steps

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    For a while, NV ran fine. Then FOMM stopped working. As in, every time I opened it it’d immediately fail. Things would be fine, then it’d tell me to fuck myself. So I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, renaming the folder I installed it to to this:
    All to no avail. Finally, I broke down and started using archiveinvalidationinvalidated and Vortex.

    All was well, until my title screen turned to eye blistering magenta. Eventually I used FNVEdit and fixed that, and now the character textures are all fucked upload_2019-2-17_0-23-45.jpeg
    And nothing I fucking do fixes it. I’m at wits end and I know that the texture problems mean that there are textures missing, but validating the files in Steam and fully reinstalling does nothing. I tried disabling all my mods and trying again; nothing. I don’t know what to do anymore and FNVEdit can’t find any problems aside from missing textures that I can’t seem to get back. What do I do?

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    This is your problem, I'd say. I don't know how long you've been in the modding community, but have you heard of Mod Organizer? It's in every way the superior mod manager with nothing that can come close to it. The gist of MO is simply that it creates a completely different virtual folder for the mods to be installed, and the game 'access' those mods from that folder. This way, you can uninstall the mods safely without affecting your game at all.

    It takes time to learn how to use MO. I suggest reading the earlier parts of this guide simply to learn how to use it. You can even follow that guide and pluck some of the mods they recommended for your own use, but for the time being reading it to simply use other 3rd party application like FNVEdit, LOOT, Merge Plugin etc etc in conjunction to MO since you can launch those 3rd party from there instead, and use vanilla-friendly mods like JIP-LN plugin for NVSE, YUP, UP+, the 4GB+ patcher are worth it.
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    I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks friend