NMA Podcast Round 6 - Nuka World

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    Sep 17, 2016
    Well, they're not the exact same. They're less intelligent and yellow.


    That's definitely what West Tek believes but redundancies in programs are a real-life military fact. Groups don't know about other research projects so if one is taken down then the research can continue.

    It should be noted security concerns are kind of a redundant measure in a post-apocalypse environment, which is when these experiments are supposed to occur.

    Harold the Mutant is the "raw FEV" result so SOMETHING happens when you dip someone in FEV period. He's an immortal deformed individual even without a different strain variant.

    Well, according to Chris Avellone, it was Tim Cain. He thought theme vaults were awesome while Chris was more leary.
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    I rushed the post. West Tek has a highly classified research operation under the heavy observation of the US military. Vault Tec wasn't in the same kind of field and there's no indication that Vault 87 was inhabited by and under the control of the US military.

    Bell and Boeing are in the same field of work. West Tek manufactures weapons and armour, Vault Tec builds underground shelters. It just doesn't make sense to send a strain of FEV to a Vault on the other side of the country.

    I don't mind the Vault experiment idea if it makes sense. Vault 11, being my favourite Vault is a clear example of an experiment that makes sense (a very cruel and tragic example).
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    Sorry, but taking top secret research from a facility that specialises in biological warfare and giving it to a company that specialises in building shelters is just ridiculous. And no, they don't share and distribute research like that. There are competitions (like the Joint Strike Fighter program or the Advanced Tactical fighter program), but base technology like stealth technology is usually done in one top secret facility in one program. Doubling costs, risk of leaks, and cut in half the people working on a single issue is just stupid.

    I don't quite understand your point here.

    Yes, they knew something happens, even from animal testing. Human testing started very shortly before the War, though. Vault construction started in 2054 and most were finished in 2063. I find it hard to believe that the government would go to Vault-Tec and say "Hey, here's fresh research in a field you have absolutely no experience in and that super top secret, please refit one of your vaults so you can do random human testing in case of nuclear war lel"

    His vision of theme vaults (or rather, the vault experiments) was way different than what Bethesda made of them, though. They were subtle social experiments to test different factors that might be important for interstellar colonization, not "let's do human testing that makes Aperture Science seem reasonable because top kek".

    Note that I wouldn't have too much problems with East Coast FEV if it was an actual research facility that had it. But Vault-Tec is just too unbelievable for me to suspend my disbelief that much.
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    I suppose I was merely defending it on the grounds that any remaining research on FEV would have to be done on some of the few surviving population bases of humans left under the Enclave's strict supervision. Assuming they didn't want to abandon the research altogether.
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    I don't know if this has been said already, but I think this podcast could use some identification. It would be nice to know who is who right off the bat. Perhaps allowing everyone to say hello individually in the intro would help clear things up. Just a suggestion.
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    Sep 17, 2016
    I'm the dude who loves Mothership Zeta
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    I'm still listening to Round 6, but you are well established by now. I know you as the counterpoint guy who says "uh" a bunch :P.It would be more boring if everyone just stated the same opinion the whole time.
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    Sep 17, 2016
    Yeah, damn, that's why I don't do interviews for the most part. :(

    I have one upcoming for my books in November and I'm terrified of it.

    I should prepare a script or something.
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    I didn't mean to offend, I even put a smiley to show that I wasn't trying to sound hateful. I just thought I would provide some constructive criticism and try to be a little funny at the same time. You were definitely coherent and charming enough. You don't have to change, just do you and you'll be fine.
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    Oh, I'm not offended. It's a real problem and one I'm worried will affect my promotion of Cthulhu Armageddon and my other books but that's just how the business works.

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    When are we having another one of these? Because I am SO down to clown.
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    I'd like to do one after the Skyrim Remaster comes out, say a week after. It'll give us enough time to see if there's another surge of mod thefts, then laugh at it all.
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    Something is bound to happen, maybe multiple things, but what ever it is it will be glorious.