Now this really sucks.....


Antediluvian as Feck
Am I a pariah on SOF servers as well?!

I mean, holy shit!

I was on three separate servers tonight, and after I've held first for about 20 minutes each, they shut down. The last one was at least kind enough to give me a reason why they shut down their LAN server (they had 0 ping, while I had 200-300, and I was still in first). The admin said something to the effect of "Who the fuck is this guy? Fuck this shit!" and shut down the server and renamed it.

Dammit! The same thing that happens in UT is going on for SOF...

Looks like you've got to find a new game in wich you're not a deity. Or find some elite-super-something server at wich you'll only be admitted to if you're high enough in some sort of ranking.

"Don't worry men, they can't hit us here"
At least he could've warned you that you should either go because it's no fun for them, or they'll close the server.

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>Am I a pariah on SOF
>servers as well?!
>I mean, holy shit!
>I was on three separate servers
>tonight, and after I've held
>first for about 20 minutes
>each, they shut down.
>The last one was at
>least kind enough to give
>me a reason why they
>shut down their LAN server
>(they had 0 ping, while
>I had 200-300, and I
>was still in first).
>The admin said something to
>the effect of "Who the
>fuck is this guy?
>Fuck this shit!" and shut
>down the server and renamed
>Dammit! The same thing that
>happens in UT is going
>on for SOF...

Yeah, it sucks when they boot you for having a score better than their combined scores on a *team* against you...


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News flash, numbnuts:

I do have broadband.

But if you really read my message, you'd understand that I'm one of the best UT/Q/DOOM/SOF players out there.

In fact, in Spork, I was one of Thresh's mercs. I told the twit to go fuck himself once his ego grew too big.

But in any case, perhaps you need to read the message before you think of a response, really. The problem wasn't a ping-out. It was me massacring everyone on their server. Usually, with UT, I maintain a kill tally of both teams combined. Thusly, I can count on being banned from most servers when their admins are on.
Xotor...not just the opposing team:

But BOTH teams, myself excluded.

On a CTF map, with three flag captures (sometimes five), I can sometimes rack up 500 kills a map. Particularly if it's on any of Inoxx's maps.

For deathmatch, I can generally humiliate everyone by having a kill tally greater than anyone else.

For team, I can have a kill tally better than both/all teams.

For any other mode, I can own as well.

The end result?

There's over 30 UT and U4E servers I cannot connect to. Which is a really big pain in the fucking ass when they rename themselves and I try to connect, then get the ban message.

This also falls into the line of me never joining a clan. Perhaps...someday...I might... Till then, I'm always freelance, as I am the MASTER of the insane... NSanity...
>>broadband buddy. get it or get
>>off the server.
>He's got broadband, satellite uplink if
>I remember correctly. They
>didn't boot him for lag..

Particularly when in SOF I get pings of 200, but with UT, the best I've gotten was a ping of 23. Not too bad...

The only server I'd played with a lag-boot was an SOF server, and it's warning was 400, kick was at 500.
That's the problem:

[font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Nov-29-00 AT 01:11PM (GMT)[p]What ELSE to play?

I have the same problem with other games.

Well...tonight I've been humbled...somewhat.

Particularly when it involved the two dominating people being one-trick-ponies. I invite them onto a server I know of that discourages their lame teleporter and rocket tactics...they die repeatedly, then say the server is gay because it has disabled rockets and teleporters.

I was in a CTF match about having the most useless idiots for teammates. I would have traded them in for a brick wall! Each one wanted to do their own thing. When I asked for back-up, they would just stick at their own safe little sniping positions, and when I asked them to get our flag back, they did jack shit.

So I did something so very amusing for UT. I went and killed my own teammates. Didn't even bother going to the other team to do so, just rocket-blasted the assholes right off their perches and into the crevasses.

But what a shitty timing to go to ngStat Active servers....

Oh, well...
RE: News flash, numbnuts:

[font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Nov-30-00 AT 05:08AM (GMT)[p]then you should have emphasized that fact :P, sorry im a very verbal person and i dont pick up any emphasis in text. It seemed you were emphasizing the ping fact and not the first. plus if i was taking into acount that you were playing every man for himself instead of you vs. everybody then it would make sense. but it didnt so i was ignorant of all facts at the time.

and Numbnuts? HOW DARE YOU, HOW DARE YOU!!! THE TEMERITY!!! Dont flame me, its just not cool.
RE: Xotor...not just the opposing team:

>This also falls into the line
>of me never joining a
>clan. Perhaps...someday...I might...
>Till then, I'm always freelance,
>as I am the MASTER
>of the insane... NSanity...

Sounds too close to "n Sync" for my likings. Heh, maybe name your clan the Vault Dwellers or something :)


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RE: That's the problem:

>What ELSE to play?

Have your tried the Weapon's Factory mod for UT, Quake II and Quake III? It's a lot like team fortress but with more classes and better tactics. It is really fun when you have a well managed team or clan where everyone knows their job. It also has a larger following than most mods


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I'll have to give it a try:

CTS for UT is also a fun mod to play, with special skills and such to use. Pretty fun, but still a little rough around the edges.

I had a small clan of perhaps five for a short while for Q2.

Mental Disorder was a great team, because with a few keywords we could assemble and do team orders. It got to the point where we didn't need to say anything at times, because we each knew our role.

If I ever do form it up again, the names are now 'freed' for use, but I doubt I'll be playing in a clan for a while. The trash-talk shit is getting too lame.

You say "So that's basically all what's on this UT server, huh? A bunch of homophobes, personal teleporters, and rockets. How...average..."
RE: Uh...

Start playing Q3. It takes years until you can dominate on most servers.

"Blessed are those who break the rules."