Rewriting Fallout: New Vegas

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    Mar 16, 2013
    I would argue that them being sold with such strong aesthetic premise is precisely the kind of thing you want out of a group like the Legion. Again, I agree the post-apoc interpretation of the plumes is good too. I didn't think the leather galea looked dumb on the Skyrim Imperial Soldiers, and combined with the Mad Max style face-cloth and goggles I think it'd look really good.
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    Jun 7, 2015
    Eh, agree to disagree.
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    Sometimes I think people forget the Legion are a bunch of Tribals larping as the Romans based on what a guy who read a book told them.

    As for rewriting it really a rewrite when half of the legion stuff isn't implemented? It would have been great to see what Legion territory looks like besides their frontier military encampments.
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    Jun 5, 2018
    More than a rewrite, New Vegas needs a remake/expansion I'd say

    Anyway I always found strange that the NCR didn't annex small communities such as Primm or Goodsprings for taxes and recruits