Tim Cain joins Obsidian Entertainment

Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by WorstUsernameEver, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. WorstUsernameEver

    WorstUsernameEver But best title ever!

    May 28, 2010
    Man, those NMA guys sure are fanatic assholes.
  2. Makagulfazel

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    Jun 14, 2007
    Heh. Truthfully, though, it is kinda funny to look back in retrospect of some of the things I was so concerned about:

    "A fuckin' active atomic bomb in the middle of a town?!"

    Play through Fallout 2 - oh hi Anna and (if you played the restoration project) primitive tribe ghosts.

    Never read that interview before, though. Spanks for the link.
  3. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    But just because Fallout 2 has lots of stupid crap, it isn't an excuse for follow up games to do the same.
  4. TwinkieGorilla

    TwinkieGorilla This ghoul has seen it all

    Oct 19, 2007
    Fallout 2 also transcended its stupid crap. Also, its "stupid crap" was, if you were down for the ride, actually pretty well-written and funny stuff.

    It was not [Intelligence] stupid.
  5. Serge 13

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    Jul 20, 2006
    Count me in as one of the people who enjoyed the shit out of Fallout 2's "Stupid Crap".
  6. Faceless Stranger

    Faceless Stranger Board Drifter

    Aug 19, 2010
    Ah, if only we could go back and warn them 8-)
  7. Sub-Human

    Sub-Human -

    May 31, 2011
    To be honest, Fallout 2's stupid crap is what made me like it.
  8. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    That's really, really weak.
  9. .Pixote.

    .Pixote. Antediluvian as Feck

    Sep 14, 2009
    Can someone please list all of the stupid crap in Fallout 2 - (I can't be bothered doing a search)...was it Myron, or New Reno (which had some of the best characters in the game - Mr Bishop, Jules, Renesco), was it the Shi, or Hubologists, yeah they were both a bit silly, I accept the game could have done without them. But overall the game was pretty solid and I can live with the imperfections. 8-)

    Now the F2 weapons are a different issue...
  10. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    What about talking plants and talking deathclaws and talking radscorpions and not to forget talking rats?
  11. TwinkieGorilla

    TwinkieGorilla This ghoul has seen it all

    Oct 19, 2007
    What? Why? Because people aren't supposed to have humor in videogames? What humor it had it executed well. It was fun and funny. Yes, in doing so it veered too far away from the tone of the first game. But that is about as harsh as you can be about it.

    Fallout 2 was my first full game of Fallout played and beaten, and I didn't love it despite the "stupid crap", as Sub Human just posted...I loved it because of it.

    After time went by and I'd played both games extensively I came to appreciate Fallout 1 as the better game because of the absence of the "stupid crap". This, however, doesn't change the fact that I still love Fallout 2 because of it.
  12. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    I have absolutly nothing against humor in games, not even in Fallout. But for me, Fallout 2 has been - in times - just over the top for what I find okay in Fallout, when it comes to funny stuff.

    And that's as harsh as I am about it.

    I just don't like that various people assume that Fallout is all about lulz and humor and that every future Fallout game must have lulzy crap or it isn't a Fallout game.
  13. C2B

    C2B Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Aug 17, 2010
    Not to mention it didn't make a lot of sense. I like lulzy stuff in my Fallout actually. But it still has to make sense in the setting itself. Sadly this wasn't the case at times in F2.

    I enjoyed a lot more of the "lulzy" stuff in F:NV (and Add-Ons) than I did in F2 for this reason.
  14. warsaw

    warsaw Still Mildly Glowing

    Dec 1, 2008
    I prefer goofy things that make sense (talking deathclaws) as opposed to stupid things that don't (little lamplight).
  15. WorstUsernameEver

    WorstUsernameEver But best title ever!

    May 28, 2010
    Talking deathclaws are hardly the worst offenders in Fallout 2, and mind you, it's my favorite Fallout title.

    EDIT: That's not to say that the first title didn't have lulzy stuff, it just was a lot more measured in how it used it.
  16. Sub-Human

    Sub-Human -

    May 31, 2011
    I don't see what's wrong with talking deathclaws; one of my biggest concerns was the Shi. These Chinese were the early 2000s Jackie Chan wannabie Chinatown gangsters instead of Fallout commies. I mean, I didn't see any communists *at all*. What the hell? Am I playing Fallout, or some LULZ fest?

    Nevertheless, the humor in Fallout 2 still added a brighter color to the game. Sometimes too serious games (much like books, movies etc.) annoy the shit out of me. They should have a few actually worthy jokes.
  17. Wretched Flamingo

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    Feb 14, 2010
    Don't you mean Sierra?
  18. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    why do people have so many issues with talking death claws ?
  19. lmao

    lmao It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Apr 29, 2005
    I'm probably biased because I have such a long history with FO2 (and when I first played it in 1998, I was 11, so I fell in love with it before I was capable of thinking critically about it), but I have almost nothing bad to say about it, "stupid crap" included. I think the difference between the "stupid crap" in FO2 vs. the actual crap in FO3 is you never got the sense that FO2 was taking itself so SERIOUSLY. It's very tongue-in-cheek, vs. Little Lamplight or Big Town or any of the other horrible design elements in FO3 that are so bad they're embarrassing. Almost none of the sillier things in Fallout 3 were meant as a joke.
  20. Surf Solar

    Surf Solar So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Aug 20, 2009
    But what if people actually want games to "take themself serious" and stay within tone? Fallout 2 was like a fucking themepark in that regard. I don't see how a town of kungfu people, hubologists etc. are any better than the stupid shit from FO3. Shit is shit, no matter how long you look at it.

    Not saying Fallout 2 is a bad game, but shit like this makes me never really replaying the game to a point where I just can't stand that stuff anymore. It was clearly visible on which areas/ideas the original Fallout guys worked on, and where not.