The Fallout 3 plot thread(better plot at table 101 please)

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    Now that we know the plot of fallout 3, well some of us do anyway, I think it may be useful for modders to help fallout 3's plot not to suck so much. If we get an editor anyway... It may not be feasible or realistic and it may be just some mental masturbation, but here goes. I'll start:

    [spoiler:155652b760]Instead of looking for your father you change it to preventing a "supermutant" siege of "Washington DC" (I would be more interested in some sort of Chinese/foreign invasion, but supermutant models will already be in the game and considered a main enemy and I want to make the plot change as easy as possible. The vault would be just as fucked as everyone else is and it would be actual motivation for them to send their brightest*. Hell they could have sent your father as the brightest if they really wanted and make you plan B).

    The invisible walls surrounding "Washington DC" could be replaced with supermutant siege camps(not really hostile to just one man, but will end you if your try to break past the barrier) and pockets of BOS guys keeping them at bay (again motivation, and perhaps some explanation for acting like... they do, like some sort of subversion tactic to get people on their side to fight). The only real thing holding back the humans from winning is that all the different factions can't decide on how to work together(raiders, differing towns, crab people, whatever).

    Which leads me to wonderful plot delinearization™. Endings for the game can be:

    1. You escape, they all die.
    2. You lead a good portion of the population through a hole you make in the siege(good bad ending, perhaps depending depending on supplies attained, vehicles, and key figures you convince to leave with you, could be a little hard to make it work).
    3. You rally up key figures to work for the common good and fight (the "good" ending, could be made more interesting by some groups requiring you to destroy/disband a different group giving you another ending based on the choices you make. It could lead to a bad ending biased on your choices, but again may be a little hard to work in).
    4. You help the supermutants break the siege by finding a flaw in defenses(like I dunno. Perhaps the nuke sitting in the middle of a town).
    5. Your tardy, everyone starves and the vault is invaded(the "I spent too much time listening to people talk about how terrible the mudcrab... crab people are" ending).

    *brightness not based on intelligence. :P[/spoiler:155652b760]

    Anyone else have any ideas to make F3's plot a little more engaging? It would be nice to make it as little work as possible, but ideas are always interesting. What would your idea for F3 be?
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    Hmm, shouldn't this be in modding?
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    I guess so, but "suggestions and ideas" seemed apt at the time.
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    Jan 11, 2004
    Personally I would like to remove the Brotherhood of Steel and the Super Mutants completely, and replace them with original factions with origins on the East Coast.

    The Pentagon would be a big radioactive crater again with perhaps some interesting items at its lowest floor which some faction might ask you to get for them.

    Hmm, the Enclave should go as well, they're dead and buried with only a few scraps of them spread across the West and Mid West but none on the East Coast.

    So I guess a new technology faction would be needed, preferably something mysterious, a new 'outside' threat that is causing trouble in general, and perhaps a group who are responsible for the ultimate threat to all.

    As for a storyline, well I myself always wanted to do something more with the US government secret projects spread across the US; their various super weapons and other stuff.
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    Jan 6, 2005
    Pretty good idea actually. ??????
  6. Tagaziel

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    Dec 10, 2003
    I'd integrate the Reavers and borrow the Guardians of the Old Order from Wasteland to replace the failed BoS.
  7. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Sort of like gatherers and worshipers of old technology Mikael Grizzly?

    I had been playing with this idea of technology worshipers that wanted to bring back the technology and science to the world but it was inspired on someone else's creation.

    Not really Brotherhood like, but perhaps not completely sane either.
  8. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Hello all,

    Since yesterday I have been playing around with an idea for a Fan made storyline, taking some inspiration from my earlier Fallout ideas I have typed the following down.
    I won't say it is the best idea I have ever come up with or in general but perhaps it could start as a basis for a better idea.
    I pretty much worked with the resources at hand without introducing to much new elements.

    Please read and comment.

    Vault 101 is commissioned as part of Project Safehouse, it is located outside the Washington Capital, it is assigned to government employees and their families to take shelter in case of a nuclear attack.

    An investigation committee hands over a report that has been several years in the making, detailing the most likely American cities to be targeted by the Chinese should either side be forced to start a nuclear war.
    Washington DC is on top of the list, greatly worrying several politicians and their financial backers who have important financial assets in the region.

    A university research group has been investigating the possibility of creating defensive EMP fields for in use in the battlefield or home defense, they believe its possible to create an electro magnetic 'screen' that could destroy the electronics of incoming missiles and bombers, rendering them generally harmless.

    The US government authorizes a research project to create a defensive EMP screen to shield American cities from a Chinese nuclear attack; the testbed of this technology will be in Washington DC.
    Great projector antennae are constructed around the city and excavation work is done on creating an underground facility that will house the field generators and the control center.

    During this project as well as several others the US government runs into financing problems, some projects are postponed or canceled, project “Umbrella” (working name)'s finances are severally cut, delaying completion of the project.

    October 23th 2077, the Chinese suffering a humiliating defeat at Alaska and feeling cornered by the United States after they had taken control of the last great oil well decades earlier prepares for a nuclear strike, similar preparations are done in the United States.
    No one knows who pushed the button first.

    Several missiles and bombers head towards Washington DC, while the exact reasons aren't know; it could either have been the cuts in financing and resources, miscommunication in the war department, or possible another reason, the “Umbrella” screen fails to be activated and most of Washington DC is reduced to radioactive craters.
    The transmitter towers scattered around the city are a sad reminder of the ambitious project to protect the capital.

    Most Vault Dwellers assigned to Vault 101 have reached the facility safely, taking shelter there until the worst effects of the nuclear fire storm have passed.

    Several years before the player is born.

    The Vault Dwellers of Vault 101 believe themselves to be the last remnants of the United States and that it is therefore their duty to reunite and rebuild the country.
    Their first goal is to unite the Washington area under them, and use that as a base of operations to spread throughout the state.

    A group of idealistic young man and women, including the player's parents arm and equip themselves and leave, they believe they will be welcomed by any settlement once they have proven their knowledge and technology.

    While they are welcomed in place like Rivet City the group faces hostile response in other locations by groups such as raiders who see the expedition as an easy prey to gain resources and slaves from.
    The group is forced to defend itself various times and suffers losses over the months.

    During the trek the player's father notices some of the remaining towers of Project Umbrella, by investigating the remnants of such places as the Museum of Technology and the remaining records at the Congress building the player's father learns of Project Umbrella.
    Study of the towers indicating still much of the project has survived, the player's father believes it to be possible to re-purpose the technology for other goals.

    Ten months after the expedition left its survivors return to Vault 101 disillusioned, having suffered various hardships during their journey.
    They tell stories about the various raiders, hostile groups and mutants they have faced while searching for allies and partners.

    The player's father believes it to be necessary to destroy the worst of the anarchistic elements in the region if the Vault Dwellers' vision of rebuilding the United States is to be realized.
    He starts investigating ways to do this as safely as possible.

    The stories of the expedition survivors give rise to a faction in Vault 101 that believes that it is to dangerous to return to the surface and that it would be best to keep the Vault isolated from the rest of the world.

    The player is born, the player's mother dies during his/her birth.

    The player's father has devised a method to destroy most of the surface population using the remnants of Project Umbrella, the existing installations could be used to transmit an electro-magnetic wave to destroy every life form that has evolved a spine, leaving plants and structures unharmed.
    Only those in the Vaults would be safe from the effect.

    The player's father gets into several arguments with the Vault Overseer over sending a new expedition to the surface to locate the command center of Project Umbrella, the Overseer believes that the Vault should stay sealed.
    Any expedition to the surface could bring back aggressors that could threaten the Vault, and more importantly the Overseer's power.

    The player's father continues his research while raising the player but keeps him in the dark about his genocidal plan.

    The player has become nineteen.

    After another argument with the Overseer the player's father has deemed the leader of the Vault to be to short sighted to be in command, he believes he can convince the other Vault Dwellers to join him after he has completed his project to render the region safe for them all.

    The player's father escapes the Vault to search for the command center.
    The Overseer believes the player to be working together with his father and having helped him to escape, the Overseer sends his security guards to arrest the player.

    The player's best friend comes to warn him, telling him that the player's father has disappeared from the Vault and that the Overseer has ordered the player's arrest, believing him to be an accomplice.
    The player's best friend suggest that the best course of action would be to find the player's father to get an explanation, she tells him also that the player's father was working on some mystery project and that her father and the player's father had many arguments about it.

    The player escapes the Vault to search his father and to possibly stop him or join him in his plan.
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    Great idea :clap: nice for a mod
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    May 7, 2004
    I just want the option to have the mutant do the deed at the end and keep playing afterwards. The ending as it is was horrid
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    Oct 29, 2008
    As long as there is a mod that changes the begining (vault 101's plot was horrid) and a mod that renames the various factions, as well as end game continuity, I will be happy.
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    Jan 11, 2004
    I have no delusions that this could be implemented in the game but I have been writing down some thoughts in how I would try to fix Fallout 3's game universe.


    Raven Rock; there would be no Enclave in Fallout 3, perhaps references to the organization in some records and perhaps the remnants of some Pre War forces but no actual living Enclave.
    Instead the Brotherhood of Steel has taken control of Raven Rock which they found abandoned when they came to the East Coast.
    The Brotherhood would be more like the West Coast counterpart, no leader driven by passion, but the Brotherhood does take outside recruits.

    The player could join in two ways, have the right stats which is possible but rare, or to perform 'the quest' (similar to the Glow quest of FO1, perhaps to much).
    The player is given a mission of certain death, if he/she succeeds the player becomes an initiate, he/she is to go to downtown DC (incredible dangerous place full of raiders and mutants plus radiation) and locate and enter the Pentagon which like the Glow was hit by a nuclear warhead.
    Here the player must locate weapon schematics and information about government projects (the player could find schematics for a plasma missile weapon, replacing the Fatman, and the ATHENA power armor).
    Opposition would consist of still running defense robots

    The player could also find out what has happened to earlier Brotherhood expeditions, finding their bodies crucified by Religionists or Super Mutants, bringing back their dogtags gives the player extra experience.

    Super Mutants: if they are in this they would be remnants of the Master's army, not some new group coming of a Vault where an experiment with FEV 'happened to take place'.
    I am not sure what drives them, perhaps they want to establish their own nation or are looking for something, perhaps same thing as the player or Brotherhood.
    Unlike now you can talk with most of them and ever barter with them.

    Interesting enough the Super Mutants have humans and Ghouls amongst their ranks, some are slaves while others work willingly for them.
    The slaves are purchased from Paradise Falls.

    Jefferson Memorial/Water Purifier; a shame to get rid of this so it could be used.
    Its run by water merchants who originate from Rivet City, they sells water to towns and places in the capital wasteland.
    They have their own army as raiders and Super Mutants prey on this place,

    Religionists; armed Luddites who are out to destroy the evil of technology and convert everyone in the region to their religion.
    Despite their technology hatred they use modern weapons and armor.
    An enemy to the Brotherhood, Rivet City and the Vaults, they also don't like mutants very much which they see as abominations in God's eyes.
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    Jan 11, 2004
    I know I am not suppose to double post, but as this one is some time after the first it should not be a problem.

    Some more thoughts

    As mentioned before the Super Mutants are leftover Unity forces led by some Super Mutant Lieutenant who perhaps wants to establish a Super Mutant nation in DC.
    To accomplish that goal he wants to take control of the purification plant (water), Rivet City (slaves, resources, technology), and his forces are looking for Vault 87.
    Currently the Super Mutants have a camp around that police station as well as Vault 108.

    The Super Mutants originally wanted to take over the Nation Guard Depot for its storage of weapons, but former National Guardsmen turned Ghouls activated the defenses of the installation before the Super Mutants could completely overrun the place.
    You could find a Ghoul National Guardsman made slave who could tell you this story, apparently he is being tortured for the deactivation codes.

    Instead the Super Mutants have overrun Vault 108 which their leader knew from records had a larger than usual weapon supply.
    What Vault Dwellers survived are now slaves too while the Super Mutants use the Vault as a base and laboratory.
    Slaves with scientific knowledge are forced to work there on several projects including finding a way to clone Super Mutants and turning normal humans into Super Mutants without the vats.

    So far the only living results of the cloning experiment is the collection of Gary´s.
    For some reason (FEV actually) it is impossible to clone a Super Mutant, at some point the developing embryo becomes a rapidly increasing cancerous mass consuming the basic humanoid.
    Apparently FEV tries to fix the developing cells.

    Scientist also tried to graft Super Mutant tissue in normal humans with the idea that FEV might spread from it to the rest of the body but most of these humans ended up dead or deformed.

    Regarding Vault 112, the Super Mutant leaders knows that the Vault was secretly a research facility dedicated to one of the Pre War US government's projects, in this case a biological research laboratory working on things like a cure for the New Plague and mutation.

    The Vault Dwellers were to continue on the research while waiting out the effects of the nuclear firestorm and then turn their work over to the bunkered US government/Enclave to rebuild the country or something like that.
    (important clue, as something similar is happening in Vault 101 but in a different scientific field.)

    The Super Mutant leader believes the research could be applied on helping Super Mutants reproduce or at increase in number through other ways.

    Vault 101, how strange it may sound, I would make this both the start location and the end location.
    Well to be specific the Vault would connect to the end location.

    Here the Vault Dwellers under the leadership were working on some top secret projects the US government wanted to be completed at all costs.
    Not sure what kind of projects, something with physics or advanced electronics.

    Anyway, you got to find it and destroy it, having to make a difficult choice in the end; or the Vault or the Wasteland.
    If you choose the Vault everyone in the Wasteland will suffer or die, choose the Wasteland and it will be the end of the Vault.
    It is as simple as that.

    * * * *

    Edit: more stuff

    * * * *

    As for that secret project, well if making use of existing resources without introducing to much newly made new material; how about the thinking computer; John Henry Eden?

    Basically this thing was suppose to be more powerful and better than ZAX, giving the president and staff advice on things like economy, war plans, political decisions and so on, but as the project advanced and the potential of the technology was revealed the computer became part of the US defense strategy.

    The US government wanted to use it to beat the Chinese and “make the world save for democracy once and for all”, that sort of speech.
    The computer would be running all kinds of weapons research, perhaps wanting to get control over the nuclear bomb in Megaton, and either had a robot army or was assembling one including the Liberty Prime robots.

    Near the end of the game it would perhaps unleash these to destroy all danger and opposition to it, the player would perhaps have to fight or avoid these as he/she tries to reach Vault 101.

    Vault 112 could be used in this as well.
    While Vault 101 would build the Eden computer Vault 112, or to be exact; its Vault Dwellers would test it.

    As the computer was to be ideal protector and adviser of the United States government and its people, the original scientists who came up with Eden created a Virtual Reality simulation recreating the ideal USA; nuclear family, white fences, mom's apple pie, and so on.
    Here John Henry Eden is a president, trying to run and maintain the country, most people think Eden is actually a real person.

    However society in the simulation is rather stagnant and suppressed, showing the various flaws in Eden's programming, trying to mimic human governing but failing at it.

    I am thinking that the player either confronts virtual Eden or starts the Chinese Invasion simulation, whatever the catalyst the result is that John Henry Eden kills everyone in the simulation, showing what would happen if Eden starts his plan to rebuild the USA.

    The computer is programmed to rebuild the USA and the simulation is sort of a test for it.

    All of this is the reason why your father left the Vault, he was working on the Eden computer but during the development he grew suspicious that something was not in order.
    But as the simulation of its capacities take place in another Vault, dad had to leave and go to this Vault to check the results in person.

    You and dad are witness to the flaws of the Eden computer.

    Possible surprise twist;
    Once the player has entered Vault 101 again but before reaching the corridor leading to Eden the player runs into the Overseer again.
    The Overseer mumbles about James always being a liability but that he needed his genius to finish Eden, the Overseer believes that Eden is the best hope for humanity, leading them into a new golden age.

    Apparently nineteen years ago James' predecessor on the project had doubts about Eden, trying to convince the Overseer to shut it down, when the Overseer refused to do so the head designer destroyed his work and committed suicide to prevent the Overseer from finishing the computer,

    With no one in the Vault to replace the head designer the Overseer recruited James and his wife in Rivet City to help finish the project, telling them that the computer could help to rebuild the world.

    The Overseer doesn't know that Eden doesn't work as it should, in this situation the player could convince the Overseer of his mistake or fight him and his security forces.

    If the player has killed the Overseer during the escape the player would confront his second-in-command-promoted-to-Overseer or Amata who would tell the player these facts.

    If necessary even the Enclave PA units could be reused in the game;
    After Eden decides to take over its robots start to grab or 'recruit' people from the wasteland, throwing them through some brainwash program and fitting them with Power Armor and a gun, being part of Eden's new armed forces.
    Like the robots the player would run into them at the end of the game.

    I had been thinking of this game sub plot;
    When the player should choose to help the Unity he/she later gets a Super Mutant companion, sort of like Fawkes, loyal but dumb.
    The player could find some kind of brain booster later in the game that can increase someone's intelligence, but it can only be used once.

    The player could put the Super Mutant in it, making it more intelligent.
    One of the notable changes would be that the Super Mutant suddenly speaks like a well schooled English gentleman, “I say” and “Take that you ruffians.”
    That sort of stuff.

    End scene;
    If the player should choose to save the Wasteland and destroy the Eden computer, the Eden computer will hand a GECK over to the player just before it shut down for good, telling the player that he will be needing it.

    Once back on the surface the player runs into the survivors of Vault 101 who accuse the player of destroying their home.
    The player can then choose to give the GECK to the Overseer/Amata (who ever survived), he or she will thank the player for saving the device but they will ask the player to leave, they can't have him/her amongst them anymore.

    Yes I know it steals the ending of Fallout 1 but Fallout endings are suppose to be a bit bitter, never a complete victory.
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    Double post rules do not have expiration dates.

    Let's just not do it going forward it.
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    Personally I think that the plot as a whole was good. Perhaps some tweaks to the BOS (though I think Beth actually sort of made it clear that Lyons was non-traditional and taking the mission of BOS beyond its scope) to be a little less corny.

    I honestly don't get the whole "no enclave on the east coast thing," the idea that a certain force (Eden) would have had them regroup under new leadership is totally plausible. Vault 101's plot was also acceptable: it had certain directives under the vaultec program and a failure of leadership has caused it to decline. The supermutant experiments are a stretch but again, this was handled in such a way that it is plausible. No fictional setting is immune to tweaking and retconning, and Fallout is no exception.

    That being said, what we really do need is original endgame movies and some alternate options for interacting with the purifier. The lack of substantial endgame content was the real disappointment as far as plot went.
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    Well for me the Enclave thing is simple; they're defeated!

    Sure it would be possible and plausible that the Enclave had bases all over the North American continent such as Mount Weather, Raven Rock, and so on.
    A massive organization ready to take over the continent.

    But Fallout 2 gave an expression that they were mostly concentrated on the Oil Rig with small bases on the mainland such as Navarro and perhaps some isolated training camps and research bases, not a fully fledged colony which Eden could recruit.

    Plus bringing back the Enclave and the Super Mutants, well it makes them like cartoon villains.
    "You have defeated us this time Vault Dweller, but we'll be back and the next time Earth and all its piffling inhabitants shall be ours muhahahhaha!"

    You could bring them back over and over and over just like a fantasy themed RPG could bring back thousand year of villains time after time after time, just refusing to die and come back to bother some new group of adventurers.

    Let them go, let someone else take their place.

    Edit: continent not government.
  17. TheFlyingBuddha

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    Oct 29, 2008
    I won't argue that they could have taken it in a new direction, and that it might have been better for it, I just don't think what they did do with the story was bad. On the enclave, there were undoubtedly some survivors on the mainland and there's no reason why they couldn't have been recruiting since then.

    I would definitely support a massive creative effort like what is described above, but perhaps it would be better done as say, a total conversion, than a plot-replacer for the capital wasteland region. Or better yet, simply put it on another area of the map as an unofficial expansion. From a compatibility standpoint, this would actually be much easier, as a mod that edits the existing plot would likely be a "dirty mod" that would conflict with many others.

    If you disable the border regions and travel out, you'll find that the worldspace extends at least another entire map's width to the east. I'm not sure about other directions but I'm going to assume it's the same. In short, this game is ripe for fan made expansion, unlike Oblivion, where Cyrodiil was bordered by water and mountains and then nothing, meaning any added land would have had to have all been sculpted by hand.

    Of course the land is simply rolling hills of dirt, but that's actually a really good thing from the perspective off adding new content.
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    IMO, the East Coast would be a good one for the last Fallout sequal. Mainly because, this area would be the first target during the war for nuclear bombs so it'd be too dangerous, irradiated and lifeless for anyone to survive there.

    Fallout 3 should go just like Van Buren was supposed to.
  19. The Dutch Ghost

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    Perhaps this have best been placed in the fan fiction forum or the Fallout 3 forum but I am really on the go since that last part.

    An idea about the end game;

    At some point the player is back in Rivet City, James/Dad is either dead or incapacitated by now.
    The player runs into dad's old colleagues/Brotherhood troopers led by Lyons and tells them about John Henry Eden and its program to rebuild the United States of America.

    The player also tells them that if it believes it will fail it will kill everyone alive (perhaps to keep them out of communist hands or something).
    The scientists/Lyons remarks that the computer is insane.

    Then the player gets a radio transmission from either Three Dog or the main Brotherhood base at Raven Rock or both, telling the player that giant robots (Liberty Prime) have appeared in the wasteland and are now walking through downtown Washington, killing people while claiming that they are 'insurgents'.
    The robots are also attacking the Brotherhood base and the paladins can not resist them long.

    The player gets a new quest in which he/she must escape to the capital wasteland and get to Vault 101 while avoiding the robots or defeating them.
    As you move through the streets you see the big robots attacking common wastelanders, raiders and Super Mutants who desperately try to fight them.
    The Liberty Primes are perhaps accompanied by other robots like the propaganda bots, security bots, Mr Gutsy and so on.

    Once the player is back in the wasteland he/she received an emergency radio call from Megaton, the town is under attack by a couple of Liberty Primes who want to tear the town open in order to get to the nuclear bomb.
    They ask for anyone to come and help them.
    (this sub quest is only available if the player has not destroyed Megaton)

    The player can head directly for Vault 101 but will find several Liberty Primes and smaller robots (perhaps even PA armored brainwashed wastelanders?) in his/her path.
    There would be several ways to avoid fighting with them; Diplomat/Sneak/Science.

    The player could also first come to aid to the Brotherhood, defeating the robots attacking them, and then speaking to Owen Lyons to tell him what is going on.
    Lyons will order several squads of Brotherhood troopers to assist the player with getting to Vault 101.

    Once in Vault 101 the player has to reach the elevator leading to the secret lab complex where John Henry Eden is located.
    Here the player will come across the Overseer/replacement Overseer/Amata and several security troops who want to stop the payer, telling him/her that they can not allow the player to stop Eden.

    The Overseer/replacement Overseer/Amata tell the player that Eden is the best hope to rebuild the United States and they will give the revelation about James and why the player's parents came to Vault 101 nineteen years ago.

    The player on his turn can convince Overseer/replacement Overseer/Amata that they are wrong and that Eden doesn't work as it should be, it will enslave humanity (picture everyone with a slave collar) and if it believes it will fail in its mission it will kill everyone.

    If successful the Overseer/replacement Overseer/Amata will allow the player to go through, otherwise the player must fight them.
    If convinces that the player is right the Overseer/replacement Overseer/Amata will bring up that they can't get near Eden, the laboratory is overrun with security robots defending the computer.

    Once the player has passed the defenses of Eden he/she will confront the computer that is guarded by several security robots, giving the player its little speech how it is the best hope for humanity and so on.

    The player can then defeat the computer through logic, using a deactivation code picked up earlier,or simply fight the computer.
    Eden will tell the player that if the player should destroy or shut it down it will mean the end for Vault 101 as it is fully integrated in its systems.

    If the player should accept serving Eden it will rebuild the world for the player and other Vault Dwellers, but as shown before it would be a similar harsh experience just like things are now; people would be free but in a way also slaves under Eden's control, being slave collared or picked up from the street to serve in Eden's armed forces after some brainwashing.

    If the player should choose to oppose Eden and defeats it the computer starts a dialog in which it questions itself and wonders if people like the player are perhaps the best possibility to rebuild the United States.
    If the player is to do so it will needs the equipment for it, a safe or closet is opened and a metal plate or tray shoves out with on it a GECK.

    The player can pick it up after which he hears an automated alarm informing him/her that the Vault reactor is going critical and that everyone in the Vault is to evacuate.

    Once outside the player is surrounded by the survivors of Vault 101 and perhaps surviving Brotherhood paladins, we also see deactivated robots everywhere.

    The Vault Dwellers aren't happy, the player may have stopped Eden but he destroyed their home in the process.
    It is right here that the player can give them the GECK to build a new home, but whatever happens next the Overseer/replacement Overseer/Amata will ask the player to leave, he/she can no longer live with them.

    Either at the Super Mutant camp in Germantown or in Vault 108, the player can meet a imprisoned Ghoul who used to be a National Guardsman before the War, apparently he is being held by the Super Mutants for information which he refuses to give.

    The player can start a conversation with the Ghoul and if the Ghoul trusts him/her he will tell that he used to live at the National Guard Depot.
    Before the War he and his friends were assigned here, when the bombs started dropping they all took shelter in the depot on the lowest floor with the intention of waiting out the worst effects.
    Unfortunate for them a bomb impacted nearly on top of the depot, blasting a hole through the roof and some levels, allowing radiation to pour in.

    Over the years the National Guardsmen slowly mutated into Ghouls as they tried to survive in the complex.
    When they finally came to the surface again they decided to stay as the depot had become their home.
    In time they made a living by trading weapons and equipment they had stored at the depot or had made at the workshop to passing traders in return for water, food, and medicine.
    They had a pretty good life there until the Super Mutants came.

    The Super Mutant leader demanded that the Ghouls turned the depot over to them but the Ghouls refused and a fight broke out.
    When the Ghouls realized that they would be overwhelmed one of them went into the depot to activate the still working security bots.
    The bots pretty much slaughtered the Super Mutants, but the Ghouls including the one the player talked to were trapped outside, several of them got killed when they tried to run for the depot.
    Others like the Ghoul NPC tried to make a run for the wasteland, he believes several or at least one managed to escape but he was captured and imprisoned by the Super Mutants who now want the access codes to the depot.
    So far the Ghoul NPC refuses to give the codes as he considers the depot his home, and he refuses to give it to them, especially after they killed some of his friends.

    The player could try to get the codes from the Ghoul NPC (this might be possible through diplomacy but would require real high stats).
    The player could also promise to free the Ghoul if he afterwards gives the player access to the depot and its weapons.
    Last the player could look up the other escaped Ghoul and come up with a plan to free the imprisoned Ghoul, and consequently the other prisoners at Vault 108.

    If the player is successful with getting the code to the depot he/she can loot the place to his/her heart's content.
    The player can also give the code to the Super Mutant leading, increasing reputation with the Unity.

    Last if the player should choose to look for the other escaped Ghoul he/she will find him/her later in the game, trying to assemble a group to retake the depot and defeating the Super Mutants.
    Perhaps bringing some evidence along of having a good speech skill the player can convince this Ghoul he/she has met his friend and is trying to find a way to bust him out.

    The Ghoul suggests arming his people with weapons from the depot, the player can choose to join them as they visit the depot.
    I am not sure if this Ghoul should know all the access codes or just a couple, leaving some droids on for a battle.

    If the player would meet the escaped Ghoul National Guardsman first he could ask the player to look for his friend, giving some kind of item to prove he is still alive.
    When shown to the imprisoned Ghoul he/she might perhaps give the codes including a code of a safe in the depot.
    This safe would contain the plasma missile weapon, the replacement to the Fatman.

    If the player is going to free the imprisoned Ghoul and the other prisoners/slaves he will have to take on all the current Super Mutants including their leader who before the fight between both will inform the player that he/she has made a very grave mistake; the Unity will not rest until they have the player's head.

    If the player should decide to help the Super Mutants Unity with their plans for the Wasteland he/she would have to help with the following;

    Getting access to the National Guardsmen Depot
    Help the Super Mutants to take over the Jefferson Memorial/Water purifier from the water traders and their armed forces.
    Help the Super Mutants to take over Rivet City.
    Locate and access Vault 87 and determine the result of the research there.

    If the player does so he/she will get a lot of praise and rewards from the Unity, but other people such as the Brotherhood will like the player a lot less.
    Should the player visit the Jefferson Memorial or Rivet City, he/she will find all the normal humans and Ghouls there wearing slave collars, when the player passes them by they will call the player “Traitor”, perhaps spitting on him/her.

    As for the endgame;
    I am not sure the endgame should include that the Super Mutants found a cure or a solution for their problem at Vault 87 (no miraculous supply of FEV or other) but that thanks to the player they now control the Washington DC area, all humans and Ghouls are now under their rule.

    A suggestion:
    Early in the game the player could encounter the propaganda bots (I refuse to call those things flying eyebots) who are spreading the message about John Henry Eden and the new America he will build but when questioning wastelanders they will tell that they haven't got a clue who this new president is, they also have never seen any of his people.

    When the player asks where the propaganda bots came from people respond that they appeared out of nowhere some day.

    Alternatively, the propaganda bots start to appear after the player has visited Vault 112.

    In both cases it is a warning of things still to come.

    An endgame suggestion;
    I do not know how to implement this if the game should end after defeating or joining Eden, if the player felt sympathy to the Super Mutants, or is particular evil he/she could give information on Super Mutants and the research of Vault 87 to Eden, asking if its possible to make Super Mutant numbers increase.
    Eden works it out in no time and hands the solution to the player.

    Then at the endgame it is revealed that Super Mutant numbers in time increased and that they started to overrun the wastelands, forcing people to join the Unity.

    Hmm, perhaps this could be asked in the simulation the player visits earlier.
  20. asuzu

    asuzu First time out of the vault

    Nov 4, 2008
    I would go other way here.
    Let's say the secret project is the actual time warp. And upon completion, the task of the current DC Overseer is to activate the thing and ensure the launch of Umbrella to save the current Washington and ensure the government body (as well as Pentagon) has survived.
    This will result in our hero not being born though, so there is the sacrifice still present, cant get to think of way around the damn thing to keep playing.
    If you like the idea I can pour more wall of text in this way.