This might not be the most blasphemous game anymore...

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    With Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

    Even though PoS really did suck and the lore was horrible, it did ape a popular formula at the time...just like Tactics and 76 really. The more things change the more war stays the same.


    Nah, it is still really bad, but fuck I might replay it.
  2. ironmask

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    Mar 10, 2018
    Nah fallout: brotherhood of steel is still worse than F4 and F76. It's still the game that killed fallout, interplay, and black isle. If this game was never made, we would of gotten Van Buren and it might of been the game that saved the company from financial trouble. Not to mention the extremely dumbass decision to make a sequel.
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    I think Tactics killed it in a way by fracturing the fanbase before it could be fully established as a CRPG. Even though I like the game, it caused a huge uproar in the community. I guess my point is the series was doomed from the start much like X-Com. X-Com popularized a genre, then they rushed out the quick sequel which was essentially the same game. After that they tried something different every time with Apocalypse, Interceptor, Enforcer I think it was called...

    I think when it comes to games you should wait at least 4 titles in before you start pumping out spinoffs otherwise you wear out the welcome of the series.
  4. Beardy Unixer

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    Apr 24, 2018
    The best thing about Fallout 3 is it means I'm no longer an outcast for liking Tactics. I'm not sure we're there yet, but it is inevitable that the decline will continue to the stage where it's okay to like PoS too.
  5. Pwener

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    Aug 15, 2017
    So basically, what you're saying is, the more Fallout entries Bethesda makes, the more we will love the classics to the point of liking this abomination?

    Yeah, yeah, I can see that happening.
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    I would upvote but this sub-forum is so abominable we can't upvote here. It is that old and abandoned.
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    I am divided on which one I find worse; Fallout 3, Fallout 4, FOBOS. I have not played Fallout 76 so I can't judge that but it is very unlikely I will play it.
    Fallout Tactics IMO is above all these three but not as good as Fallout 1 and 2, and Fallout New Vegas.

    Technically I should find 3 and 4 better but FOBOS I can actually start and finish while I can't be bothered with Fallout 3 any more and I am really not interested in finishing Fallout 4 and its genuine DLCs because I am just so bored with these two.
    Even if I would like to play the Pitt again or Point Lookout I just can't be bothered with going through Fallout 3's campaign first, even if I put in all kinds of mods. (which I did and the game would not even start any more)

    It is dumb but I would rather see FOBOS remade but fixing all the lore consistencies, rewrite the dialogue, and improve the gameplay than play a remastered Fallout 3.

    Years ago when I played Shadowgrounds I became interested in the idea of a TC with a campaign following up on Fallout Tactics, or one set around the time of FNV with the player assuming the role of a Ranger in NCR territory, facing bandits, remnants of the Unity, the BOS (the BOS-NCR war) with which the player could make some peace with, and having to prevent a military coup by NCR hardliners using weapons retrieved from Area 51.

    It wouldn't be a RPG anything like Fallout 1 and 2 or an action rpg like FNV, just an action-adventure with upgrades.
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    I tend to agree. It seems in time Fallout 3 will only be played with New Vegas through Tale of Two Wastelands anyway.

  9. TheKingofVault14

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    Jul 5, 2022
    I'm just gonna post some of these pics/memes on here, because they seem pretty fitting for the theme and title of the thread. :)

    We've got some Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel vs Fallout: 76 action going on over here! :]

    IMG_20210219_170029_753.jpg IMG_20210808_112055_054.jpg IMG_20210217_122519_322.jpg IMG_20210805_134010_070.jpg IMG_20211217_170027_670.jpg IMG_20210810_110023_579.jpg

    BOS > 76
  10. william dempsey

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    Jan 23, 2022
    My only comment would be that Ruby seems to have huge tittens. Very much so I am likings big chested ladies. I was only influenced by myself when I never bothered with BOS, Tactics or 76 although I did buy tactics so I can play ' The Sum ' mod which is being made by an artist guy who used his loaf (brain head) and was awarded art grants, clever lad, like his style.
  11. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    Nah, I'll take Bethesda's attempts any day then go back to BOS.
    With all their faults, and the disregard to basic lore, there's at least an attempt in Fallout 3/4 to make a game. As much as I shit on F4, there's fun to be had in terms of an open sandbox.

    Heck, I put more hour into BOS than 76, but even I admit 76 is the better game. 76 is only as bad as other games of the same nature.
    BOS is honestly dull and a chore to play. It tried way too hard to follow on from the first game with the Vault Dweller and it has that crappy Nu Metal soundtrack which has aged about as well as puked up milk.
    The whole game is a shell from start to finish.
  12. TorontoReign

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    76 might be better than BOS but that is because they did not do BOS the way they did Dark Alliance.
  13. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Did you play Dark Alliance Toront?
  14. TorontoReign

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    I did on the PS2 with an old army buddy. It was pretty good (with a friend) whereas BOS was just something I made myself play until I stopped.
  15. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    I think a Dark Alliance style Fallout game could have been done well, but it would have required a more dedicated team than the one that worked on it.
    I played DA1 long after FBOS and I was very surprised to see in what small ways it was so much better than FBOS. Just seeing the characters being animated during conversations.
  16. TorontoReign

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    It's obvious when a dev just licenses some shitty metal music for the soundtrack how much effort was put into it. Baldur's Gate likely had more quality control. POS reminds me of a PS1 game actually quality wise. Not sure how to explain it other than it makes me think of Steel Harbinger.
  17. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    I played "BG: Dark Alliance" so much back in the day that I beat the darn game lots of times, unlocked Drizzt (or whatever he's called, I could never spell it properly) and beat the game with him several times too.

    As a D&D player, I hated that spellcasters could use the heaviest armors without any penalty, but the game was fun and I didn't have many PS2 games back then, so I played the hell out of it.
  18. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    I get the feeling that a lot of the resources in FBOS were recycled from DA or taken from other games like for example the Super Mutants that use axes. It was most clearly noticeable in the cutscenes as among material taken from other media I also saw parts of Fallout Tactics.
  19. TheKingofVault14

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    Jul 5, 2022
    Yep, in the intro of the game they used a lot of stock footage from Fallout 1, 2, and even Tactics.
    Oh and here's a fun fact:
    At the end of the intro for Fallout: BOS when it shows Cyrus, Nadia, & Cain staring off into the distance from the cliff, it's actually the same cliff seen in Fallout Tactics concept art, and was later used as a loading screen for the game.

    Check it!
  20. TorontoReign

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    That is a cool easter egg! Kinda makes sense since the game ties into Tactics the most.