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If anyone has seen the tekken tag videos please tell Archon that they are much much better than most PC videos. He does not believe how powerful and good the PS2 is. I'm not saying that PC's are bad but for it's kind the PS2 is just the best

RE: No it`s not

I first tried a japanese ps2 in august, it kind of disapointed me, i thought when they were released in the states and europe with the new games things would get better, but nope, in the paper the ps2 seems awesome, when in real life conditions a litle duron with a g-force gts does everything the ps2 does and since it`s a pc it´s a lot more useful.
The dvd playback isn`t as bad as i thought though...

"shichisho hokoku"
>If anyone has seen the tekken
>tag videos please tell Archon
>that they are much much
>better than most PC videos.
>He does not believe how
>powerful and good the PS2
>is. I'm not saying that
>PC's are bad but for
>it's kind the PS2 is
>just the best

Are you kidding? PS2 systems show video at, what, 640x480 on the television? I've run videos (from files) on my AMD K6-III 450mhz at 1600x1200 on my computer and they run crisp and clear with no pixelization at all.

Also, since PS2s use DVDs as their data source they don't have to use CPU time decompressing their videos the way most movies on the net are downloaded as (DivX ;-)). DVD video is MPEG-2, and DivX ;-) movies are MPEG 4, which makes a huge difference in CPU usage.

For instance I've got a copy of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on my system in DivX ;-) format and I can run it at fullscreen (1600x1200) with little to no slowdown. The file is only about 625 megs, compare that with DVD video at a couple gigs. In addition, I'm using no dedicated hardware acceleration like the PS2 has for MPG2 video.


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[font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Feb-06-01 AT 05:20AM (GMT)[p]Sure, you can write anything down on paper like that but until you can actually see what it can do then you're clueless. I'm with you vermin_killer. Anyone here seen Find My Own Way?

And yeah, those Tekken Tag FMV's are PHAT.

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Hey have you played Madden 2001 on PS2? i think the graphics look incredible. Does anyon have that game for PC? I was wondering if the game was as cool on PC as it is on PS2?
[font color=#d1d1d1]The answer is no. EA uses the same engine on all their first generation PS2 sports titles. They were one of the first to receive the PS2TOOL and they brought together some of thier most expierenced assembler programmers set them off on creating an engine and once they had a viable one they sent copies to the respective teams.
The PS2 is way ahead of its time with an impossible .18 micron manufacturing process by Toshiba. None of you really thought that they'd put two huge fans on the thing to handle todays games, did you? The thing can push a total of 6.7 gflops, 7/10,000 power of the human mind all for 300 dollars. What a deal!
It can push 20,000,000 polygons per second after you calculate in the floating point calculations and implement all those visual tricks like z-buffering, anti-aliasing, bezier and etc.

>[font color=#d1d1d1]The answer is no. EA
>uses the same engine on
>all their first generation PS2
>sports titles. They were one
>of the first to receive
>the PS2TOOL and they brought
>together some of thier most
>expierenced assembler programmers set them
>off on creating an engine
>and once they had a
>viable one they sent copies
>to the respective teams.
>The PS2 is way ahead of
>its time with an impossible
>.18 micron manufacturing process by

.18 micron process has been around for a bit already. Chip makers are moving onto the .15 process now.

>None of you really
>thought that they'd put two
>huge fans on the thing
>to handle todays games, did
>you? The thing can push
>a total of 6.7 gflops,
>7/10,000 power of the human
>mind all for 300 dollars.
>What a deal!

Sony is selling its PS2 at a loss, using its normal strategy of making money off of the games, not the console system itself. If Sony were to seel the PS2 at its real cost, it would cost over $600.

>It can push 20,000,000 polygons per
>second after you calculate in
>the floating point calculations and
>implement all those visual tricks
>like z-buffering, anti-aliasing, bezier and

I won't deny that the PS2 can do some spectacular rendering, but in actuality, it's really only good for that. The PS2 was designed from the ground up to do 3D graphics with everything else secondary. Sure you can browse the web or do other crap, but the PS2 was made for 3D, and is not really equiped to do much else.

I'm waiting for the multiprocessor DDR RAM compatible Athlons to come out.. ooo boy.. I'm going to invest some good money and get two or three 1.2 gig-1.5 gig processors, about a gig of DDR RAM, and possibly a GUILLEMONT Prophet II GTS Ultra 64MB DDR Geforce2 w/ TV. Man my system will be screaming, and with only spending about $1000-$1500, a good investment.

I wonder how fast MPEG-4 movies and MP3 files will encode...


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hey for all you that want a kickass system, but are too afraid to put it together yourself (Like me) you should look at alienware. for 1,299 bucks you can get 800 MHz athelon, 128 megs of ram, geForce2 and all kinds of extra shit. not to mention the cases look tight as hell. soon as i get some loser fast food job, thats what im gonna get.
>hey for all you that want
>a kickass system, but are
>too afraid to put it
>together yourself (Like me)
>you should look at alienware.
> for 1,299 bucks you
>can get 800 MHz athelon,
>128 megs of ram, geForce2
>and all kinds of extra
>shit. not to mention
>the cases look tight as
>hell. soon as i
>get some loser fast food
>job, thats what im gonna

$1300 bucks? For that? Ouch.

Here's the price lowdown I can get currently:

$300 - Athlon 1200mhz
$180 - 512 megs Micron PC133 RAM
$470 - GUILLEMONT Prophet II GTS Ultra 64MB DDR Geforce2 w/ TV
$170 - A7V133 KT133A Motherboard (great for overclocking).
$160 - 45GB IBM - 2 Megs Cache - 7200 RPM - AT100
$100 - Well equipped case (nice, usually only $60)

Total: $1380

Note: There are other Video cards that are GeForce2 GTS that are about $100-$150 less than the one listed above.


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You need a monitor too. Probably the 800 mhz one he was talking about had one included.
>you can pick
>up a pretty good one
>for $150-$250.

I want mine to be 19" or 20", and its supposed to work in 1600x1200 @ 85 hz, so I doubt you can get that for $200.

P.S. Fix the problem with the sig, goddamit.
[font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Feb-13-01 AT 06:49AM (GMT)[p]>[font color=#d1d1d1]It can push 20,000,000 polygons per
>second after you calculate in
>the floating point calculations and
>implement all those visual tricks
>like z-buffering, anti-aliasing, bezier and

Actually, it's more like 70 million per sec... The Nintendo Gamecube can't do even half that.

For the less informed, as a comparison, the Sega DC can do around 12 million.

Whatever it is, it's fucking impressive, and it doesn't have Windows taking up half of it. And anyway, I'd rather play a game with a controller (most games, anyway) and while reclining on a couch, as opposed to the fiddly keyboard and mouse at a desk. Besides, you don't have to keep splashing out huge wads of cash just to get the latest static byte dwinkelizer or whatever.

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The PS2 could never put out that many polygons in a game or even a real-time cutscene. Without any other stress on the processor, the graphics card could THEORETICALLY pump out that many raw polys, minus any textures or graphical effects. The maximum I'd expect in a real time environment is 20M without any sort of AI. Most developers, however, won't even achieve that number in the system's life.

BTW, EA Canada did some benchmarks with the GCN kit they got and they're saying it could theoretically pump out 90M raw polys.
>>you can pick
>>up a pretty good one
>>for $150-$250.
>I want mine to be 19"
>or 20", and its supposed
>to work in 1600x1200 @
>85 hz, so I doubt
>you can get that for

75hz is all you need to see no flicker, anything more should be put into raising the resolution so you can see it at 75hz.

I'll admit, I can only get a 19" monitor running 1600x1200 @60hz for $250.

If I were paying for a new monitor, I'd make that a separate purchase and ensure I got a *really* high quality one.


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A couple things:

1st, the system im talking about isnt an upgrade of your old comp, its a completely new one. the one i use right now isnt even mine. its my family's. so from alienware i can get

800 MHz athelon
128 megs ram
20 gigs hard drive
17-19 inch moniter (im not sure what size)
geForce 2 (the expensive ass one)
keyboard, intelimouse optical, speaker/subwoofer
and all that other shit for 1300

2nd, all that crap you said i could buy for 1300, you have to know about hardware to install all that stuff and i know pretty much jack.
>A couple things:
>1st, the system im talking about
>isnt an upgrade of your
>old comp, its a completely
>new one. the one
>i use right now isnt
>even mine. its my family's.
> so from alienware i
>can get
>800 MHz athelon
>128 megs ram
>20 gigs hard drive
>17-19 inch moniter (im not sure
>what size)
>geForce 2 (the expensive ass one)
>keyboard, intelimouse optical, speaker/subwoofer
>and all that other shit for
>2nd, all that crap you said
>i could buy for 1300,
>you have to know about
>hardware to install all that
>stuff and i know pretty
>much jack.

It would pay (literally) to learn that off of internet sites. Literally, it isn't that hard. You put the motherboard in the case, you find out the CPU information and change the pins for the CPU's voltage, etc. (clearly labeled in the manual), with the RAM chips you just snap them in, just push the video card into its slot, attach the IDE cables to the hard drives and then hook up the power to the motherboard and hard drives.

Then again, that was a pretty long list.. still, what you save in labor you can spend on a better processor.

I'd even consider buying a Duron chip instead of an Athlon and spending the money on a better monitor or more RAM.


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