Starting a new restoration patch playthru

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    Jun 27, 2003
    So it's been a long while since I did a full run of FO or FO2, so I figured why the fuck not.

    I've played the restoration patch before, pretty sure it's been updated since last time but honestly I don't know, hopefully has, I've pretty much done everything possible in stock FO2 in years past, going as far as to use Per's lovely guide to make sure I do every little thing possible, so looking forward to randomly discovering stuff I haven't done before.

    This isn't a help thread so fuck off with suggestions, just keeping a log of sorts.

    Attached is an early char sheet, so far I haven't done too much, just wander down to NCR then escort a caravan to redding.

    My first stop in Klamath I couldn't really do much cause my lockpick skill sucked ass and noone was selling a lockpick set, so I looted what I could and hit up The Den, ran food to Smitty, and helped Laura out, trading up to a .44mag along the way, then helped her wipe out Tylers gang (.44 mag with quickshot made quick work of them), great loot for level 2.

    Got the marker for New Reno and headed there, stopped at redding for a save, encountered gangsters fighting mauraders along the way, looted the dead, got a sniper rifle and maxed my carry weight in loot, traded up further, ended up with metal armor mk2 and more ammo for both guns, still no locksmith set.

    Traveled further south to NCR, got a lockpick set from the dwarf brother outside the gate, took the guard job, and got lucky as fuck and only encountered farmers and one group of marauders and golden geckos, the NCR caravan guards were very well armed and along with my sniper rifle we made quick work.... more loot, arrived in redding, and saved and exited.

    Will try to remember to update as I play, mostly after work.

    I do wish they hadn't removed the 0 key exiting dialouge, I get that it could be exploited (like with Bishop) but for general dialouge it was very useful for speeding things up.

    Took a screenshot of stats upon exit, attached. Clipboard01.png

    edit: I started out trying to set my PC to my real age.... Im too old for that now apparently.
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  2. PsychoSniper

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    Jun 27, 2003
    Session 2:

    Remembered to adjust the high res part of the mod to match my display, next go I need to remember to edit the pathing distance.

    Returned to Klamath, and helped Tor handle the bugmen and radscorpions.
    Paid off Suliks debt and got him as a companion.
    Visited the crashed vertibird (the little detail of a dead guy in advanced power armor is nice) and killed the bot.

    Gona call it quits tonight, was hot as fuck outsidr at work today Im gona go to bed early for a change.

    These updates will stay semi sparse, pretty much everyone heres played the game, most have thousands of hours Id imagiane, so going past a certain point isnt needed.
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  3. PsychoSniper

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    Jun 27, 2003
    Session 3: Gona be another short one cause work tommorow.

    Started by going to thr Den and getting Vic, talked to Vic, and headed to Vault City by way of Redding.
    Gave Vic a spare hunting rifle and some .223.
    Sulik has my Arroyo sharpened spear.

    Travel was uneventful other than a vault city patrol ans slavers fighting wolves.
    Me and Vic leveled up, Vic actually got some kills.
    Ok loot, got an H&K CAWS as the most notable, and some 10mmSMGs.

    At Vault City traded off some of my loot, got vic lethar armor, got Cassidy.

    The Cassidy talking head and voice was new... and nice.
    Gave him my other spare hunting riflr and split the ammo.

    Headed out, for broken hills after stoping in gecko for better supplies.
    Got a bit more ammo, speedloader for my .44, and a 14mm for Sulik.

    Encountered raiders hitting a merchant, got some decent loot, meds, citykiller, etc.

    Traded some in broken hills, got two sets of metal armor for the party.

    And now off to bed.
  4. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    Session 4:

    Headed to New Reno to offload more loot, encountered some Yakuza on the way.

    After New Reno headed to NCR, encountered a wanderer who showed me the location of an abandoned mine, which I diverted to.

    So I arrive and kill some wolves and loot the military base exterior, and find the san fran survey map, and head off for san fran.

    Hubologist vs Mercs encounter on the way, was positioned so I couls stay out of the fight, got some ok loot for bartering.

    Offloaded most of the loot for cash and skill books.

    Visited the tanker, offloaded more loot, more skill books, first aids up from 25% to 66%.

    So theres a motorboat now, hmmm. I wonder where that could take me.....

    Startwd to head back to Shady Sands, but ran into mercs fighting a caravan.
    Caravan won, barely, got some ok loot and gold nuggets.

    Sold off loot, more skill books, motion detector, first aid up to 76%.

    And there I shall call it a night.
  5. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    Session 5:
    Forgot to log yesterday.
    Nothing much, another san fran run, got more gauss ammo, looted a .223 pistol for sulik, cleared toxic caves and got smiley home, then went back and below, mk2 combat armor for me, sold loot off at san fran, now have more .223 for everyone and more 2mmEC for me.
    Down side, picked up a pariah dog to rid myself of.

    Encountered bandits in caves of some encounters, they appear to have loot chests too, and to be well armed, didnt clear them cauae pariah dog.

    Someone mentioned caves.having bandits in another thread, it appears to be a welcome RP addition, once I get rid of the pariah dog it should make for great exp and loot farming to a good enough degree that I dub it the 'Harris mod' cave.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    You need to take some pics.
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