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Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by Odin, Apr 10, 2003.

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  1. Odin

    Odin Carbon Dated and Proud

    Apr 2, 2003
    Since we've been having some people posting posts/threads that aren't welcomed or better yet, just plain stupid threads/posts, I decided to make an announcement post with the rules of this forum:
    1. L33t talk is not allowed, keep talking l33t and you'll be flogged and banned. This includes stupid crap like AcId CaPs. Proper spelling is encouraged, especially if English is your first language.
    2. Don't post threads just to say hello or welcome, these are pointless and useless and will be vatted. Post in the stickied introduction thread instead. On the same note, don't post happy birthday threads, as they are equally useless and will be vatted.
    3. Contentless replies, like "in before vats" or "+1" will be deleted.
    4. Do not double-post, there is an Edit function on this forum for adding more to the end of a thread if you are the last poster. If you accidentally double-post, you can delete the last post yourself as long as no one else has posted below you.
    5. If you haven't got anything to say, don't post. Lurk before you post to make sure your post has something contributing to say.
    6. Sockpuppeting, i.e. registering more than one time will get you banned and dipped in the Vats; yes, we do pay attention to those who register.
    7. Spamming will get you banned and dipped in the Vats.
    8. Use of text colors/colors is annoying, use it all the time and get ready to get the boot into the Vats and banned.
    9. Respect others as long as they respect you. If they disrespect you, simply ignore them. That means no flaming. That also means no death threats to any developers or media outlets, no matter how much you hate them. Don't be an idiot. It also means no trolling and no cross-site trolling.
    10. Only moderators and admins moderate these forums. Feel free to publicly talk about moderator actions you disagree with, but do not backbench moderate.
    11. Pictures: no nipples, penis or vagina, animal sex, human or animal abuse or other repulsive pictures. Don't post private pictures of people without their permission. As a rule of thumb, never post pictures from a private server.
    12. Images and links that break the forum at a standard 1024x768 will be edited to be shorter in the case of links or to be made into links in the case of images, without any warning. This also goes for "quote pyramids".
    13. For inane purposes; nothing illegal is allowed on this legal server. We are on a gaming network, this means definitely no warez talks.
    14. Putting something in spoiler tags doesn't exempt it from the rules. In fact, putting something that breaks the rules inside spoiler tags can be regarded as an attempt to delay or prevent moderation and thus count as an aggravating circumstance. The same is true for putting "NSFW" next to a link; it holds no meaning to the rules.
    Some detail rules about sig pics:
    1. Nothing illegal, including ripping off NMA's logo.
    2. Maximum file size 70 KB. That's the total limit, not the limit for each individual image.
    3. Maximum file height 200 px. Maximum file width 800 px (or anything that breaks the forum at 1024x768 resolution)
    4. Excessive animation will generally break the above rules, but be careful, annoying sigs in general are not allowed.
    5. No YouTube includes.
    6. All general rules apply to signatures, including rules on tasteless pictures and spoiler tags.
    On the report button: use the report button to point out bad posts to admins. Use it and do not reply to the post to point out the transgression, as that is backbench moderating. If an entire thread has gone bad, report only one posts, as reports have to be handled on a per-post basis. Spamming the report button is a strikeable offense.

    Strike & ban: each transgression against the rules can result in a strike at moderator/administrator digression. Strikes are permanent. 3 strikes means you're banned automatically and permanently. Blatant violation of the rules can result in an immediate ban.
    If you disagree with a strike or ban, PM or mail an admin or contact us via the contact form

    DO NOT DOUBLE REGISTER OR RE-REGISTER. Re-registering means you're going to be rebanned, there is no exception to this rule. Registering multiple accounts means all accounts are banned.
  2. Montez

    Montez So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 20, 2003
    A few things about posting threads:

    (1) Anything having to do with games goes in the General Gaming forum - this goes for Flash and internet browser games as well. Do not post it in General Discussion!

    (2) If you are going to post jokes, pictures, or bizzare train-of-thought rants on political satire, PLEASE PROVIDE A CONTEXT FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO DISCUSS IT IN! If you want other people to post more jokes or criticize your jokes, say so. If you want people to discuss something, say so. Spam and derailment result when no one knows what the thread is about.

    (3) We have seven Fallout forums. Seven. So do not post anything relating to Fallout in General Discussion. Whatever it is you are thinking of posting, we have a Fallout forum where it would fit.

    General posting:

    (1) The occassional "LOL" or "I agree" is ok, but as a rule do not post unless you have something more than that to add.

    (2) If your post is focused on another poster rather than the subject at hand then don't bother replying.

    (3) Do not purposely derail a topic. This doesn't happen too much, but from now on when it does happen I'm going to remove the post. From there it either gets thrown into the Vats or made into its own thread, depending on it's quality. I do not want to micromanage threads like this, so please don't make me do it.

    We got a lot of new members over the last few months, so the dynamic of the place has changed a lot. That's fine, but it has gotten a little out of hand. As much as I'm sick of the whole "NMA spam-fest LOL!" crap that people have been spewing lately, there's a some truth to it, so I'm going to start "moderating" more to cut down on it. Remember, this isn't just a place for you to post, it's a place for other people to read and participate. If you aren't posting things worth reading and reacting to then the forum has no worth.
  3. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    General Concerns

    Where did my post go?

    Why was I banned for posting so many times on different message boards?

    Why do I have this absurd-looking avatar?

    Would any of these questions apply to you? Chances are, they are the result of the following:

    1. (Where did my post go? If your post isn't where you posted it, there should be a redirect on the forum you posted it on. After that, it's up to blink luck. If one of our moderators sees it, they will usually move it to the right forum. It helps to really sort out what goes where, so they can make judgement calls later on.

    If I see it, it's going into the Vats.

    Check the Vats for many examples of this.

    2. (Why was I banned for posting so many times on different message boards? The answer seems pretty obvious enough, but it follows with 1. If you become annoying enough with topics started in forums they don't belong in, we will give you a hint by preventing any more results of your "misunderstanding" until you so choose to have it fixed. The usual time is a week, but depending upon the situation, it can be longer.

    Again, the Vats can be a good source to see what not to do. If you don't see where the topic was coming from, think of where the post belonged and try every forum BUT that one.

    3. (Why do I have this absurd-looking avatar?) Chances are, you got on the bad side of an admin, as they are the only ones able to do such. You probably did something that includes but is not limited to: being an annoying fucktard, posting without any basis or background on the subject, gravedigging (about a year, but much less if the thread has scrolled a bit and the reply doesn't add anything warranting the thread to be brought to the top), giving a moderator grief and/or trolling at them. If you have any problems with what I or any other admin/moderator does, take it up with me.

    And, if you have any gripes, please address them in this thread. Seriously, I do care.
  4. Brother None

    Brother None This ghoul has seen it all

    Apr 3, 2003
    NOTICE: "in before vats" and "you are a troll

    Lately we've seen a steady increase of two loathsome habits:

    1. "In before Vats" or "vat please". Very simple and short: this is spam, it's pointless, it is annoying. If you think something should go to the vats, use the report button.

    2. "You are a troll". That's not your call to make. Decisions on whether someone is trolling are the sole domain of mods and admins. If you think someone is doing so, use the report button or register a specific complaint with a moderator/admin.

    If any insist on breaking our rules by continuing this spam and/or backbench moderating, you can expect to get strikes for it.
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