What Mothership Zeta Should Have Been

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Was Mothership Zeta unadulterated garbage?

  1. Yes

  2. I think I've suffered a stroke

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    ...instead of objectively being a steaming file of refried fecal vomit. I just thought it would be interesting to see if the concept can be salvaged. Some say that aliens should always just be a random encounter/easter egg b/c everything should always stay the way it was in the first two Fallouts, or so sayeth the ruler of Beythos. However I wish to keep this discussion purely to larger extra-terretrial story concepts. Whether that's some kind of quest, quest line, or even larger plot.

    My Take
    A proper sci-fi premise. Not just 'hey look it's aliens, just because, and also please give us your money.' Are they bodysnatchers, hive minded, scientists here to research other intelligent life, or the scattered remnants of some lost civilization that rendered their own planet uninhabitable? Maybe some combination theirof. Though perhaps the most appropriate would be something mundane. Nothing fancy, just a group of people who do not know their history and are simply trying to adapt to a broken world like anyone else. Albeit with a distinct culture.

    No spaceship nonsense. Either you ruin the ship, which makes it exist for the sole sake of a single meh level visual. Or it works after the end, which opens up too many possibilities. As in, 'hey why don't I use it's tractor beams, teleportation tech, and general ability to fly through space to go literally wherever the hell I want?' At which point the game would have to remind you that your character has recently suffered a debilitating stroke, and no longer realizes that any of these things are possible b/c they won't even give you some furry abomination to ride. Which honestly kind of irks me to no end. Doesn't seem like it would have been a difficult implement in the classics. Oh well...

    Instead you find a terrestrial military base, which conducted R&D on recovered ET tech, and also dissected or interrogated any survivors they found. Which would be an interesting look into the secrets of the pre-war world. Sort of retroactively foreshadowing their approach to 'muties'. While also showing one way in which America gained a technological edge. Which is an interesting question for its other possible answers, since their society clearly sucked ass. Can't imagine their was great academic freedom or anything.

    Anyway, the great war allowed the ETs to take over the base (partially, fully), or to escape from it. They become a misunderstood faction that is initially used as a rallying point for warring human factions, or at least a common concern. So it would be a bait and switch, where you think it's just another moronic enemy type that you can kill with no conscience--it turns out you can at the very least *try* to reason with them. They would have some kind of clear philosophy, goal, societal structure, etc. It could even present you difficult decision to abandon the human factions, losing their favor to dedicate yourself to another noble cause. As they won't accept peace with the ET, who are in dire need of human mediators. Or to wipe out the ETs for the 'greater good' of the region. Which would truly ask the player if people can band together for the greater good. Or if they just do it to kill whatever monster they find the most terrifying at the time, because war never changes.
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    Where is the vote option about liking Mothership Zeta ? (or rather, liking this mindless fun, after having spent countless hours on Vanilla, Operation Anchorage, Point Lookout and other craps that i might have forgotten. At least, this DLC isn't even Fallout related.)
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    Well, there is CTPhipps counter thread.
  4. It would had worked for Fallout: New Vegas as a whacky DLC.

    Area 51 is right up the road from Vegas, beyond Jacobstown. There was a sore, missed opportunity here.

    Have the Aliens come by after the war to find out what happened to their scouts. Make a nice spin on the 50s hostile alien: they're actually peaceful, and are aghast at what humanity has done to itself, the world, and their own scouts, who just wanted to study us and report back to their race. Have the aliens be characters with that mindset, and a hostile Courier could utterly ruin them or a more diplomatic courier could negotiate something and a more neutral courier could just get out of dodge ASAP.