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  1. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    I was asked by @Ross_R about restoring the good endings for The Hub and The Followers outside of Fallout Fixt, and I thought it wasn't actually a bad idea. So here's a stand-alone addon that does just that.

    For people who don't want to play Fallout Fixt, this should presumably now be an additional step in the standard mod/patch install procedure for Fallout:

    TeamX v1.2 -> TeamX v1.2.1 -> TeamX v1.3.5 -> TeamX NPC Mod v3.5 -> Sduibek Restored Endings addon

    Download mirror 1: GitHub
    Download mirror 2: ModDB

    This addon allows completion of the Followers Spy quest,
    and makes it possible to get good endings in the endgame slideshow for:
    - The Hub
    - The Followers Of The Apocalypse
      Unzip the contents of this file to your Fallout directory,
      and say YES if asked to overwrite files.
      These files will be in your Fallout\DATA\SCRIPTS folder,
      with a Date Modified of Feb 21st 2016 1:30pm:
        FOLLMAP  (.INT)
        FOLSCHOL (.INT)
        HAROLD   (.INT)
        HEATHER  (.INT)
        NICOLE   (.INT)
        OBJ_DUDE (.INT)
        TALIUS   (.INT)
    - The Hub:
    1) Harold is alive.
    2) Decker is dead.
    3) Not more than 140 days have passed since the game started.
    - The Followers Of The Apocalypse:
    1) Nicole is alive.
    2) The Spy quest has been completed.
    3) At least 12 Followers Scholars are still alive.
    4) Not more than 90 days have passed since the game started.
      If you want to change the days until invasion,
      modify these lines in Fallout\DATA\DATA\VAULT13.GAM:
      THE_HUB_INVADED_DATE      :=140;
    ^ Note, changes to these two invasion values WILL ONLY AFFECT NEW GAMES!
      1.0 - Initial release. June 24 2015.
      1.1 - Fixes an issue where Heather would actually spawn as Peter. July 8 2015.
      2.0 - The Hub ending works now, and both invasion flags checked. Feb 21 2016.
    "Do I need to start a new game for this to work?"
      No, but:
    "Will this work on a savegame that's already passed the 90/140 days?"
      Probably not.
    "How can I trigger the good endings on an existing savegame?"
      In addition to all the other requirements being met, you need to:
        1. Visit the Oldtown map in The Hub.
        2. Visit the Library (Followers) map in Boneyard/Adytum.
        3. Then beat the game within the time limits.
    "Is this compatible with Fallout Fixt?"
      No! (These restorations are already included in that mod.)
    "Is this compatible with all other Fallout mods and patches?"
      Yes, except for the Restoration Mod v1.2.5
    "May I have the source code?"
      Yeah, that's the *.SSL files.
    Have fun,
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  2. Magnus

    Magnus Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 6, 2007
    Man, I just realized that I've only played Fallout 1 once, and that was ages ago, before any fixes for it existed. I'm going to have to play it again!
    I should install FIXT yeah? Is good?
  3. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    Is good as long as you don't get crashes... lol.

    That's why I went ahead and made this little addon. Fallout Fixt adds a lot of cool shit, but because of its size and scope, it can introduce new issues as well. Something this small, on the other hand, is very unlikely to break the game.
  4. NovaRain

    NovaRain Casual Modder Modder

    Mar 10, 2007
    Actually you only need 1.2.1, because it's the replacement for semi-official 1.2.
    BTW, thanks for the standalone addon. For some reason I still haven't tried FIXT yet.
  5. BreakinBenny

    BreakinBenny First time out of the vault

    Jun 18, 2015
    Question Sduibek: is the Hub ending fix kinda based on the events of the cancelled Fallout movie? The movie treatment mentions Decker (or Dekker, per the spelling) being in contact with the super mutants, but that he's also the bad "mayor" of the Hub.
  6. Felipefpl

    Felipefpl Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 17, 2010
    I will never understand why the teamX ppl didnt merge 1.2 with 1.3.5 patch, it would be named semi-official 1.3.5 patch and reduce the annoyance of keeping extracting several files to apply the fixes.

    Sduibek - congrats on this, a simple and cool idea indeed.
  7. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    @NovaRain Are there any other small highly-compatible mods/addons that I should make for Fo1 engine?

    I assume the answer to this is "No", unless the movie was being developed during 1994-1996 and happened to follow a similar path of logic to the following:

    Decker being dead was just the result of feedback from RPGCodex users. Originally the plan was to have Harold alive (he's mentioned specifically in the slide text/audio) and Bob alive (he's in the slide picture) but RPGCodex users pointed out that Bob is a douche, and getting a "good" ending should logically require the "bad" guy to be taken care of (Decker).

    Read here and the next page from this link if you're curious: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/fallout-fixt-by-sduibek.76182/page-14#post-3826821

    Thanks! :)

    And I could do that if you want. 1.2+1.2.1+1.3.5 in one file. Would only take about ten minutes to unpack and repack. :shrug:
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  8. NovaRain

    NovaRain Casual Modder Modder

    Mar 10, 2007
    Maybe re-enable some unused content (like dialogs with Abel in Military Base and Viola in Cathedral)?
    For restoring/implementing more cut/unused content, there are already TeamX FO1 RP and your FITX.

    Personally I'd like to see a minimalist unofficial patch like TeamX's. Yes there's a fixes only version of FIXT, but it's still too feature packed for my taste.
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  9. Felipefpl

    Felipefpl Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 17, 2010
    thanks but this is more of a suggestion for wasteland ghost in case he reads it.

    also, there are A LOT of small patches that would be cool if they were packed inside a possible "semi-official" 1.3.6 patch like cathedral's one for fallouts that came from "alternative" places ;), the one who brings back the chldren, etc, etc, etc.

    TeamX should come in the same way killap does things: one for the fixes and other for the fixes/restorations. ;)
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  10. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    1. Wasteland Ghost is female.
    2. Wasteland Ghost has long since permanently retired from Fallout modding. She told me herself. (well, through Brother None, but still)
    3. TeamX has also been dead for a few years now, although some of its members still do some modding work occasionally.

    I guess I could do a compilation like you or NovaRain mentioned, but the question is where to stop. Where does a "minimal fixes-only Fallout compilation" end and Fallout Fixt Fixes-Only Purist Install begin?

    It would be kind of retarded to release a Fallout 1 compilation that's extremely similar to Fallout Fixt Fixes-Only, without significant justification for doing so and a specific list of exactly what should and shouldn't be included.
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  11. Oppen

    Oppen FIXT n°1 fan

    Dec 26, 2011
    Will (or is already) this included in FIXT? Because I definitely want to play this in my next run (which I don't know if I'll be able to have this year, but hope never dies!), and it'd be handy to just install FIXT :)

    Hi, Sduibek, it's been a long time, how is everything going?
  12. Felipefpl

    Felipefpl Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 17, 2010
    maybe, i will believe 100% if i ever see a video of her, sorry but we gotta be careful regarding the gender of ppl. ;)

    i see, but as far as i can remember this never was announced in the main page right?

    i dont remember the news of teamx being dead either but i know their page is somewhat alive with links for the mods/patches (unfortunately in russian x( ) http://teamx.ru/

    the only solution is to name them "TeamX Merged Fixes" and "TeamX Merged Fixes/Restoration Patches" if you wanna do them both.

    i agree.
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  13. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    I think you are correct that the retirement of Wasteland Ghost may not have been announced. That's a good idea.

    Also I highly doubt I'll release a compilation including WG's Restoration Mod, because it's incompatible with basically everything else.

    Anyway I'll get a "Merged TeamX Patches" released since it's easy and there's no good reason for thousands of people to continually download them individually. @NovaRain Should it include the NPC Mod v3.5, or no? How do hardcore purists feel about it?

    Yes. From the mod notes:

    "Is this compatible with Fallout Fixt?"
    No! (These restorations are already included in that mod.)
    Mostly good overall; thanks for asking! I forget how long since you were here, but a recap, LIGHTNING ROUND GO GO GO: 2-year relationship ended (started late 2012) but it's okay, worked at Philips for 9 months in 2014 making defibrillators and learned some good lessons, continued procrastinating on the engine conversion (boooo), continuing to lose weight & get in better shape, finishing my degree this quarter, and decided to move to SoCal by the end of September since I have family there and I'm tired of the cold/rainy Washington weather.
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  14. Oppen

    Oppen FIXT n°1 fan

    Dec 26, 2011
    Hmmm, I looked in latest FIXT update to check, but didn't think of checking here instead, thanks!
  15. Oracle

    Oracle Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    May 19, 2003
    I would say an optional feature for the NPC mod if possible
  16. NovaRain

    NovaRain Casual Modder Modder

    Mar 10, 2007
    Let's just say I've never used NPC mod. :P
    About the "hardcore purist", I just think there should be an equivalent of killap's FO2 unofficial patch for FO1. killap also forgot about UP in the past, and I reminded him.
    For FO2 I installed both RP and UP, and played them in parallel to check if any RP content slipped into UP.

    I was editing your FIXT change log to make a list for what FO1 UP should have. In TeamX's 1.3.5 change log they did restore a minor thing (Aradesh's reaction), so I think some minor content restoration should be OK. I'll post the list later if you're interested.
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  17. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    Yes, please, that would be great :)

    What is your motivation/interest in not using the NPC Mod? Is it because letting them switch armor and weapons changes game balance?

    In that case, I think at the very least, telling hirelings to "wait here" and "step aside" should be included. Those are essentially just fixes to engine oversights and annoyances due to (presumably) hirelings being a last-minute addition.
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  18. NovaRain

    NovaRain Casual Modder Modder

    Mar 10, 2007
    For purist's sake I suppose. Does "wait here/leave party" only apply to Dogmeat? If yes, it's good enough for me. (He can't be told to wait/leave party in vanilla, one of the main reasons why I always kill him right on the spot in my playthroughs.)
    I agree "step aside" should be included, which is a functional equivalent to "Push" in FO2. But I don't know how it currently works in FIXT. Just a dialog option, choosing it will end the dialog window and NPCs got teleported 2 hexes away? (maybe with a floating message say "sorry" or such.) Personally I'm not too fond of the angry/offensive variation though. (like "get out of my way!")
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  19. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    Okay, thank you.

    Correct, that's exactly what it does :) I tried many different methods for days and that's the only one that worked reliably in the wonky Fo1 engine.

    lol fair enough, I pretty much just put the angry version for catharsis because I know it's aggravating to players when the NPCs block them.

    But again where does "For purist's sake" begin & end? I'm not trying to be rude, it would legitimately be helpful to know. If someone could build a list, or bullet points, or guidelines, something like that. "Purist" is not specific enough, and given the range of preference within the community of purists, we need even more specificity because I need to understand the needs/wants/motivations of the most extreme end of the purist spectrum, to fully understand what to include in Fixes Only and why.
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  20. NovaRain

    NovaRain Casual Modder Modder

    Mar 10, 2007
    Hmm, my opinion is probably not for all purists, and I'm sure not the most extreme one, but surely picky. :P
    The reason why I don't use NPC mod is I prefer them being simple "weak pack mules with guns" just as in vanilla.
    I do agree restoring some unused content and adding something if necessary, like the step aside dialog, for FO1. That's why I use your FIXT change log as the base.

    EDIT: here's the draft, I assume that you built FIXT on the base of TeamX 1.2+1.3.5. of course it's all my personal opinion, maybe someone else have some other ideas:
    ==Fallout Fixt comprehensive changelog==

    Everything listed below is new to Fallout Fixt compared to other Fallout content. For example, the fixes from TeamX patches are all included in Fallout Fixt, but they are not listed below. This changelog is purely to detail new content and new fixes.

    - "Critter"/"Critters" used here means "All things that can be targeted and killed, that aren't the player character. NPCs/hirelings/robots/Mutants/monsters/animals".
    - "Vanilla" traditionally means "Fallout without any mods or unofficial content". However in this case, it can also mean "Fallout with all official AND unofficial patches, but no mods or other unofficial content".


    - Specific versions of DirectDraw/DirectX/Direct3D/DirectInput runtimes installed, 32-bit or 64-bit as applicable. [RATIONALE: Necessary for the included plugins (High-Resolution Patch, Sfall) to function properly.



    - Algorithms for Tagged skills (to determine bonus starting items) are now correct. (In vanilla, almost all of them were wrong)
    // What's wrong with them in vanilla?


    - Death animations for Electrical and Fire (bodies burned up) for Super Mutants and anything in Power Armor are now always sized correctly. This means there is no more discrepancy between critter size and corpse size. (Background: In the original game, Super Mutants and critters in Power Armor shared these animation files, meaning the Super Mutant animations looked far too small. Those were increased in size by 20% by .Pixote. so they matched the Super Mutants, but that was then too big for Power Armor animations. I've built internal references from the old Super Mutant -sized graphics to the Power Armor critters, so that now there are three sizes: Humans, Humans in Power Armor, Super Mutants.)

    - Includes f1_res (Fallout1 High Resolution Patch) version 4.1.8

    - Includes ddraw (Sfall) version 1.18e

    - Lit flares increase light radius while held in hand. [RATIONALE: Tim Cain states that this was the original intention for the game.]

    - Flares now have a brighter-looking graphic when on the ground, even if unlit. [RATIONALE: This makes it look more realistic when lit, and when unlit (because they are bright in the inventory graphic). (Added bonus: when unlit they're easier to find in dark areas, for example Vault 15)]
    // Using the ground FRM from FO2?

    - Implemented/"restored" many missing situational death animations for all humanoids and critters as appropriate. This is most noticable on Normal violence level, and was done using existing vanilla graphics. [They are usually the "falling down burnt" animation, but in some cases also the explosion animation, full-auto animation, and "up-in-smoke" animation. For the burnt animations, most non-human critters already had it, with a puff of smoke above them, but of humanoids only the human male jumpsuit had the same animation, and without the smoke puff.]

    - Dogs and Brahmin now use the explode animation, when their goriest animation happens, from normal attacks and grenades. This was actually inspired from playing the Fallout demo and I verified by checking its data files. I specifically recall one time in the demo doing a called shot critical hit on Dogmeat to the eyes with my 10mm SMG and he exploded. Good times. [RATIONALE: Gore is fun, and Fallout-y.]


    - Several situations of calling female players "guy" have been fixed.

    - Integration with Nimrod's Dialog Fixes by Nimrod. (Due to personal disagreement with some changes, I've only used probably 90% to 95% of it.)

    - [ONGOING PROJECT] Integration with Fixt Msg Review by robbforce. (Due to personal disagreement with some changes, I've only used probably 90% to 95% of it.)

    - Integration with various changes and fixes reported to me by Luffier.

    - Thousands of individual fixes and changes to text and dialog files with punctuation, spelling, continuity, consistency, formatting, capitalization, Tell-Me-Abouts, innacurate information, mismatched entries, and duplicate entries.

    - When earning or losing experience, stat points, or skill points, a system message notifying you of the change is now always displayed. Custom messages have been used where applicable. [RATIONALE: Consistency. Vanilla gave no notifications for stat changes, and many instances existed of no notification when earning XP and/or skill increases.]

    - Player now gives correct directions, when/if revealing location of Vault 13 to the bad guys.

    - Dialogue for the following scripts have had their reaction/empathy (Make Angry, Make Happy) flag values fixed: Abel, Doc Morbid, Michael, Neal, Radio (item), Saul, Sophia, Super Mutants at Military Base, Trish, Vats Control Computer Technician, Vault 13 rebels, Vault 13 Security Officer.

    - Description and displayed equation in character screen of First Aid's starting % is now correct.

    - Player is now informed when they receive rads during combat. Phrasing is similar to existing phrasing of irradiation messages. (In vanilla, each hit from Irradiated Rats or Glowing Ones had a 1/6 chance of giving you 1 rad, but player was never informed of this anywhere.)

    - Dogmeat's "look-at" descriptions are now correct.

    - Descriptions of some ghouls restored from the vanilla message files. [RATIONALE: You may not even notice them, but either way they add some interesting info about the process of ghoul mutation and source of the ghouls.]

    - No longer get the "You see: {ladder/manhole/stairs}" message twice when changing maps via such things as stairs and ladders.

    - Badwords.txt copied over from Fallout 2 and also has further entries added by me, making many more potentially-offensive (or definitely-offensive) words censored, for those of you who have the language filter enabled.

    - Fixed a few mismatches between reported experience earned, and actual experience points earned.

    - Message received when poison level reaches 0, after having been poisoned. Similar to the "You feel better" messages when addictions wear off. Unfortunately at this time, I can't also have it load to the world map on this like it does for addictions wearing off; this engine doesn't support that function via script.

    - Examine description for Katja restored. It existed in vanilla files but wasn't implemented.

    - [ONGOING PROJECT] Adding dummy entries to all "Tell-Me-About" dialog files, to prevent errors and issues with the feature.
    // Any example?

    - Expanded auto-responses for "Tell-Me-About": 10 possible "That is me" messages up from 3, and 20 possible "I don't know anything about that" messages, also up from 3. (This is the max number of each that the engine supports.)
    // Sorry, but I don't understand what this really means.


    - Traps are no longer triggered or detected by non-party-member NPCs or critters. [RATIONALE: The vanilla messages and script indicate that it's only supposed to work on player and party members, yet vanilla script still checked for all types of NPCs critters when dealing damage. Likely a scripting oversight.]
    // Can be further discussed.

    - [Restoration] Gas traps in The Glow are now functional.
    // For crossing out "Disarm_Traps_for_the_Facility"?


    - Generic holodisk "on ground" picture changed from 'Box' to 'Small Box', and weight changed from 4 pounds to 1 pound. [RATIONALE: These are the attributes for all other entry-specific and quest-specific holodisks.]
    // I don't see any holodisk with 4 pounds of weight in vanilla item list, is it added by FIXT?

    - All specific and quest-related holodisks now use 'Generic Holodisk' item as their base. [RATIONALE: This fixes some issues and allows for greater flexibility in scripting.]
    // Related to the question above.

    - [ONGOING PROJECT] Holodisks are generally now destroyed once no longer needed. [RATIONALE: This way you don't keep them forever "just in case". Also, from a functional standpoint it means you won't have to juggle so many disks in inventory, which is nice. The game has 13 unique physical holodisks so I think a reduction in how many are in your inventory over the longterm is a good thing.]
    // Can be further discussed.

    - [ONGOING PROJECT] The "more than 13 holodisk entries" crash/corruption should be fixed now, in theory. This limit is a bug in the Fallout engine; thus this is fixed by a bit of a hack: the briefest holodisks have had their contents moved to a dialog window sequence (like you get when using Radio item), and the one-line Security Disk entry was removed from Pip-Boy 'DISKS & LOGS' list entirely. [RATIONALE: Crash fixes and savegame corruption fixes are more important than potential annoyance of changed display-&-access method.]
    // Does it have something to do with black out Pipboy/UI buttons? In my vanilla save I got 15 entries in Pipboy (no Security Disk), after clicking through them a few time there are many buttons black out and unclickable.


    - "Animal Friend" now works on all dogs, rats, mole rats, pig rats, and radscorpions (if enabled), that aren't part of a quest. (For example the Shady Sands Cave radscorpions are always hostile.) [RATIONALE: In vanilla it did not work on dogs, which makes no sense because dogs are animals. In vanilla it already worked on some rats and radscorpions, but not all of them.]


    - NPCs no longer act like you're holding a weapon in their face if you're holding a Flare.

    - If you set a timer on an explosive you're holding in an active hand slot, it automatically drops once the timer is set. (This is default functionality in Fallout 2)


    - Normalized sound file volumes. Examples are: dynamite/C4 is louder, various death sfx are no longer way louder or way quiter than others, lowered volume of the "ca-chunk" when moving around your inventory.

    - Firing sound effect for 14mm Pistol and .223 Pistol (the "large pistol" sound) now uses Mutated Mark's pistol mod sound effect. [RATIONALE: Original sound effect was crazy loud, and clipped.]

    - Restored some unused death sound effects. Most of these correlate to the restored death animations. (To test, set Violence Level to Normal and kill some people with the Flamethrower)


    - Fixed various mistakes in the map variable declaration files and added 5 placeholder map variables to each as a buffer for future usage. Also created a map variable file with 5 variables for those that had none previously.

    - Scripts and traps that deal damage now always deal the correct damage type (Explosive, Electrical, Plasma, etc.) [NOTE: some of these scripts aren't actually used in-game]

    - Scripts that deal damage now deal the correct damage amount if a standard exists for the damage amount. (For example, the damage stats from explosives are now used in scripts that involve those items.) [NOTE: some of these scripts aren't actually used in-game]

    - Metal doors can now destroyed by explosives as follows: 1 blast if you make a Traps check, otherwise 2 blasts. (Vanilla was 3 blasts and didn't make any Traps checks) [RATIONALE: 3 might be more realistic, maybe, but there's a limited number of explosives in the game... I don't think any player is ever going to use 3 explosives just to bust down a door. Especially considering that in vanilla game it's not documented anywhere that they're even destroyed after three blasts. You don't get a message after the blasts or anything.]
    // Can be further discussed.

    - Includes a modified ereg settings file, which should help some of you who get the "Error initializing input devices" crash. [This error message can be further reduced or eliminated with f1_res settings, open f1_res.ini and look into ALT_MOUSE_INPUT settings.]
    // AFAIK ereg only comes from using setup.exe in retail CD. Why not just deleting the whole ereg folder? I did this back in old days before learning how to do manual installation.

    - Fallout.cfg has "free_space" entry set to 0, to avoid "Not enough disk space" crashes.

    - Using a ladder/stairs/manhole/rope now works properly even when in your idle animation. It also no longer plays sound effects erroneously in those situations.

    - Fixed staircases, one or two of the scenery items always had no script linked to them, so clicking that part of a given staircase did nothing.

    - Floating Eye robots now use their proper names. Now the stronger one is properly labeled as "Floating Eye Mark II".

    - Generic dogs no longer interfere with Dogmeat global variable and Dogmeat quest status.

    OH, RATS!

    - Mole Rats now sometimes do Called Shots in combat. (Previously they never did)
    // Do normal rats and pig rats use called shots in combat?

    - Mole Rats now actually use the Mole Rat A.I. type.

    - Pig Rats now have their own A.I. type, instead of just using same A.I. as normal Rats.
    // Is it just in game but unused, or you made a new type for it?

    - Greater Mole Rat's melee damage bonus increased from 1 to 6. [RATIONALE: Lesser Mole Rat has melee damage bonus of 3. Greater Mole Rat had 5 in the unarmed damage bonus field, which isn't used by the game. So I moved this 5 to the melee damage bonus field. I think it's reasonable to assume that they wanted Lesser to be +3 and Greater to be +6.]

    - Removed code that caused rats to run away from the player instead of attacking, if player was able to end combat. (Either through use of Sneak or getting far enough away from the rats) [RATIONALE: This was intended to apply if they were "scared of the player", but that's unnecessary as run_away checks already exist in the game's A.I., and the run away script caused unintended effects.]

    - Improved the code that rats use for detecting and attacking player prior to beginning of combat.


    - Nasty Radscorpion (the upgraded version of radscorpion used in some random encounters) is now actually referred to by the game as Nasty Radscorpion. (Meaning you can now tell them apart without requiring the Awareness Perk to see their HP)

    - Improved the code that radscorpions use for detecting and attacking player prior to beginning of combat.

    - Radscorpions now actually have an Examine description for players who don't have Awareness.
    // Can be further discussed.

    MOO, I SAY!

    - Brahmin only talk on the special encounter.

    - Brahmin killed make the correct town hostile to the player -- it used to be that if you killed a "domesticated" brahma anywhere in the game, Junktown would be hostile. [Now if you kill one in The Hub, The Hub goes hostile, if you kill one in Shady Sands, Shady Sands goes hostile, etc.]

    - Brahmin don't walk around quite as much. [RATIONALE: This is for "realism", although honestly you probably won't even notice a difference. Cows (and thus by extension, brahmin) tend to mostly just stand around.]
    // How often did they walk around in vanilla?

    - Drunk brahmin now get a crippled leg when falling over. Bummer.
    // Can be further discussed. But to be honest this one is too funny to rule out. :P


    - All children in the game should now always increase Children Killed counter by 1, apply to Child-Killer karma title, and reputation as applicable. (This was most likely fixed already by TeamX patches, but I've added some additional code to make 100% sure it's fixed)

    - All NPCs in the game now treat your character as a Child-Killer based on the same number of kills. (In vanilla, some NPCs would react if the player had killed 1 child, but then treat you normally if you killed any more children. This is because some scripts checked "if Children_Killed = 1" instead of "if Children_Killed > 2" like the rest of the game. These NPCs may have been intended to check "if Children_Killed >= 1", meaning they were more sensitive to the issue or whatever, but I've instead made them have the same check as all other NPCs.) Affects 3 NPCs of the Children in Hub Water Merchants map: Flower Child, Guard, Thorndyke. [RATIONALE: Consistency; it's likely an oversight due to the fact that different people scripted different areas.]


    - Party members should no longer spawn in walls and elevators when moving between maps. To accomplish this, they will spawn a little closer to the player. (Yay, group hug)

    - Improved the "add party" and "update party" functions for all maps. Now they check and set the global variables more accurately, and always check the correct conditions.

    - Tandi now has an actual dialog when she's in your party, instead of just float messages.
    // Unused lines or newly added?

    - Can now ask hirable NPCs to leave & reenter party when Stupid (Intelligence less than 4).

    - Hirable NPCs now have a "Step Aside" dialog option, similar to Push functionality in Fallout 2. This must be accesssed through dialog. (Note: NPC is teleported to a random hex 2 hexes away from their current one. It's unrealistic, but having them walk/run to a random hex always had a chance of them not moving at all, due to how Fallout 1 determines destination and animation.)
    // Can be further discussed.

    - Hirable NPC follow code improved. They should now follow the player better and not lag behind so easily.

    - Ian/Katja/Tycho no longer use Flares or Grenades in combat. [RATIONALE: They tended to prefer Flares over all other weapons, and tended to kill the player with Grenades.]


    - Unused critical fail (critical miss) results are now restored. Beware!

    - "Maximum distance" setting increased to about 50 hexes for hirable NPCs and the Mysterious Stranger, meaning they should now always hunt down and kill your enemies and not just stand around. [RATIONALE: This did indeed happen in various situations, that the party members would stand around in combat instead of engaging the enemy. For example if the enemy ran off the screen and thus couldn't be killed by the Vault Dweller, or was lagging behind when combat began, or was stuck by scenery too far away during combat.]

    - "Maximum distance" setting for The Master set to 99 hexes, meaning you can't just run down the hall and kill him from long range for free. He will still be shooting at you. [RATIONALE: Exploit fix. You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you? Too bad. Plus you can still hide behing the pillars like a pathetic weakling - oops I mean a defense-conscious intelligent combatant - if you want.]

    - Chance to display combat floats increased for The Master.

    - Chance to do a Called Shot increased slightly for various critters and NPCs.

    - Mr Handy will now properly use his weapons (Minigun) against you, instead of only melee. [His A.I. has min_to_hit changed to 0 and aggression changed to 100, and Small Guns skill increased.]
    // Uh, I think it should be Big Guns?

    - Fixed the A.I. type for Invasion Mutants.

    - Fixed default A.I. types linked to critters and NPCs; at least a third in the game were wrong.


    - All NPCs who have unworn armor in their inventory the first time (and only first time) a map is visited will now equip it. (In vanilla, some NPCs would start with armor in one of their hand slots) [NOTE: This does not check for Brotherhood Armor, Tesla Armor, Power Armor, or Hardened Power Armor, as I'm not aware of any NPCs starting with those unworn, so this saves CPU cycles.]
    // Just curious, any NPC with unworn Combat Armor in inventory?

    - Doc Morbid is no longer considered a "Good Guy" for purposes of Champion and Berserker reputations.

    - Due to a strange bug in how the game reads the critter's stat files, some critters would start with partial HP on map load. Examples are Lars, Justin Greene, and the Hub cops. I've fixed this so they are set to full HP one time only on first visit to the map. [479 scripts changed]

    - Some critters and characters had nothing happen with clicking Talk on them. This is fixed.

    - About five female critters that were Male gender and/or Male kill type, are now properly Female.

    - Corrected wrong internal critter ID number for critters 269, 270, 271. [offset 0x2]

    - Improved code for detecting and curing poison, for all healers.

    VAULT 13

    - Descriptions for Entry Computer and Vault 13 Outer Door consolidated. (In vanilla, examine on either would display 2 messages)

    - Message about the cave's darkness seeming unnatural to you, is restored for display at beginning of game. [RATIONALE: Player already gets a message about natural light when leaving the cave; restoring the complementary message about natural darkness seems appropriate, as well as accurate given the player's upbringing.]

    - Rebels can no longer get stuck on their way to the meeting.

    - Rebels walk to the meeting on time.

    - Rebel meeting starts promptly at the time it's supposed to, once the rebels arrive.

    - Medic is now standing on the North wall, between the beds. In the same room as before. [RATIONALE: Previously he was standing next to the door and hard to see. This way he commands a clear presence in the room and is easily seen by the player.]

    - Medic no longer requires you to be injured (less than full HP) to offer to heal your irradiation or poisoning. You can request healing of poisoning or radiation, if either of those ailments exists.

    - Medic, when telling how many rads he can remove, now properly says "rads" instead of "percent".

    - Medic's healing times are now as follows: 3 minutes per point of Poison, 5 minutes per HP, 2 minutes per Rad plus 30 minutes minimum. (RadAway is 1.6 minutes per rad)
    - Medic's radiation removal code has been significantly revised and improved. He can remove between 140 and 180 rads (vanilla was 73 to 88), and estimated time-to-heal reported is given in friendly hours format. Finally, reported number of rads healed can no longer exceed actual number of rads player has. (Vanilla just gave raw number of minutes and took 20 minutes per rad (!) to heal)
    // Hmm, removing 50 rads in vanilla only takes about 16 minutes, but in dialog it says 1000 minutes (actually it's 1000 ticks, 1000/60 = 16.6666...). I guess the dev made this part forgot what ticks mean in game.

    - There's now a supply locker near the Medic's room, that contains 1 First Aid Kit, and varrying Stimpaks and Flares depending on selected difficulty level. (The item totals are similar to those of the lockers in Vault 15) [RATIONALE: Vault 15 has a locker there but Vault 13 doesn't, which is strange. Also, the Medic's vanilla dialog references stimpaks, stimpak rations and a wall locker.]
    // I though he means the wall locker in the entrance tunnel?

    - Stupid characters can now receive healing from the Medic.
    // In vanilla, the medic automatically heals my stupid character. Doesn't that count?

    - Medic dialog options from vanilla that weren't implemented have been restored: his greeting and your reply options change after talking to him once, stupid characters now have 3 path choices instead of just 1, player can request drugs (and receive drugs if insist and passed a Speech check), and if didn't fail the request for drugs, player can request stimpaks too.
    - No more infinite stimpaks from the Medic for stupid characters. Stupid characters get stimpaks on first ask, then drugs on second ask, then have to wait 30 days for further stimpaks.
    - Medic, per his dialog, can now get the player more Stimpaks rations after a while. (He is able to give you some every 30 days, depending on if you've completed the required dialogs already.)
    // These can be further discussed.


    - Floating Eye robots next to Master now have scripts linked to them, meaning they will engage in combat properly.

    - Dialog functionality for Master's robots is restored. In vanilla it didn't work displayed, due to what appears to be a mixup in the setting and reading of local variables.

    - Fixed issue where The Master would re-initiate dialog saying "You think you can destroy me? Destroy? Me!" regardless of how dialog had ended. [This caused for some odd and contextually-inaccurate situations]

    - Various other routing changes and fixes to The Master's dialog, to make the end of conversations with him flow better and only trigger in proper context.

    - Master's Vault computer no longer checks Repair skill when using Lockpick on it.

    - The countdown timer for the nuke now displays updates at exactly 5-second intervals. These updates display during combat as well, and are re-initiated if anything interrupts them.

    - If the player manages to end combat with The Master with him still alive, player can no longer steal Gatling Lasers and ammo from The Master. You even get a fun informative message! [RATIONALE: Yeah they're sort of attached to him.]
    // Can be further discussed.

    - Super Mutant Soldiers can now enter dialog as intended and function properly. (In vanilla it failed due to checking a non-existent external variable.)

    - Robots are properly identified as "Mr. Handy" and "Floating Eye Mark II" instead of just "Robot".

    - Halls of Revulsion no longer function if teleported to The Master and then defeated him. [RATIONALE: It makes sense, because they're actually a part of the Master's collective consciousness, at least according to the psykers on level 2.]

    - Door to lowest level of Master's Vault no longer references a map variable from The Hub.

    - Terminal that reveals Military Base on worldmap no longer sets the flag improperly (to 1 if 2), but does increase level of revealing if appropriate. (from 1 to 2)


    - Radscorpions in Southern Desert encounters no longer use the Shady Sands Radscorpion script.

    - Fixed some map names/labels (Special encounters for example have a more accurate name when loading a game saved on that map, instead of just saying "Desert - Special")

    - Entry message on some Special Encounter maps no longer appears twice. (e.g. TARDIS encounter)

    - Dehydration (Desert encounters) and Rockfalls (Mountain encounters) do more damage than before. [RATIONALE: The amount of damage taken in vanilla was completely ignorable. This meant it had no real impact on gameplay, in addition to being unrealistic.]
    // Can be further discussed.

    - Dehydration now ignores your armor when causing damage.

    - Very low Luck and very high Luck have more of an impact on which Random Encounters the player gets. [RATIONALE: In vanilla, some Random Encounters were never seen, due to how it computed the "chance rolls". Given how few encounters Fallout 1 actually has to begin with, that's not a good thing.]
    // What are those random encounters?

    - Player loses 1 (one) Flask, as intended, when game states you avoided dehydration "due to your supplies of water". In vanilla, this didn't happen because even though the code to remove a flask existed, the script used the wrong command for the removal process.

    - Hub police patrols in random encounters (and some in The Hub) now actually wield weapons against you. The weapons they have frames for are limited unfortunately, so the black guys get either a 10mm Pistol or Desert Eagle, and the redheads get both Spiked Knuckles and a Combat Knife.

    - Fixed a dialog issue with coyotes.

    - Desert area #2 now loads encounters from Raiders encounter table. In vanilla it randomly picked either North or South encounter table. Even so, this only brings their number of encounter squares to 5 total. [RATIONALE: Desert area #2 is close to the Raiders -- it's a column of 3 squares, 2 squares east of their camp -- and for some reason in vanilla, Raiders encounters were only possible on 2 squares of the worldmap, out of 840 worldmap squares. If the Raiders do what their name implies -- raid -- they would have a wider area than just the two squares directly to their south and southeast.]


    - MacRae now properly gives you a bonus to fighting skills. [In vanilla he was scripted to give bonus to stats, which is not possible in the Fallout 1 engine, so he instead now gives bonus to Melee Weapons and Unarmed skills.]

    - "Taylor" (shop keeper/trader from Adytum, underground near entrance) is now properly referred to as "Tine" by all game messages and dialogs.

    - Killing Tine now turns Adytum hostile.

    - Tine's barter price mod can no longer be bypassed by clicking on his shelves instead of talking to him.

    - The Spy at the Followers Of The Apocalypse can now be found and dealt with. This means the quest can be completed.
    // Can be further discussed.

    - [Toxic waste moat at Gun Runners] Now always damages player when walking through it, instead of making a roll against Agility. [RATIONALE: Fast, nimble or not, the player isn't a Jesus Lizard: even short distances would require contact with the liquid.]
    // In vanilla the moat itself can't be stepped on. Did it get changed in FIXT?


    - Children's "running around" code modified, so that they pause a bit more often and walk sometimes. [RATIONALE: Previously their frequency of running forever was unrealistic (stamina limits; even kids have it), and made it difficult to interact with them. Although honestly you're unlikely to notice a difference besides the walking.]

    - Children's max "run to here next" distance raised from 7 hexes to 14 hexes. Now they appear more "realistic" in their play. (Previously if you watched for long enough, it was very clear that it was just a scripted routine.)

    - Children no longer generate infinite Rocks.

    - When cured of poisoning, Jarvis will animate standing up properly.


    - Doc Morbid animates as intended when removing player's eye.

    - Flash now interacts properly with player when loitering after being told to leave.

    - Junktown Casino guards' cooloff between weapon checks is now longer, and only pings if the player is close or they can see you.

    - Fixed Gizmo's dialog option reversed empathy flags.

    - Tweaks to Gizmo's dialog routings and options.
    // Any more details about the tweaks?

    - Gizmo now gives a float message asking who you are if you haven't talked to him before, instead of just sitting silently without reacting to someone barging into his room.
    // Using existing line?

    - Improved Kalnor dialog tree a bit. (no longer gives "Go on" as only option in certain circumstances)
    // Can be further discussed.

    - [Restoration] Unused dialog and interaction between Lenore and Phil can now occur. [Coded by Continuum]
    // Can be further discussed.

    - [Restoration] Can now solve the Phil/Lenore quest by killing the dog.


    - Irwin now dissapears from Downtown map when saved and has walked off map. (Previously he just stood off-map in the north-west corner forever, which was frustrating to murderous 100%-completion characters.)

    - Rooms at The Falcon that prostitutes are using with a client now have their doors locked.

    - If you leave Irwin's Farm without killing all the raiders, now you can go back to finish the quest.

    - Mrs. Stapleton's wares now stored off-screen like the other traders, meaning you can't steal her entire store inventory any more. (You can still take her stuff if she's dead.)

    - Bob can no longer be bribed for infinite amounts of cash (tops out at 2000 caps every 5 days)
    // Infinite caps? Guess I didn't play FO1 hard enough as FO2.

    - Map view edges corrected for Irwin's Farm.

    - "The Hub - Irwin's Farm" displays instead of "Error" when loading a game from that map.

    - Music for The Hub plays when at Irwin's Farm, instead of the endless wind sound effect.

    - Butch and Rutger now properly check all related global variables regarding the Super Mutants during the Missing Caravans quest.

    - Butch now plays the correct dialog if you've already been to the Military Base or tell him about The Master.

    - [Restoration] Police officers now display "Thanks for killing the Deathclaw" message when appropriate.

    - [Restoration] Generic Caravaners' dialogs at the Hub entrance now works as intended. (Varies between each of the four "groups" and uses a different color for each group.)


    - Brahmin on caravan maps no longer wander from the carts.

    - Brahmin while on caravans now identify properly as "domesticated brahma" instead of "wild brahma".

    - Caravan team members now have some ammo and 1 stimpack each.

    - Caravan team members' dialog improved/fixed.

    - If any of the caravan team members dies, it affects how much you get paid. It is possible to get paid nothing this way.

    - If either of the brahmin dies, it affects how much you get paid. It is possible to get paid nothing this way - if both brahmin die, it's assumed no carts can be carried, thus you get nothing because no goods were delivered.

    - If you leave the map while combat is still going, or while hostiles still exist on the mpa, you won't get paid.

    - It's no longer possible to get a blank map before or after a Necropolis encounter on the Crimson Caravan.


    - Can now earn experience as intended if you beat ZAX at chess. (Requires Intelligence of 10 to have any chance of winning.)


    - Can no longer talk to Watershed ghoul prisoner repeatedly for infinite experience.

    - Dialog for all Glowing Ones in Necropolis Vault now functions properly, including them attacking you if you don't fix the pump. If you took the water chip but did fix the pump first, they no longer threaten you.

    - Improved the Children of Cathedral healers' code for radiation and poison treatment.

    - Door to Set's hall is now locked by default. [RATIONALE: It is unlocked by default in vanilla game, which makes no sense considering the guard's dialog saying you're not allowed to enter.]

    - Set's door guard has dialog and code restored that shipped with game, meaning player can bluff (Speech) or talk (Reaction) their way into the building.

    - If player passes sneak check in addition to standard lockpick success, can enter Set's hall by picking the lock on the door.
    // Can be further discussed.


    - If convinced to give you help at the Military Base, the Crack Assault Paladins will now follow you inside! (Currently only two of them come with, the game destroys the third for some reason) [RATIONALE: They come with you into the Master's Vault, why not here?]

    - The Doctor is now referred to as "Lorri" instead of "Lori" from all sources. [RATIONALE: Consistency. This was a tricky one... in the internal script lists it says "Dr Lorri", but the Doctor's Assistant has a dialog line saying "Lori's the doctor" but Lorri's own dialog file never says her name, it just says "You see the Brotherhood Doctor". However, there is a Follower named Lori, so I think going by Lorri is better than having duplicate names. Lorri is being used as her first name, not last name.]

    - Some fixes, tweaks and additions to Stupid (Intelligence less than 4) dialog options with Lorri.
    // Fixes only would be nice.

    - Stat boost messages from Lorri fixed (had a mismatch for Intelligence).

    - Talus now grants the player extra ammo each week. [RATIONALE: In vanilla this was claimed to be the case, but player could actually only get ammo once.]

    - Fixed a freeze/crash that could happen when Kyle installed the systolic motivator.

    - In vanilla, the only way to access the Armory was to kill everyone on Level 1. Instead, you can now additionally break into the Armory one of two ways:
    // Can be further discussed.
    1) Explosives. It takes three detonations to destroy the door. Doing this will always make The Brotherhood hostile toward you. (But they'd go hostile anyway because the explosion hits the door guards)

    2) Sneak and Lockpick. This requires a very difficult Lockpick check and a difficult Sneak check, and you must also have Sneak currently "activated". (Electronic Lockpicks will give a +20 to the Lockpick roll, as with all other electronically-locked doors in the game)

    - Students in combat training and Thomas (their trainer) now actually respond if you attempt dialog. They don't say much, naturally, but it's better than silence which makes you feel like the engine is broken or something.
    // Unused lines?

    - If you already have the quest item, you can now give it to Cabbot right away instead of having to run dialog a second time.

    - [Restoration] Grenades quest is now functional, accessible and can be completed. [Coded by Ash]


    - If mistaking you for Garl's father, will now display floating messages at a more realistic interval.

    - If mistaking you for Garl's father, have a chance to run away from you instead of walk away, on two out of the six float messages.

    - If mistaking you for Garl's father, now have better distance-to-move and how-often values for walking/running away from player and displaying float messages.

    - Various small fixes with generic Raiders.


    - The countdown timer for Military Base bomb now displays updates at exactly 5-second intervals. These updates display during combat as well, and are re-initiated if anything interrupts them.

    - Mr Handy also has expanded dialog and new dialog options, and various fixes.
    // Fixes only would be nice.

    - Scripts on levels 3 and 4 no longer try to reference map variables that only existed on levels 1 and 2.

    - [Restoration] Unused vanilla loudspeaker message now displays when and where it's supposed to.


    - When arming the bomb, alert status (silent or normal) and countdown times now properly match their descriptions.

    - No longer says "invalid entry" erroneously when pulling up personnel logs.

    - There's now an option to back out from arming the bomb, in case you changed your mind after hacking into the codes list.


    // Are these newly added in FIXT? In vanilla surrendering to Master or Lieutenant just plays the movies and ends the game.


    - Can now get the good ending for The Followers Of The Apocalypse. Requirements: Nicole is alive, Spy quest finished, at least 12 Followers members alive (not including Katja & Nicole).

    - Can now get the good ending for The Hub. Requirements: Harold is alive, Decker is dead.

    // These can be further discussed.
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