Wasteland 2 decisions question

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    Sep 26, 2012

    Based on the latest blog by Brian Fargo, no two experiences will be the same due to the many decisions. We've been told this by other RPG creators before, but I don't find this to be necessarily true. A big one I can think of is Bethesda telling us how every new game they have will be revolutionary to the RPG world with endless decisions which ends up being a let down when it comes to that part because of the lack of significance that these "decisions" hold. My question is, do you think given the talent that the team working on wasteland has, that we will see a game full of affective decisions and different outcomes making two peoples game play different from eachother?
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    Mar 2, 2013


    Imho, you do not have to worry about the talent aspect of the development. Maybe the financial side due to the kickstarter concept. (Maybe they open a second kickstarter, i dont know). InXile will add mod tools though.

    What i do know is that inXile makes sure they use every cent where they get most bang for the buck. So, in essence, that means core stuff first then add the fluff most beneficial for the title until the funds runs out. This is why the discussions at the wasteland 2 page are loud atm.

    InXile even have a "ask a dev" thread. One week in mid December the community was allowed to ask any question they had. (Maybe they will have that event again before launch. Beta testing is next iirc).