The top 50 video game moments

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  1. B5C

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    Sep 1, 2008
    Same here! One of my favorite GameCube game I ever played. Also great on the list is Psychonauts! I love the Milk Man story.
  2. Unkillable Cat

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    Jan 5, 2004
    Generally, I can't find anything wrong with that list, except for the SimCity one. Something which only happens in one version of the game isn't exactly something I would put on a top list of anything. At least not positive.

    Several moments I would put in the list:

    Doom: Meeting the Cyberdemon for the first time. Just hearing his footsteps was enough to make me shiver. His appearance didn't make things any better. Neither did the missiles...

    Full Throttle: "Do you know what would look good on your nose?" One of the best "tough-guy" moments I've ever seen.

    Anachronox: It's actually quite hard to pick one single moment from this game, as there were so many great ones, but the big one is learning exactly how Fatima died and what Boots went through to save (what was left of) her.
  3. McRae

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    Dec 9, 2007
    You can enter in the BOS thanks to "lockpick" and take a power armor by force.

    I love the Hub, the Glow, the Brotherhood, the... just kill me. I kinda love the whole Fallout.
  4. TwinkieGorilla

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    Oct 19, 2007
    welllllll.....while definitely not my favorite part of the game, when playing it (in fact i dread this part 'til this day) it really IS that first moment where you're actually sitting there like..."wtf? really? shit. shit! ahhhh, fuck. well, fine then....let's get to it."

    'least that's how i felt the first few times i played it. it's funny, and i guess relevant to the discussion...there aren't a whole lot of games these days that really make me feel that way.

    sort of like the haunted house in Bloodlines (which even the other day made me jump out of my fucking chair when that ghost-bitch in the basement runs across the screen, screaming) where you're just biting yr fucking nails like "ok, ok! advance the plot, etc...let's move on!" yet loving every minute of it. hehe. ahhhh, the good ol' days.

    EDIT: yes, in fact...i did read the OP and skip everybody elses' posts (more or less). so yeah, i'm talking about The Glow. stfu.
  5. Daemon Spawn

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    May 15, 2003
    My favorite moments in gaming were:

    1. Purchasing Fallout 2, riding my bicycle home and installing it.

    2. Ravel Puzzlewell: "what can change the nature of a man?" Probably the best game ever made right there.

    The Glow really was spectacular though. Best location in Fallout 1. Ah, nostalgia, thou art sweet, yet cruel.
  6. JESUS

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    Aug 19, 2008
    The only thing i hated about the Glow was the first time i went there, i stared at that fucking hole for ages and had to turn around and go back to the Hub to buy a rope. :?
  7. Matt K

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    Jul 16, 2008
    I played Fallout a while ago (and only once or twice at that) but I cannot remember ever going to the glow. I think I got radiated and just figured screw this. I guess I'll have to replay it sometime soon. Right now though I'm playing Bloodlines (first time) and just finished the Haunted House. Man, I didn't jump much but there were some real creepy part to it.
  8. ph00k!

    ph00k! First time out of the vault

    Aug 23, 2008
    the haunted orphanage in Thief 3... that seriously f)@!(*# me up lol... so scary... can honestly say i was never so terrified, other than when I first played system shock 2 (when i was like 15) and got attacked by a groaning monster with a pipe

    bloodlines - the facial expression in character models was just great in that game. also the twist in consequences of saving heather the ghoul in the hospital.. you think you're doing a good thing by feeding her your blood to clean up her wounds but she ends up getting addicted to your blood and giving everything up, even her college funds! haha... wonder if any of those pleasant hidden surprises will be in F3... not particularly holding my breath.

    also in bloodlines, I remember sneaking into an apartment block and gaining access to a computer in the basement which was connected to cameras hooked into people's bathrooms to spy on them... perfectly twisted. Later on, you can actually enter vents which allow you to sneak to those bathroom areas. Such good attention to detail, even for a buggy game, heh.

    Other Great moments:
    - double crossing every family in New Reno in F2, and capping it off by busting a nut in Mrs. Bishop (sorry her daughter was too diseased to touch)

    - the first time i saw the ending montage in F2.... 'what, my actions really meant something???'... learning about what happened after I played gave me a real kick

    - i am just playing F1 for the first time now after 10 years of replaying F2 over and over again. Gotta say the Glow is really great in making you feel uneasy
  9. ivpiter

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    Jun 26, 2007
    I was a tad underwhelmed by that list; admittedly coming up with 50 memorable moments is tough, much less 50 worthy of note. I do know of a few that I think may qualify.

    Arcanum: The prophesy is total bullshit. I didn’t fully solve the Pinarii religion quest until after several times through and when I finally did, wow.

    Planescape Torment: The variation of experience, a description for each drink, a spice seller with each flavor described and the sesnorium.

    Pool of Radiance (SSI Gold Box): My God! A World Map! I must have been 40 hours into the game when I finally left the city to discover a massive world map. Blew me away.

    System Shock 2: The original ‘Bioshock’ story twist and I was enthralled by it’s execution.
    The Longest Journey: When the little ol’ lady and her pet bird chat. Well done.

    Ultima 7: Just about everything, in particular though following the mayor of Britian around and discovering his vices. The ability to engage in the same vice with the same sex... and a unicorn that would know!

    Ultima Underworld 2: The Ice Caverns – Like the Glow it was storytelling via showing and it was a haunting location.

    Half-Life: That tram-ride into the Black Mountain complex was magnificent.

    Baldur’s Gate: The only known example of a giant miniature space hamster. *squeak*

    Wasteland: Killing the kid’s dog. I can still remember that sense of overwhelming unfairness.

    Fallout 2: Trying to help the lady in the box in Vault City. For some reason I found this hysterically funny.

    Fallout: The whole thing. And that Intro… near to perfect as I could imagine.
  10. taag

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    Aug 30, 2008
    Two things equally surprised me in Fallout 1: First was Gizmo's graphic death and leaving his corpse to flies and maggots - a satisfying fate the fat bastard deserved. Second was my first visit to the Brotherhood of Steel. I was shocked to find a group possessing such advanced technology in a world barely surviving. Their "we care only for ourselves" motto only enhanced that experience.

    I am still saddened to see how BoS as an organization was "raped" starting from Fallout 2 onward in every sequel and spin-off.
  11. Corak

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    Aug 24, 2008
    The glow is perfectly right for me! I remember that i ignored the radiation the first time i played it thinking i got 'plenty' of rad aways and that they will do the trick. After all the BoS send me there.. hehe.. bastards.
    I spend sooo long down there playing chess with the poor AI (Zack?) doomed to stay there forever lonely. And looting all the cool stuff.
    I think the chess was the part I regretted the most not being abel to do it and live, when i died after a second of the worldmap.
  12. UncannyGarlic

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    Feb 6, 2008
    Indeed, it shows yet again why any list over ten is a bad one. It doesn't help that he isn't exactly consistant, listing exploits, codes, and moments all mixed together.
  13. Sytxferryman

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    Mar 14, 2005
    They will probably have something similar in a Bethesda version... and it will be out two months after the release of F3... $15.95 for a CD or $10.95 for a one time download.

    (On a serious note, who do they really think doesn't groan when they do that "pay for content that should have been in the f*n game already" crap? I bet even the people working for them groan when they hear about it to)

    EDIT: As for the Dark Brotherhood being the "Best RPG line yadda yadda... whatever" One word... no. The best in Oblivion, quite possibly. I would be split on that and the Mad God (Sheogonad...whatever is his name) island mod. Dark brotherhood was the only time they didn't completely hold your hand and change your depends through the game, they only pointed you in the direction and held a neon sign over the target this time. The main fun point of the brotherhood was you could kill things the way you want... unlike the rest of the game, now it is without consequences.
  14. zioburosky13

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    Jun 24, 2004
    Without a doubt, the freedom to convince the Master his plan is doomed is a memorable and tragic moment in Fallout. What other games allow you to tell the final boss his plan is flaw and later on decides to end his life?

    Also my pick:
    Arcanum - spending 4000 coins on a dread armor at Shrouded hill only to find out the butt ugly outfit made me laughed so hard. :lol:

    Starcraft - the first Zerg rush of Terran campaign. :shock:

    The Sims - Watching your sim died due to having zero cooking skill and killed by a fire he/she started when trying to make a meal.

    No One Lives Forever 2 - the tornado fight.

    Doom 2 - first encounter with the Archville. Died after getting 1 hit by its fire attack.
  15. Joervol

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    Jul 15, 2008
    I can't really pick something as "the best" of the fallout series. Seriously now i liked pretty much everything on these 2 games...

    Things that stood out however were the glow and the military base in fo2. The holodisks actually that you could find there. I liked the story of how the enclave went there and then they had to seal it shut again or the whole story of the glow.

    Another cool location that unfortunately i didn't give it so much attention as it required, was the secret base one of the drag families in New Reno in fo2 send you to. I can't recall the name right now... It was nice and plus if i remember correctly you couldn't complete it if you didn't have a high science skill, which unfortunately few of my characters did :(
  16. Alphadrop

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    Aug 21, 2008
    Ze Sierra Army Depot.

    You can get pretty far into it without a science skill. Forcefields can be disabled with traps skill or repair skill (or both) and explosives which gets rid of most of the barriers to it.
    Don't think skynet needs a high science skill either, just no mucking up getting the parts.
  17. zim

    zim First time out of the vault

    Jul 20, 2008
    I would remember walking around in the cathedral with the nuclear key in my pocket, and also picking up the brain of my not so useful wife in order to build a bot in the sierra army depot.
  18. aenemic

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    Jun 4, 2008
    the most memorable moments in a Fallout game are all in Fallout 2 for me since I played that one first (in no particular order):

    - first time I got a gory death animation.

    - finding Vault 13.

    - reaching Vault City.

    - exploring the military base.

    - getting the car.

    - stealing the Bozar.

    - reaching Navarro.

    some highlights for me in Fallout 1:

    - the Glow, of course.

    - being accepted into BoS.

    - the whole Master part.

    - the Hub, one of my favorite cities in any rpg.
  19. Public

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    May 18, 2006
    And you've been radiated on the way :D

    Yeah, this part should be on the list. I'm not sure if I finished The Haunted House properly, but I don't remember, did I help that little girl? Or not? :/
  20. Matt K

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    Jul 16, 2008
    I think in the end you only end up getting the item so the ghost can be removed from the building. Otherwise, it seemed to just be a creepy look at what happened deal. BTW, I loved the ghostly flames and the dropping elevator took me by surprise especially since I wasn't really getting hurt during the previous parts of the level.