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    Vault Idea 1 - Vault with an entire population of mentally ill people.

    Vault Idea 2 - Vault with an entire population of addicts, a machine that creates an unlimited supply of drugs, and no drugs or equipment for treating addiction.

    Vault Idea 3 - Vault with originally two people in it a man and a woman who are brother and sister. They have everything all other control vaults are supposed to have, entertainment, everything. Set to open 250 years after the war.

    Vault Idea 4 - The Vault is divided into two sections. Two overseers, who each controls their own section. Each section has everything for one vault, a living center, a reactor, entertainment center, etc. However, everything that generates the resources is between both sections of the vault, and the machinery that generates the resources for the vault only has enough resources for one side of the vault. Both sides of the vault are also supplied with a surplus amount of weapons, however in the manual it stated these weapons were to defend from "anything trying to get into the vault". Even the Overseers are aware that there is an experiment, they were told the experiment was to see monitor a vault which was segregated into two sides. However they were told that there would be enough resources for both sides of the vault. The engineers of the vault purposely engineered the machinery which gives the vault its resources (water, electricity, etc.) to short out and only work at 50% efficiency 3 months after the vault was set to close.

    Vault Idea 5 - A different type of control vault. This vault is styled to have the residents living the life of the average patriotic, happy, middle-class america. TVs in every room with an extremely large collection of old pre-war movies and shows. A baseball and football field with teams. High schools in the vault, two different ones. Equipment and supplies to make old american foods, such as apple pies, blanco mac and cheese, etc. Instead of an Overseer, the vault has a President, Vice President, a Senate, and a Supreme Court. Almost everything which heavily supplies pre-war American culture is in the vault. The vault even uses American pre-war currency to live. It has grocery stores, work places, movie theaters, diners etc. It is one of the largest vaults in America. The vault has 3,500 residents and never opens. To be sure that the vault never opens, the door was built with a security system and five times heavier than other vault doors. Noone can drill in or out of it, and noone can open the door. The vault has enough resources, equipment, and machinery to last 10,000 years. Just in case something breaks down, the vault was supplied with enough equipment to replace all the machinery 50 times (50 water chips, etc.) In case something happens that the vault cant fix, the vault was supplied with three emergency G.E.C.K.s which were designed to be used inside the vault.
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    Vault whatever number:

    A Semi-Private Vault, paid for by and made for a rather wealthy zone of some city. It has the best equipment money could buy, contracted staff for education and maintenance staff, people living in it where free from being in some kind of whacky experiment as they paid Vault Tec to make them a luxury fallout Shelter. But the experiment Happened by itself. Months, years, decades of basically being given everything by machines an "lowly" people made the residents rather lazy and physicaly weak. Going outside seemed more and more dangerous to them, even when they had Full defense equipment. Their machines needed people knowing how to maintain them but, as stated previously, they had grown rather complacent and lazy. They also fear their inmune systems have grown too weak to the outside enviorment.

    Thus this makes them start a training regime for the stronger members of their society to go out and try to talk, or force any outside person they find into working for them, Using envirormental suits, Defense Robots and their Expensive guns. Some towns are lured with the promise of food and protection, while others are outright enslaved to work for them.

    This Vault has GECKS, Water lines, and more food supplies they need.

    The people under their work congregate around the entrance of the Vault, Tending to their gardens, serving as a form of safety perimeter for them, and helping with relations with other factions. While the slaves are kept inside the dungeon like basements, maintaining machines, mining for useful minerals and the like, a lot of them are born into the life, and the rather harsh conditions mean they tend to be born with deformities.

    The Vault itself works as a Kind of Goverment Building and the Housing of first class citizens, pasty, weak, extremely spoiled first class citizens..

    Well that's just an idea.
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    Some other Vault ideas, perhaps it has been mentioned before in some form but I honestly have not copied any ideas

    Vault ##: people with low skill levels were on purpose selected to form the community of this Vault.
    Educational material, both books and computer files were also on purpose limited to the basics.

    Instead if the inhabitants had a question on how for example to operate, repair or modify the systems of their Vault, they could ask it to the main Vault computer who would give them information and any necessary schematics amongst other subjects.

    Scientists wanted to see how a community of average people would deal with a situation in which important and essential knowledge is almost completely absent and has to be learned all over again.
    Still some sources like the computer records were left and it was speculated that the Vault Dwellers would record any information learned from the computer or discovered on their own to compile a new pool of knowledge.

    While some Vault Dwellers did attempt to do so in general the knowledge and skill level of the community started to decline as they could always ask the computer of what they should do next.

    When the computer started to develop errors due to the passage of time as well as attempts by individuals to manipulate computer records some of the effects were that the community was basically divided into a large group of relative 'unskilled' people and only a handful who still knew some basics on the subjects of repair and maintenance, medicine etc.

    Vault ##: on purpose a community was established of which the majority had a history of genetic defects and related diseases in family histories, and only a small group of 'genetic healthy' people.

    Wanted to find out if Vault Dwellers would come to an agreement or solution amongst its population to ensure generations of healthy children instead of children that would require support in one form or another and be a drain on limited medical resources.
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    Vault 136:

    This vault is stocked with hundreds of weapons including military prototypes,combat armor and a few suits of Power Armor, supplied by the Military. Every day since birth all Vault Dwellers are trained to fight "the enemy". propaganda posters and videos are shown everywhere, the Dwellers are constantly trained and taught how to fight, how to survive, and are taught to despise "the enemy",which is never fully depicted and is always vague. and one day,after at least three generations, there will be an announcement that "the enemy" has infiltrated the vault, and several inhabitants belong to "the enemy" and its possessive influence is expanding.

    or alternately: The Vault opens and the Dwellers are told the enemy lies in wait on the outside world.

    Vault 134:

    Deep below at the bottom of the vault, is somekind of anti-gravity generator, resulting in full control over gravity in the vault, slowly and subtly the gravity in the vault will decrease until it reaches a stage of zero gravity, from then on, it will remain that way for an undetermined amount of time, the vaults educational systems will focus on teaching engineering, and randomly,certain non-vital systems will shut down, the vault dwellers will be notified, and tasked to repair it. Of course, one day, maybe after a single generation or two, the gravity will return to normal, and the vault computer systems will record the results this has on the Dwellers, or alternately, the Computer will calculate the results of a sudden return to normal earth gravity, and if it proves fatal or otherwise incredibly dangerous for the inhabitants, the computer will slowly increase the gravity, over weeks,months or maybe even years.

    either way, the point of the vault is to examine the long term effects of life in zero gravity,and to test whether any astronauts involved in a deep space program, would be able to return to earth or otherwise land on a planet with gravity.

    Vault 78: A highly sophisticated AI is installed called "The Mother" there is no overseer in this vault.

    The Mother is represented on screens by a highly authoritative image of a female military general, with a disapproving look on her face.

    The Mother is aided by an army of robot servants, cameras and telescreens.

    The Mother has complete control over all actions in the vault, and reminds the Dwellers daily that she is saving them from starvation/dehydration/asphyxiation/ radiation poisoning and the horrors above, she cares for them greatly providing them with the simpleset of needs, slowly making the Dwellers dependent and completely reliant on The Mother, televisions are provided with thousands of hours of Old-World television, with regular reminders that The Mother is the vaults savior,provides safety, will always watch you and guide you.

    Randomly once every five years, or more, or if there is any resistance against The Mother, there will be a public execution, and "The Mother" will inform the Dwellers that this person crossed her, and deserved what they got.

    After three or four generations, possibly longer, The Mother will shut down without warning, completely erased.

    Alternately, she will shut down, but before hand will tell them she is disappointed in them, without saying the reason why, and will proceed to shut down.

    Again, alternately, she will do the above, but will provide a reason for her disappointment:the Dwellers lack of progress, and will comment on their inability to leave her arms and open the Vault Doors.

    I'm not sure whether the second one would be possible in the Fallout universe, but hey, these are just some ideas.
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    Vault 69: Population 1000: 999 heterosexual nymphomaniac women and 1 flaming homosexual man.

    yeah I'm just being silly...
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    Vault 74 - 25% of the members are criminally insane with homicidal tendencies.

    vault 90 - Only children (yeah, I'm not sure how to pull that off either. I guess that one could fail completely, leaving only little bones. Like how Little Lamplight should have turned into)

    Vault 31 - A thermonuclear device is in the vault. A blood sacrifice must be fed into the machine every week or else it will detonate. Here's the twist - there is no bomb.

    Vault 65 - Alcoholic beverages instead of water.

    Vault 5 - Only 2 hours of sleep allowed per day. All occupants have a microchip grafted into them that limits the amount of time they can sleep.

    Vault 70 - Elevator music is played constantly over the loud speakers. Stopping the music will result in the vault being flooded with radiation.
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    Vault 70... I would turn homicidal in 24hrs.
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    That's the intention :D

    Some call the vaults social experiments. I call them an exercise in devious and diabolical dickery.

    Oh, another one that would actually count as a social experiment.

    Vault 79 - No lights. The inhabitants have to adapt to the darkness to survive. Small chance of devolving into morlocks.

    Actually now that I think of it, it's more like a biological experiment than a social experiment. Eh screw it, still makes more sense than a vault full of Garys.

    What was the purpose of that super mutant vault in Fo3 anyway? Other than a dungeon to hold the GECK?
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    Apr 20, 2013
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    Vault ##: The vault has standard layout and resources. But care is taken only to accept entry for people with zero combat skills whatsoever. Everyone, including the overseer, is told that after 10 years the vault will open and it is their mission to rebuilt society. All the guards are actually military robots, as there is no security force in this vault. After the ten years all the robots will move to the exit where extra thick doors in greater number are placed, they will take on a defensive position and claim that the people in the vault need to stay inside and never approach the exit. The machinery needed to create food and water will over time work less and less efficient from this point on. No other vault systems or resources will be affected.
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    Vault something-or-other: equipped with a state-of-the-art ZAX as an overseer. This ZAX is almost omniscient: it knows the exact state of all of its systems and hidden cameras and microphones monitor the vault dwellers 24/7. The main purpose of this ZAX is to run the vault at 100% efficiency while demanding as little input from the vault dwellers as possible, and to create a life of order for all its inhabitants. Pip-boy alarm clocks are automatically set to go off at a certain hour, and upon waking up a vault dweller has a strict amount of minutes and/or seconds to brush their teeth, eat their breakfast, take a shower and leave. Everything is calculated for efficiency: ZAX had even calculated the most efficient way to get all of the vault dwellers to their working places each morning, seeing as how most come from different levels and may work in a non-residential level. Thus vault dwellers may wake up at 07:03 to leave their homes at 07:21 and catch a specific elevator to go down to work, and that elevator always has the same people in it. Since ZAX knows everything that needs to be done in the vault and how to do it all the vault dwellers do is arrive to work and receive IKEA-like instructions of what needs to be done, even if it's nuclear reactor repairs. Thus the vault dwellers in time grow to be robotic as maintenance of the vault requires almost no thinking on their part whatsoever. That is, of course, until ZAX stops telling them what to do: one day it no longer wake them up in the morning and doesn't give any instructions on how to do their jobs. Thus the rigid efficiency-based society with no skills or imagination is left to figure things out for themselves.

    The purpose of this vault is to test the limits of how much the Enclave can make their spaceships dependent on super computers (which they seem to have an abundance of): travel through space to another planet to colonize would make maintaining the spaceship very important and some members of the Enclave have reservations about making everything automatized and run by computers.

    The outcome of the experiment (if the vault doors open upon the shutdown of ZAX and provide the residents with an option of leaving) would be that the vault dwellers soon fail to maintain the vault and it falls to pieces. People die: some in the fighting that breaks out and many more once they are forced to flee the no longer functional vault. Even though most of these people die, the remnants create a society 'from scratch' in the wasteland: as they're not skilled their new community isn't high-tech (probably borderline tribal in time) but they survive and after a period of time begin to thrive as their constant strife for efficiency is impractical and costs lives at first, it proves to be a sound philosophy once tempered by life in the wasteland and the way things have to be done out there.

    Also, I always wanted to see something similar to Topeka ('Downunder') from A Boy and his Dog​ in Fallout. That would be a nice (and maybe disturbing) piece of Americana.
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    I loved this idea. I wonder why some sub-forums allow me to fap posts and others don't. I'd really like to fap to the idea of efficiency-aimed vault, together with its "oops, ZAX 404 error'd us".
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    Personally, I think that in F3 and, to a degree, F:NV vaults were treated a bit illogically, like fun park attractions. Their purpose was essentially for the Enclave to test various, mostly social, problems that could occur during space travel, and probably the best vault concepts stay true to this purpose, like Vaults 13 and 15, even 101 to a degree, and some mentioned in Fallout Bible that I liked: the one with equipment breaking down periodically, overcrowded, supplying colorless gruel for food or having no entertainment facilities.

    Also, I read a suggestion for a location in Fallout Fanon site about an underwater vault-like facility on the coast of Florida that lead to an interesting idea: a vault where the sense that the inhabitants were the last of humankind was enforced. For example, the vault could have been equipped with equipment that was supposedly intended for communication between the vaults and monitoring the situation on the surface, but was in fact all fake: during the war it would quickly make false reports about every vault except this one having been struck by a nuclear missile (maybe say that Chinese insurgents found out the location of each vault and the bomb intended for this vault missed or something), then, in the coming weeks, over-exaggerate the effects of the black rain and say it killed everything so that the vault dwellers would believe the last of mankind: after all, if the Enclave were to leave Earth in a spaceship because the planet would be doomed that's the sort of situation the personnel would find themselves in. The likely result would be a high suicide rate, followed by an emergence of a society that could be as zany as you please. Wouldn't be exactly out of place in F3, come to think of it.

    I was also trying to come up with a vault experiment idea that would allow the Enclave to gather knowledge about the colonization process of an actual planet, but they all seemed too bulky and weird. One would be with vault dwellers having to acquire resources from certain levels of the vault that would be hazardous, like a new planet would be: maybe the air in the hydroponics farms would have an increased amount of oxygen or raw materials for various of the vault's synthesizers (clothes, furniture, machinery parts) could be located in a really large storage area that would be very hot and filled with noxious fumes (not lethal) while the process of drawing the raw materials would be unnecessarily long, forcing the vault dwellers to stay in the storage for extended amounts of time and emulating mining in a new planet. Alternatively, maybe a vault that somehow ditches all the adults that enter (gas them in a parent-teacher conference? I dunno) and then teaches the kids bull-dung about the outside world so that when they come to the surface it's not what was expected (i.e. like a new, weird planet).

    I also liked the idea of people without any technical expertise being allowed into the vault in order to whether simple civilians would succeed in the task of getting it together and maintaining their own home. That could evolve into a nice knowledge-hoarding faction in a number of years: selfish and isolationist, not like BoS with their bloated ego-maniacal 'preserve technology for when the world is ready' goal.
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    Apologies if these ideas are already taken

    Vault 61: All inhabitants of this Vault were Southerners with ties to the Confederacy and possibly the KKK

    Vault 63: All inhabitants are Insane, the catch is that the Overseer and many of the people with power over control in the vault are Legally insane (Mainly people that just "claimed" they were insane in a trial to escape more extreme punishment), while the rest are Criminally and Clinically Insane. The experiment was designed to see if Insane people can control other Insane people. Because this experiment was deemed utterly dangerous for the future of civilization after the Apocalypse, Vault-Tec had the door locked when the bombs drop without any to open it again in the inside, only being told that in centuries, it will open again (At that point, all the insane people according to Vault-Tec would probably forget about it and just remain in it, ranting and raving). The only way to open it was from the outside with Vault-Tec approval (Yeah right)

    Vault 64: Like the previous one, this one was instead inhabitant by Drug Addicts, with the more stabilized addicts being the Overseer and higher ups. It was also not to be open for centuries until "Vault Tec Approval"

    Vault 78: Toddlers to Teenagers were only to be allowed in this Vault, however, this Vault was eyed by the Enclave as one of the few that they took interest for their own gain. Right before the war, the Enclave took helm of this Vault, entertainment and other leisure activities were removed, replaced with Enclave Propaganda and education/training to serve the Enclave. The Vault denizens were to be raised that their parent figure is the President of the United States and that they must serve upmost service to him. These Vault citizens were later deemed as the Enclave Youth. (This is pretty much an experiment related to the Hitler Youth)
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    Right, here are a few ideas I just thought of. I'm likely to add more in time.

    Vault Idea 1: The heating is the vault is designed that it is always uncomfortably warm.

    Vault Idea 2: The heating is the vault is designed that it is always uncomfortably cold.

    Vault Idea 3: Other than the main blast door, there are no doors in the Vault. Still doorframes, but no doors. This results in a lack of privacy and protection

    Vault Idea 4: No footwear of any kind is provided.
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    What about a normal vault? Filled with enough people to sustain a population without inbredding, about a thousand maybe, that are ordered and trained to become a functionl society and prepare to aid the Enclave in their reconquest of the mainland. Just that the Enclave failed and the vault never got any orders to open up.

    It would have food production, doctors, security forces etc. etc.
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    Though the Vault Overseers received instructions from the Enclave scientists through the United States government barely any civilians at the time knew about the Enclave's existence, it was that secret.

    Plus in the end the Enclave only saw itself and the population it had gathered under itself which included civilian families as truly worthy of surviving. It wasn't just being a pure human that was important for the Enclave but also the 'right' pure human.
    The Vault populations were seen as experimental fodder or labor forces at best.
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    This is my one... 'The Unofficial Vault'.

    In the 2040's, NASA (or whatever it's called here) sets up 'Moonbase Grissom', a facility in Florida to test the feasibility of a self-sufficient Lunar colony, helped by a young company which would soon become known as Vault-Tek. Fully functional by 2054, two dozen people inhabit it for two years with no hitch; it seems that America's dream of spreading across the solar system is here. However, the outbreak of the Resource Wars and China's declaration of war cause funding to be shifted away from the project; by 2070 it's been been mothballed for years and has been used as a storage depot.

    However, when the Federal Government starts to implode in 2077, individual States start to look to their own security - and Floridians remember 'Moonbase Grissom'. Using what resources they can muster, they 'assume control' of the old Moonbase, clear out the rubbish and jury-rig the best they can to get it working as a Vault again. Then as the nukes fly, the 'elite' flee to the Moonbase and shut the door...

    Now ten years later, the signs outside show the rads are low enough for scouting missions - that and they need replacement parts. They're like a 'government in exile' - the Vault is ruled by the old Vice-Governor, and as they haven't heard a peep from the President or his successor regard the US as dead. This means Florida is now independent, and the leadership in the Vault see it as 'their sworn duty' to take back control of the state...
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    Vault ##

    It is inhabited by people who have been observed to rely on computers to do anything correctly, then the vault is programmed to deactivate the residents computers for one year, every five years.
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    Floating my cryostasis Vault idea here: