Star Wars: The Old Republic - 6 hours gameplay

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    So it seems there are some gamers which got the chance to play Biowares Star Wars MMORG. At least for 6 hours. Now how much value from a MMORG can be get in 6 hours ? I guess not all to much. So I didnt expected here a lot. It seems they had their fun even with that short time though.

    (Just some random link from google, as its in englisch. I was reading a german article and they have not been that happy about it. Well they had definetly a more crtical tone saying that those "quest" with killing the flesh raider or what those creatures are called feelt way to much like the standart MMORG kill X enemies or collect object y a few times. Standart to say it that way. And considering the fact that Biowars SW MMORG is already seen as the holy grail in MMORG standarts they thought it would contain here a bit "more". They liked the voice acting a lot though and said it would really give a great feeling here.)

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Ive never been a fan of MMORGS and maybe I am wrong with this but somehow I have the feeling Biowares game will be a "typical" standart grind-kill (what ever) MMORG just with super voice acting. I think its hard anywy to tell your "own" story in a multiplayer RPG. But Its still almost a year before it will see the light. And who knows really what it will feel like. 6 Hours are really not enough to test a MMORG ~ but it can be eventually enough to give you some idea ?
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    6 hours isn't much to really go on, I have my doubts about the game, quite a few MMO's have failed recently, and even though I haven't got it, but I've been hearing a lot of mixed comments on the new DCUO as it seems that the PC version is a very shoddy console port. And if you bought the thing from steam, been loads of issues and you still have to download a huge patch, not good really

    as for SW old republic, its going to have to be something good, but from what I seen of the game, not really sure at this stage, also seems to be SP orientated rather then MP, as you gain NPC (last time I read) so not sure where the MP element comes in?

    I will wait for better reviews when it comes closer to release, but so far, I'm not sure if its worth playing at this stage
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    Everything seen in previews suggests that The Old Republic is a Star Wars-branded World of Warcraft in terms of its mechanics. The only real point of difference is the story, and admittedly it's a big one, but it remains to be seen if it truly has the effect BioWare intend. World of Warcraft + dialogue trees and multiple endings does not equal the holy grail of MMOs, especially if all BioWare are doing is repackaging guilds, class-/race-/level-/faction-specific questlines.
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    Well the question really is how this 6 hours were spent. I guess the 'newbie' regions in WoW can take you this time alone and in this time you don't see all the things people seem to like about WoW.
    So if this time was centered in this newbie area he might not be able to judge the whole game - but this would mean that the later parts would have to differ from the first 6 hours, which we can't say (the article hints that it is different, but well...).

    My main problem with their take on a MMORPG is simply that they try hard to give you the feeling of really achieving and changing something in a world, while in really you can't change anything.
    It's the same for WoW - i mean how many people allready killed the Witch King? And how exactly were the player able to influence the whole story of Deathwings rising?...

    Other than that i think we've to be honest.
    There was and most propably never will be a game which includes all the things we liked about Star Wars in an enjoyable way.