Resource War was fought over oil but cars ran using nuclear power

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    World fought over oil but cars ran using nuclear power. Shouldn't they fight over maybe plutonium or uranium?

    This is very odd and I am not sure if anyone explained this.

    In Fallout 3, New Vegas as well as Fallout 2 the cars run of Microfusion Cells wich is nuclear.

    What did they need oil for?

    Petroleum plastics, fertilizer but the most common use is fuel. Since cars in Fallout world ran via nuclear power, petroleum would be useless.

    In a sense in Fallout timeline all energy was switched from petroleum to nuclear power.
  2. CerberusGate

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    Jun 6, 2016
    The switch was too late IIRC. The switch from petroleum to nuclear power was too slow and too expensive to boot. As a result, many places would still be using traditional or conventional fuel sources.

    By the time they were looking to implement the new fuels, the War was on the horizon.
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    To follow what @CerberusGate has written, I seem to have my brain lodged with the information that the majority of mechanical (vehicular and otherwise) engine power was still based on fossil fuels.

    It's one part of the lore that FO3 and FO4 fail to deliver is that 'the average joe' was, by the time war was looming was piss-poor and things like the newly developed nuclear-powered cars were well outside of their fiscal boundaries. I mention FO3 and 4 as they both feature regions which should have been rife with the tell tale signs of a society at the very brink of deprivation and lacking in luxuries, both games show areas which seem well outside of the terrible financial reality faced by large sections of the Fallout pre-war society (both depict city areas likely to be more affluent)

    FNV, if anything, should have been slightly 'better off' than either of the locations shown in 3 or 4 being that it was a major city which 'remained mostly untouched' and yet FNV features sections of rotten and collapsed buildings which would appear to be less affluent in the surrounding area of outer-Vegas.

    Without waffling on, based on nothing more than conjecture and half-remembered details - nuke-cars weren't "the norm" and there were still plenty of the gas guzzling type.

    Source: my brain
    Citation: things I seem to recall reading somewhere.
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    Corvega cost is $199,999.99 in the Fallout intro.
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  5. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    The cars running on Microfusion cells are actualy electric cars, not actually Nuclear. It's mostly Bethesda's dumb "Rule of cool" bullshit that turned the cars into mni nukes. In the world of Fallout Oil was still a precious resource, you can see this in the fact that the thing that made the Enclave retain power was their lording over an Oil rig, not a nuclear plant.
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  6. Einhanderc7

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    Apr 22, 2016
    I perceived the Original Fallout games portraying the economic dissonance quite well. After all it was not only difficult to find a highwayman in 2, but for all intents and purposes the player was the only one with an actual motorized form of transport in the entire game outside of the Enclave for getting around the wasteland.

    Plus the amazing lack of infrastructure in the world not only as a result of the war but the complete lack of ruins strongly suggests that the local population simply didn't have the support or economic wealth to support such things. Granted some locations do indeed have what can be assumed as "upscale ruins" but even then its difficult to infer if they have simply become that way or always were that way.

    Then in FO3 nuclear cars are literally everywhere. Either the people that lived in that area were stupid filthy rich or Bethesda just got lazy and focused on the nostalgia factor. I suspect its the latter.

    Then FO4... I seriously can't even with how this game breaks completely away from what a Fallout game is supposed to be or even represent.
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