The Best of PlayStation Games (1994-Present)

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    Jan 9, 2019
    The PlayStation series offer us many exclusives that turned out to be great successes, to expanding their large library of games throughout the years.
    With the PS5 in development until 2020 (possible release date), it's time for us to talk about the best games of the PS legacy has to offer, so type down on what's your favorite games from all the PS consoles. I'll be notified about your responses and see what you all got. But first, I'll be sharing my favorite games from PS1-PS4 on here for your own convenience.

    PlayStation (1994-2006):
    King's Field (US) (1995)
    Resident Evil 2 (1998)

    PlayStation 2 (2000-2013):
    Eternal Ring (2000)
    Devil May Cry (2001)
    Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001)
    Silent Hill 2 (2001)
    Twisted Metal Black (2001)
    Zone of the Enders (2001)
    Ape Escape 2 (2003)
    Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando (2003)
    Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (2003)
    Ape Escape: Pumped and Primed (2004)
    Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal (2004)
    Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (2005)
    Ratchet: Deadlocked (2005)
    Ape Escape 3 (2006)

    PlayStation 3 (2006-2017):
    Demon's Souls (2009)
    Killzone 3 (2011)
    Hotline Miami (2012)
    Twisted Metal (2012)

    PlayStation 4 (2013-Present):
    Bloodborne (2015)
    Yakuza Kiwami (2016)
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  2. R.Graves

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    Apr 21, 2016
    Lol no. Pretty shit remaster tbh.

    Should probably keep this to just exclusives for simplicity's sake. Otherwise we should probably have "best of the generations" threads

    Ape escape
    Silent Hill 1
    The entire Yakuza series (altho I hear they're getting ported to PC nowadays)
    dino Crisis
    Devil may cry 1 and 3
    Metal gear solid
    Heavenly sword
    Genji: Dawn of the samurai
    God of war series
    Demons souls

    *Quits naming things
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    Jan 9, 2019
    Not really, it improved a few things in the Remastered version.
    However, I couldn't consider it the best, because one of the best remasters has got to be Halo 2 Anniversary. The cutscenes are glorious, despite being over 4 years old, nonetheless have aged pretty well. At least it's better than Silent Hill HD Collection, am I right?
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    Dec 26, 2010
    I agree with Graves, keeping it just to exclusives is more practical.
    Also don't post about remasters, refer to original games (unless it's a complete remake like Shadow of the Colossus).


    God of War is a masterpiece. Same goes for previous titles.
    Mentioned SotC.
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Uncharted 4 (not a big fan, but it's a solid exclusive)
    You've added Bloodborne already.
    Couple of other games.
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    Jan 9, 2019
    Okay, I edited my list, happy? :whatever:
    But it's not just exclusives, there are also ports for the PS consoles that are "superior" than other ports... alright?
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    Sep 17, 2016
  7. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    Let me try remember the old games I liked.


    • Arc the Lad Collection (also Tactical RPG)
    • Chrono Cross
    • Final Fantasy VII
    • Final Fantasy VIII
    • Final Fantasy Tactics (also Tactical RPG)
    • Front Mission 3 (also Tactical RPG)
    • Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu
    • Legend of Legaia
    • Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
    • Revelations: Persona (It's Persona 1)
    • Star Ocean: The Second Story (also Action RPG)
    • Suikoden
    • Suikoden II
    • The Legend of Dragoon
    • Vandal Hearts (also Tactical RPG)
    • Vandal Hearts II (also Tactical RPG)
    • Wild Arms
    • Xenogears
    Action RPG:
    • Parasite Eve
    • Vagrant Story
    • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    Survival Horror:
    • Dino Crysis
    • Dino Crysis 2
    • Galerians
    • Parasite Eve 2
    • Silent Hill
    • Resident Evil
    • Resident Evil 2
    • Colin McRae Rally
    • Crash Team Racing
    • Gran Turismo 2
    • Wipeout 2097
    Driving Action:
    • Driver
    • Bloody Roar
    • Darkstalkers
    • Darkstalkers 3
    • Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    • Rival Schools
    • Street Fighter Collection
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3
    • Tekken 3
    • Metal Gear Solid
    • Syphon Filter
    • Syphon Filter 2
    • Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
    • Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins
    Adventure Platformer:
    • Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
    Action Adventure:
    • Alundra
    Graphic Adventure:
    • Policenauts
    • PaRappa the Rapper
    • Um Jammer Lammy
    • FIFA: Road to World Cup 98
    • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
    Action Adventure Shooter Driving:
    • Die Hard Trilogy

    These are all games I liked so much I can still remember their names. These are not the "best" games of the first Playstation console though.
    Since I was never into several genres (platformers, action, shooter, sports, etc.), I didn't play games that others consider great (like Tomb Rider, Klonoa, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, etc.).
    But the games I mentioned were all my favorites.

    I don't have time or patience to post about PS2 games (I never played PS3 or PS4 games), so I will have to stop now.
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  8. Squadcar

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    Jun 1, 2018
    This makes me realize how few games I had when I was a kid and never really expanded much of my library until moving to PC. Looking at my completions per platform it's PC then Xbox 360 then Playstation 2. PC is bigger than both those consoles combined.

    Purely Exclusive wise:

    • Crash Bandicoot
    • Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
    • Crash Bandicoot: Warped
    • Crash Team Racing
    • Crash Bash
    • God of War (PS2)
    • Shadow of the Colossus
    • The Last Guardian
    • Twisted Metal: Black
    • God of War (PS4)
    • Spider-Man (PS4 since the others weren't really exclusive)
    • Tony Hawk Pro Skater (was later ported to other systems)
    I also really liked Battle Hunter as a kid but I don't know if the game was actually good or not. But it was cool to me at the time haha.
  9. R.Graves

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    Apr 21, 2016
    Lol at calling dino Crisis 2 survival horror.
    Seriously wth
  10. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    A sadly underrated title.

    I would go with the obvious, the entire Metal Gear Solid series. 1-3 are some of the best games I've ever played.
    Silent Hill 2 is up there as well.
    Shadow of Colossus
    Canis Candem Edit (Or Bully)
    GTA San Andreas
    Soul Calibur III

    And while it's not even out yet, I'm gonna add Shenmue 3 just because the fact the game even exists has already made the last four years a lot better.

    Edit. Also forgot Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Could never forget about that masterpiece.
  11. The Outsider

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    Jan 9, 2019
    Why is it a masterpiece again?