Subm.:Underrail - an indie role playing game

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    Jan 24, 2013
    Underrail, 6-Dec-2012 (alpha release updated regularly)
    Stygian Software
    PC (windows)
    Availiable on Desura (alpha funding model)

    Description from the about section of the website:

    Why is this game a classic:
    I feel this game is a classic because it is the closest I've seen a game come to giving me the feeling I had when first playing fallout 2.
    It has the old isometric feel, the dialogue is good and the developer has a knack for crafting an immersive world for the player.

    Combat system description:
    The combat is turned based, basically very similar to fallout 1-2 and other black isle turn based games. There is the use of psionics which is very close to magic.

    The Bad:
    The game is not done, but should be released in the later half of 2013.

    My advice is to check the game out yourself before coming to a conclusion, there is an alpha demo on the site that you can download.