The perfect starting role?

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    I don't know how to word that better, but, we can all agree that vault dweller is getting pretty bland by now. People liked tribal, prisoner, and courier, but what other roles would be great for a new Fallout game to start you as?

    I'll start by saying that a slave would be a great role. Slaves are generally media deprived and only know what is within the area their slaver puts them in. So it would work for a story where the player is supposed to be clueless as to what's happening in the world.

    Although, I don't know what a great role would be for someone who should know what's going on in the world, like a courier.

    Remember, there are no bad answers.
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    The Farmhand: you start the game (or mod, as I imagined it) working on a ranch and is the center stage for the main conflict of the plot. You already have the PIP Boy in the beginning and like the Courier, part of the player's back story is set in stone. While they can role play how they got the "protagonist device", it's map already reveals a few locations. These are places The Farmhand frequently visits, and so people know him or her, and his or her Reputations with these communities are preset. Hopefully, players see it as a boost to their role playing when doing Quests.

    The Raider: you start the game as a raider that hunts down a weary Vault Dweller. The intro is a tutorial as you subdue him in anyway you wish. A cut scene plays of you standing over your prey, and donning their PIP Boy. The main theme for this game would revolve around redemption or justifying the raider lifestyle or something ... Nuka World is my favorite Fallout 4 DLC.

    The Overseer: I know the point of this thread to avoid being a Vault Dweller but it's something I realized about Fallout 4. The Sole Survivor should have been the Overseer of Vault 111. This change of title would improve Fallout 4's theme of being a leader, and maybe justify why the game beings during the Pre War era. Maybe instead of being admitted into the Vault because of their service to America, the player won a cereal box top contest (as a joke). They won not only their survival in the Vault, but won the position of the Vault's Overseer.

    The Witness: not thought out at all. The name just sounds cool.

    A good idea is to make the player moniker something all NPCs would call the player. Or go with "the rule of cool" as people say. Also, to imitate the Courier, just take a job you'd see in the Wasteland and have that be the player moniker.
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    I think a combination of slave and prisoner could be fun.

    Your character is enslaved and put to work in a post-apocalyptic chain gang, working on some project for a faction. Could be anything from a petty raider tribe using you for fodder or a larger organized faction sending you to work in a mine. Your opening sequence is your escape, colluding with a fellow inmate who dies and tells you of something to seek in freedom, like a buried personal treasure.

    You'd have total freedom of backstory with the sole exception that at some point you got captured by this faction before setting off into the world. For fun you could even have a villain who tracks down escaped slaves looking for you.