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yeah i know what you mean. Right now im on an old DELL with a 350 processer and its killin me. i got a voodoo4 (dont ask me why) and 192 ram. So i can run counter strike and tribes fine at about 1024x740 but i need a better moniter, way better proccesser, and more ram. the good thing is, i have 2 friends that know a lot about hardware so i have them install stuff for me.
Why not?

Seems to do the trick, so why not your head? My skull's pretty thick, I suppose.

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>yeah i know what you mean.
> Right now im on
>an old DELL with a
>350 processer and its killin
>me. i got a
>voodoo4 (dont ask me why)
>and 192 ram. So
>i can run counter strike
>and tribes fine at about
>1024x740 but i need a
>better moniter, way better proccesser,
>and more ram. the
>good thing is, i have
>2 friends that know a
>lot about hardware so i
>have them install stuff for

If you're going to buy *anything* for your computer, get a LOT of RAM. On my next system I am going to get *at least* 256 megs of RAM, and I'm seriously considering buying a gig of RAM just because it helps the system soooo much.

I'd actually suggest waiting until Athlon "C" (133mhz bus clock speed) processors start becoming more available, that way you can take advantage of (good) DDR RAM when it comes out and also have much better performance.


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I just upgraded my system, this is what I got and what it cost me

1Ghz Atholon
Abit KT7--------Combo, $320
256 PC133--------------$ 84
IBM 45gig 7200rpm------$150
SB Live Value----------$ 49
12X DVD----------------$ 81
Case-------------------$ 48
Floppy-----------------$ 14
Shipping---------------$ 10


This is without a video card, but I am going to get a GeForce 2MX within a week. My only reason for this is the NV20 should be out within 2 months. Although it will be like $500 it will eventully come down to a "buyable" level, anyway the MX is only like $110 bucks. Also what is up with everyone and the 64meg version of the GeForce 2? There is not distinct advantage to the extra ram as it is only a little bit faster then the standard Gefore 2 and the price does not warrent the preformance increase.

As far as buidling a system everything is "snap in" like Xotor said. And most modern motherboards do not have dip-switches, they are all auto detect, well for the most part anyway.
RE: Sna

>As far as buidling a system
>everything is "snap in" like
>Xotor said. And most
>modern motherboards do not have
>dip-switches, they are all auto
>detect, well for the most
>part anyway.

Well if you get some of those motherboards that allow overclocking and such you'll deal with dip switches, etc.


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>75hz is all you need to
>see no flicker, anything more
>should be put into raising
>the resolution so you can
>see it at 75hz.

Wrong, it's about 85. Although I can tell a slight difference between 85 hz and 100. It's easier to see in higher resolutions. If you run 800x600 you can have 75 hz and your eyes won't get tired.
>Wrong, it's about 85. Although I
>can tell a slight difference
>between 85 hz and 100.
>It's easier to see in
>higher resolutions. If you run
>800x600 you can have 75
>hz and your eyes won't
>get tired.

Switch your screen to 75hz and look away from it, do you see any flickering with your peripheral vision? Most people will not. Maybe you're one of those few people who can really tell the difference between framerates over 65fps which most people cannot.

I'm running 1600x1200x32bit@75hz and it looks just fine to me.


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*Breaks out into Laughter*

PS2, what a bunch of silly idiotic bunk.

Dreamcast is leagues beyond PS2 or even PS3.
*Starts laughing too, but not for the same reason.*

>PS2, what a bunch of silly
>idiotic bunk.
>Dreamcast is leagues beyond PS2 or
>even PS3.

Oh PUHLEEZE. The only thing that the Dreamcast had over the PS2 was the number of games available. The Dreamcast's hardware can't hold a candle to the Playstations.

Notice I'm using the past-tense when speaking of the Dreamcast. SEGA officially announced that they aren't even making the Dreamcast anymore or developing for it. SEGA's a 3rd party game maker now.

The Dreamcast is another flop like every SEGA console system after the Genesis.


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thanks to 'rock-in-a-sock' for the support, oh and archon wait till you see the damn thing, you can't judge untill you've seen it, right everyone????

okay, i admit that you can buy a way better pc for the same price but still...