This is unbelievable

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    This is believable

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Jan-22-00 AT 04:08AM (GMT)[p]There are lots of organisations with the same initials.

    NBA could be the National Basketball Association, as well as the recording label Nuclear Blast America, which produces In Flames, Stormtroopers of Death, and (I think) HammerFall.

    NPA could be No Pokémon Allowed, but it could also be the evil "Non-Partisan" Association which happens to have an iron-fisted grip on my town as we speak. There's also a computer company called NPA West.

    NMA also happens to be the National Mining Association,
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    >There are lots of organisations with
    >the same initials.
    >NBA could be the National Basketball
    >Association, as well as the
    >recording label Nuclear Blast America,
    >which produces In Flames, Stormtroopers
    >of Death, and (I think)
    >NPA could be No Pokémon Allowed,
    >but it could also be
    >the evil "Non-Partisan" Association which
    >happens to have an iron-fisted
    >grip on my town as
    >we speak. There's also a
    >computer company called NPA West.
    >NMA also happens to be the
    >National Mining Association,

    Non-partisan and it controls your town.. hmm.. almosts sounds like an oxymoron.

    I guess it is non-partisan because it has a fascist-like grip on the town, thus any opposing party/ideal is "dealt" with.


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    Exactly. N/T.

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