Weird bug I cannot find an explanation for

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    Mar 11, 2012
    On my current save, Powder Gangers have been more buggy than usual (as in, more than the ordinary ocean of bugs I expect from this engine -.-)
    At first it crashed every time I tried to touch a set of armor after having looted it. Lucky for me I was able to left-click it to get rid of it, and for safety's sake I disabled it with the console, so not to ever touch it again :0

    but then really weird shit happened, now, long after my last dealings with them - I kill Jackals or Vipers, and get Powder Ganger infamy! Not as a rule, but at least one such crowd, every member killed, gave me infamy with the PG, then ages pass, I have finished all quests except the final - and suddenly Powder Gangers approach me with forced conversation, to let me know I am now their enemy. They attack me, I fight back, and the game crashes. When I reload, I run back to the same location as when it last happened, to see if it will repeat. It KINDA does...
    THIS time Powder Gangers run up to me, only to stop cold, and stare at me. Conversation not possible. I shoot them down, allready annoyed. I recieve the infamy for each of them as normal, but then I shoot a few bloat-flies - and get Powder Ganger infamy for them as well! In frustration I blast a prospector who's nearby (poor bastard), and obviously I get Powder Ganger infamy for the prospector as well.

    Sometimes... I wonder... Like when I was a kid, and noticed more and more nudity on tv, I would imagine the future as the exponential result: Non stop TV porn.
    I imagine the same thing with games, but with non-functionality and bugs! Games in the future will make your computer explode in your face, and kill you on the spot. Fans will be expected to patch it, of course.

    (I guess I'm not really looking for a fix, since it's not game-breaking or anything, and I am beyond that point by now anyway, although it would be neat to know what causes the bugs for a future play-through, if the bugs are caused by particular triggers, especially the armor-touch-crash :I)

    ("moved" it from NV-forum, posted there by mistake)

    (and, is it just me or does NV have an impressive ammount of shit-that-get-stuck-in-your-inventory compared to FO3? Who asked for stuff to get stuck in your inventory? Why is this even implemented, and on such a massive scale? From Oblivion to NV, I realize the initial impulse is to stop ignorant asswipes from selling away important items, but this is role-play! If you sell the GECK, then you fucked up! But fair enough, even then, if you sell the fucking re-breather or Motor-Runners awful helmet, what the hell will happen!? Nothing! But stuck they are! Using console commands like a moron here... )
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    Aug 26, 2012
    I can't help ya but I do synpathize. I once had a bug on the xbox versoon of new vegas where I'd enter that huge ncr camp (the name escapes me for the moment) and get stuck in an endless coversation loop. the guy that aproaches you for an auto convo would initiate conversarion and it would glitch and I could never get it to end. it hapened to me right on entering too so my auto save was usess and my last hard save had been hlurs before (i knew better but toed that edge anyway like a moron). so my hours of gameplay were killed as I had to start a new game.

    There were lots of bugs in FO3 but damn...seems while New Vegas has slightly fewer, they are far worse D:

    So I sympathize a great deal. that glitch of yours is one of tbose wtf moments :o at least you are on pc ane can compensate for them. us console players are screwed when that kind of stuff happens :(

    I have always agreed about crap stuck in your inventory. like you said, if someone is stupid enougj to sell the geck or whatever, let them deal with the consequences and stop forcing the rest of us to be stuck with crap we don't want in our inventoru >__<
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    Mar 11, 2012
    Haha, I'm doing a replay now, and
    1. Veronica isn't initiating her quest, so I figured, I'll systematically take her through the trigger places.
    2. NOPE LOL
    3. The wiki finally said (I just wanna avoid always resorting to the goddamn console commands) that sending her back to 188, will reset her somehow. This has worked for me before, after giving her the dress, but not getting a reaction. I sent her off, and much later, re-inviting her, she suddenly burst out as if I've just given her a dress.
    4. Fuck me, she dissapeared! 72 hours of waiting at 188, I could pretty much confirm that she has gone into the void of nowhere, SO OUT COMES THE CONSOLE COMMANDS! PRID E32A9 MOVETO PLAYER AND FUCK YOU TOO!

    How to play: I actually have 3 pages of console commands noted down. Granted, these are tiny pages in a note-book, but still. They are mostly item-codes, to remove them from my inventory, or people-codes, to make them appear, when they dissapear. Sigh.