Stats for RP companions?

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  1. Beoron

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    Jul 6, 2015
    Does anyone have a table for the companions in the restoration mod? I found some from 2010 but it looks like the mod was still developing then so I am not sure if they are current. I am running Kitsune in my current game but I am wondering if her ap ever goes up as it is somewhat low compared to the vanilla companions. Thanks for any help.
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    Jul 1, 2012
    Good question, I was curious about this, myself. Of all the versions of the game I have played, I have the least experience with its RP variants, so it occurred to me that my vanilla "ideal squad" would not necessarily be the ideal for the RP version.

    From what I read here, Kitsune's AP always remains static, even in 2.3, but she's still my favorite EPA companion.
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    Dec 31, 2017
    It may in fact be a blessing that Kitsune's AP remains at 9, never going to 10. Why? Because if one gives her a gauss rifle, and if she's spending 5 AP per unaimed shot, then she may hopefully often do aimed shots (6 AP), and those deal so much more damage per bullet. While Jules would possibly do 2 non-aimed shots, ending up doing possibly about the same damage but spending 2 times more 2mm ammo to do so. But this is just a guess, i have no idea how often her / his AI would go aimed shots and why. I just note that now and then that my NPCs do aimed shots, as obvious from occasional crippling effects on their targets.

    Another thing about EPA NPCs stats: the link given just above by SnapSlav does NOT provide correct stats for those NPCs. I just checked it in RP 2.3.3, getting Cat Jules and checking his combat settings: he actually starts at 80 HP and 9 AP, while the guide through the link above says he starts with 80 HP and 8 AP.

    Another thing is that in one of old threads, i found a discussion about giving those NPCs perks, possibly at their highest level. Killap was participating in that discussion but i did not find him ever saying he implemented any perks to those new NPCs in the RP. Any idea if he ever did? Killap also mentioned he's considering changing their SPECIAL a bit once they level up enough. Again, no idea if he ever implemented it. Last but not least, he said he implemented different crit rates, being 10% for Jules, 20% for Kitsune and 30% for Dex at their max levels (+1%, +3% and +5% per each level up correspondedly, he added). So that's one more thing to consider when choosing whom to go with.

    So, we still don't have clearly correct up-to-date stats of those new "EPA" NPCs, at least not anywhere i could find so far. Please, help?

    P.S. This post may be seen as "necro", but it's not: i am now facing very same question as in the 1st post here, so it is still very much relevant. And i recon it'd be worse if i'd just start a new topic about it.
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    Dec 26, 2015
    I'm also interested in stats. Ok, for the MIB88 Megamod, but they maybe the same, or not?
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    Dec 21, 2011
    Hi guys, anyone interested in stats - Excel file in the attachment.

    I did a micromod to add a slight variability to the new companions and there is also a vanilla stats file there.

    Stats.xlsx - their vanilla stats from Restoration Project 2.3.3
    StatsM.xlsx - slightly modded stats which can be safely added to any other mod or existing RP installation.

    If you like the StatsM variant more:
    "data" folder contains modified protos as per StatsM file - simply copy to your Fallout2 folder with RP installed, overwriting files.

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    Oct 9, 2017
    I put together a more concise spreadsheet (not that I'm busy or anything).

    This may not be a big deal, but having it all together in one spreadsheet may be convenient.


    I did check it with the proto files (using Fallout2 ProtoManager v1.1.3) and I compared it to Fallout Documents/ by TeamX from @Drobovik archive (which appears to have a few typos, btw). Sulik: Sequence 14+5 & 14+6 (stage 4 & 5), traps +8 (stage 2). Goris: Sequence 18+11 (stage 2), sneak +6 (stage 1). Marcus: fire DR 0+30% (stage 4 & 5). Robobrain: Endurance 6 (stage 5), Melee Damage 3+5 (stage 1). Mysterious Stranger (female): Big Guns ? (stage 4).).

    The only thing I couldn't figure out were the base stats for Skynet (i.e. the one for the abnormal, chimpanzee, human and cyber brain). I believe Fallout2 ProtoManager v1.1.3 was unable to read them. At least in the list were 3 “nonames” entries that crashed when clicked on. I also tried to use FO12_critters_editor, but in that one I couldn't get a full screen (?).

    The rest should be correct, however.