The Enclave is dead- but how would you guys feel about Enclave descendant factions?

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  1. cruddas

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    Jul 5, 2013
    Maybe not the actual Enclave, but people that believe the propaganda and support what they believed were the real good guys, and who do their best to go against the BoS who they believe were deserters and traitors to the ideals of what the nation once was, someone who is, without question, an absolute enemy of the BoS.
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    Oct 13, 2010
    I wouldn't mind seeing groups of folks trying to rebuild the Enclave idealogy but with their own Imprints.
    It would be fun for a future game to have a side quest where two smaller factions, both born out of the enclave are in conflict with each other.

    The interesting thing, over time the references to the Enclave would be long gone and they would effectively stand on their own.
  3. PaxVenire

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    Oct 29, 2020
    I'd like to see the NCR have a little civil war down the road out of the differences in opinion that grow from factions that the NCR have tussled against throughout their expansion. It doesn't necessarily have to be completely "Enclave Remnants 2".
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  4. That would be interesting.
  5. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    I don't think the NCR is there in the civilizational cycle yet, but I think its something they will undoubtedly face one day.

    Ironically, I think a civil war is more likely if they win in New Vegas. Like how Roman Expansion set the threatre for the civil wars which shook the Republic in its last centuries.

    Another cyclical development that could affect the NCR down the road is the creation of their own home-grown shadow government. The Bearclave, if you will.
  6. Atomic Postman

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    I think an NCR victory in New Vegas leads to their situation in Van Buren where they're so overextended that the Eastern settlements are literally abandoned, cut to the wind and have no idea about whatever chaos is going on out west. Just stretching until total fragmentation. I don't think NCR is set for a civil war in the traditional sense but rather balkanization to the extreme.
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  7. Dayglow Drifter

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    Sep 25, 2018
    My opinion about Enclave "spin-off" factions is that you can maybe get 1-2 good quests out of that concept per game at most, doing anything more than that just proves to everyone that you are lazy.
  8. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    This is an interesting scenario and very likely.

    I dunno, groups change, end, begin, splinter, etc. A good example is how the decaying Timurid Empire went on to conquer India and turned into the Mughals.

    Enclave is kind of easy spin-off fodder, because these guys had so much technology and weaponry, that even a relatively small group of former Enclave could make big waves, if they wanted. Especially if they are far away from the West Coast, which is full of powers gunning for them. A squad of Enclave in the West Coast is going to get mobbed by Brotherhood Paladins and Rangers gunning for them. A squad of properly Enclave somewhere remote and distant, however? They could make themselves kings, easily.

    Caesar created the second most powerful faction of the post-apoc world in three decades, and all he had was good education, tribals, being a romanboo and BADASS ANGRY MORMON.

    But the Enclave itself should go to the trashcan of dead organizations in the Fallout universe and good riddance.
  9. Feday Of Madness

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    Jun 7, 2022
    It would be better not to kill them off but the more ambitious ones finishing their project of space inhabitation. As for americas history, ulysses layered everything about America and he's a tribal. It would be better rather not the whole remnants making a community but like 1 of them making a whole city with just that purpose in mind. The rest just lead a humble life with their over qualifications.
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