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  1. Lone Cat

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    Apr 8, 2012
    I'm stuck at Quincy! so far i've accomplished the following tasks
    1. Rescued the mayor, also unlocked Siren 'generator' fenced deck
    2. Rescued ALL hostages held at power plant
    3. Helped ghouls fend off a big Beastlord attacks (the hard one that you must fight 5 Deathclaws! one mature and 4 babes)! Elliot survived the attack 1-2 train station slain in the onslaught.
    4. Rescue Elliot's best friend
    5. Slain two adult deathclaws stationed at the Church (w/o provoking prison guards.. whom also beastlords)
    6. Rescued city Hostage :P yep ALL of cheap girls held captive at the cathouse (meow).

    Now there's two tasks left
    1. Rescue Mayor's daughter, held captive at the Town Hall
    2. Rescue the city Hero, Felix. imprisoned in his VERY own 'castle'. the Prison itself!

    Two locations are a tought nuts because it's not just have sirens (Powerplants, brothels, and farmhouse don't have it) and yet another problem is...

    I can't remember the correct position of siren switch!!!!!!, what is the correct one?

    also when I follow walkthroughs given by Wikia. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Quincy_(mission) here. they said player should enter the townhall by frontdoor so it is easier to kill deathclaws. For me it means I must climb the deck of a long building just opposite to the Hall (i think the building is a train station) so to snipe Beastlords guarding the perimeter. this ALWAYS sound the siren...
    1. Will the guards kill any remaining happen should the horn siren rang?
    2. Which approaches do you recommend me to take to ensure that the alarm doesn't sound and/or no captives killed.
    3. Gimme the correct position of the siren switch please. which position means OFF and which means ON?

  2. Electronoire

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    Feb 18, 2013
    Are you still stuck? I recently completed Quincy in Tough guy + Insane difficulty.

    I rescued the Mayors daughter like this. First, unlock the side door leading to a main hall. Shoot the patrolling beastlord and start running towards the saloon where the Mayor is kept. This makes the deathclaw come after you but the beastlords sleeping inside the town hall won't be alerted. After you've killed the deathclaw just storm the room where the beastlords are and after you've killed them the daughter is saved.

    From there you can take the underground passage to the prison. I did the next part with two guys. Kill the beastlord near the siren. Now have your guys pumped up on Voodoo or Psycho and rush the prison roof. Make one guy go to the right near Felix and always have a stimpak ready to heal him when he gets hurt. The other guy circles behind the sandbags and attacks the beastlords from there. After that is done and Felix saved it's easier to clear the prison grounds from remaining enemies.
  3. SnapSlav

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    Jul 1, 2012
    Got any further advice for this mission? I also approached it on Tough Guy + Insane and it's been making me its bitch, consistently. Much like Brahmin Wood (which says a LOT about the issues it presents me) I tend to fail due to the tiniest mistakes or random events.

    On one of my attempts at rescuing the hostages in the generator room, one of my squad members stood on a segment of floor (ABOVE the hostage room, out of sight, etc) right next to one of the game's many "invisible windows" and the Beastlords on the floor below became alerted due to this bug and started executing the hostages before I could sprint my squad down to them to try and rescue a single one. Many other times, in instances such as this one where I rushed to go either up or down a flight of stairs with multiple squad members, despite seamlessly traversing the floors, on this instance they got hung up and I couldn't get the game to register the correct floor I wanted to position off of.

    In another attempt I decided to get as many of the Deathclaw battles out of the way as soon as possible so I helped the Ghouls out before I took care of saving the Mayor's Daughter. When I wrapped up the rest of the Ghouls' side mission by rescuing Gorgi, the NPC just stood there and I never got the credit for completing that part of the mission. Perhaps it didn't matter, but I didn't like the idea of being screwed out of any completion for the mission thanks to a scripting error.

    While using an admittedly cheesy tactic of placing firing squads on higher levels than enemies (usually Deathclaws) they were firing upon, the game would decide that the melee range of the enemy attacks could reach floors above them, if they were directly "beside" them, so I'd lose a squad member to that.

    Several times I fail because of what I'd considered inconsistencies. During most of my attempts when I rescued the Mayor's Daughter, the Beastlords and Deathclaw within the building would come rushing out when I'd "signal" them with a baiting squad member and my squad would proceed to smoothly clean up the ensuing chase from the roof tops. Yet a couple times the Deathclaw would opt to open the door and maul the hostage, instantly failing me the mission. On at least one occasion, simply approaching the side door (to limit the time I have to drag out the baiting chase) the Beastlords decided it was time to kill the hostage, failing me the mission. The MOMENT I hear her grunt from taking damage, I know I'm already too late and the mission is failed, so I might as well start over.

    I've been able to successfully and INCREDIBLY efficiently complete every objective except for Rescuing Felix and liberating the Brothel, as well as cleaning out the northernmost and easternmost areas of the map. But I've yet to complete every mission save these last bits all in one go, as something always inevitably goes awry.

    I've resorted to lowering the difficulty (as I consider Quincy THE toughest mission in the game, as well as the most cheap) to make completing it on Tough Guy more manageable and less of a headache, but my personal standards make me feel very upset at using such a method to bypass problems, since seeking a challenge was the very REASON I replayed the game on Tough Guy + Insane. I even abandoned my decision to avoid any and every guide because of how frustrating Quincy has become (though I resolved to return to tackling each mission following it without consulting any guides). I'd love to be able to take it on and beat it proudly on both Tough Guy and Insane Difficulty settings, but it's worn my patience incredibly thin. SURVIVING a long series of skirmishes over the course of a lengthy mission isn't that irritating to me. But avoiding ANY single instances of immediate failure when there are dozens of opportunities for such to present themselves is getting to be too much, for me.
  4. Electronoire

    Electronoire First time out of the vault

    Feb 18, 2013
    I know your pain. It's a real challenge trying to accomplish everything 100% clean. Closest I ever got was completing all else but the brothel. Yes it all can be done in one go but I think it's just too much headache when playing Tough guy + Insane.

    I too got the bug after saving Gorgi that they just stood there and no dialog appeared after but I don't think it matters because even so experience was still given.

    As you said there are just too many random things that can happen during the mission plus other inconsistencies. My advice is complete all the important parts and try your best for rest of the stuff. Yeah I know as a fellow completionist type it's hard to swallow.
  5. SnapSlav

    SnapSlav NMA's local DotA fanatic

    Jul 1, 2012
    I ultimately swallowed that pride and beat it on lower difficulties, because I was tired of TINY mistakes costing me my progress as a whole. Then again, I know it's all counter-intuitive to the POINT of Tough Guy (since your mistakes are meant to be lasting), but at the same time I just lose patience when I reach the end of a mission for the umpteenth time in several days, and some TINY fluke happens, forcing me to lose all that hard-earned progress. I was able to beat every objective in that damn mission with enough effort, so while I can't deny that my approach was ultimately still exploitative, that was my justification for finally completing them all in ONE go at the cost of lowering the difficulty.

    I did the same with Mardin, as I was able to assess that sweeping through the whole Beastlord base was just not feasible with my squad at its current condition and abilities. So in response I surgically fought my way to the bug pits, then release the Mother Deathclaw and took all the credit for completing the mission when all hell broke loose.... only for a stray bullet through one of the games many "invisible holes in walls" to score a lucky crit on my prized sniper as I was leaving............... Fucking...... Damn....... It...... I wasn't about to let that proud accomplishment go to waste, so once more into the breech, I blitzed through it on easier difficulties because my frustration had begun to boil over. I spent some time shooting at my squad members and patching them back up to use up the ammo and first aid kits that I saved from the lowered difficulty as a token effort to "even things out", but I can still feel the grime that token efforts can't wash off.

    At least I abstained from any of that and cleared out St. Louis without touching the difficulty, though like you said, I had to forgo any audacious "complete everything" aspirations and provided the Mutant Base a wide berth. That also took many attempts, and there were plenty of instances were tiny mistakes caused me to fail the mission, but I prevailed in the end. Now that I'm facing Jefferson, I believe it's time that I firmly place my foot in my mouth for my statement that I'm perfectly fine with long and arduous missions that involve sheer attrition, because this mission is just brutally long... Why'd I have to go and jinx myself? T_T