What Would You Have Done to Make Bethesda's Fallout 3 Better?

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    Jan 13, 2016
    Ever since Fallout 3 was released, the fans of Black Isle's Fallout have been in arms; the game rehashed the original plot of the first two, removed the Isometric gameplay--for better or worse--and wrote a story that did little than leave a bad taste in our mouth. In fact, I'm of the opinion the only good things about the game was that Liam Neeson was your Dad, and that it paved the way for New Vegas.

    But while thinking about it, there are several ideas used in Fallout 3 that, if altered, could have made into a game that was worthy of the Fallout title. This is all just my own head cannon, so feel free to disregard the entire thing if you want.

    The game starts off with your character being born in Vault 101, a vault set in Illinois with the idea to leave it sealed indefinitely. Your character live out their life here, and is led to believe they would die here as well. On your eighteenth birthday, however, the Overseer orders the vault door be opened for the first time since the war to let a single woman enter its halls.

    He knows that they can't live in there forever, and sees the woman as a means of testing the waters, as it were. She tells them of an army above that have committed atrocity after atrocity, and asks that she be given shelter from their rule.

    Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. She begins teaching the Vault Dwellers military tactics in the event the Vault be discovered by the threat outside its walls, an act that proves necessary as the doors to the outside open without the Overseers consent.

    It is here that the woman tells the Vault Dwellers that she was a member of a group that called themselves the Enclave; a surviving branch of the pre-war government that sought to restore the American Wasteland to its former glory, and that the enemies were the Brotherhood of Steel--a brutal, tyrannical group that forced those on the surface to either join their ranks or die.

    That's how the prologue to my version would go .The Lone Wanderer would escape as the Brotherhood--which were actually Enclave soldiers wearing the Midwest Power Armor--attacked and were somehow beaten back by the inhabitants of Vault 101. The entire scheme would be a ploy to brainwash and conscript the Pure humans of the vault into the now vastly weakened Enclave after losing much of its personnel and resources after the loss of Navarro and the Oil Rig.

    You'd be given instructions to one of the outposts the Enclave was using as their base of operations--as of that moment, they've kept their existence secret from the much more powerful BoS and have been resorting to infiltration tactics as opposed to a direct assault; entering and brainwashing vaults, sending spies to join the ranks of the Brotherhood and the communities, basically building up their forces while waiting for an opening.

    You'd meet President Eden--formerly a Colonel before Richardson was killed--and be sent out to Infiltrate and sabotage the Brotherhood of Steel for the coming battle.

    This story would play off the "Destroy the Calculator" ending of Tactics, and would take place at least a decade before Fallout 3 did. From that point you'll be able to see the Brotherhood wasn't the monsters you were lead to believe and betray the Enclave, or choose to ignore this fact and continue serving the former Antagonists of the series.

    The entire point of this game wouldn't be to purify water, but to take or keep Chicago for your faction of choice. Help the Brotherhood, and you and a squad of Paladins would attack the outpost--no devoid of the President--and secure whatever technology you could before returning to Vault 0., as well as be sent to various parts of the wasteland to ensure the locals would remain loyal while simultaneously locating and dismantling Enclave outposts throughout the region.

    Side with the Enclave, and you'd be sowing discontent within the conscripted ranks and communities while keeping in touch with Command through the various Eyebots they had sent across the wastes.

    Regardless of who you side with, eventually Enclave Radio would go live, soldiers would begin appearing, and the battle for Chicago would officially begin. To make up for the crappy MKII Power Armor of 3, the new model would instead be repurposed Midwestern Armor with an Enclave aesthetic--along with the familiar MKI--and the Mutants that roamed DC will be replaced with those of the Brotherhood. And the Enclave would still be using Deathclaws equipped to even the odds a bit.

    Still, no matter who you side with at this point the Brotherhood would still have the upper hand; they have the numbers, and no matter how you slice it most of the Enclave's soldiers would be made up of Vault Dwellers who lacked the experience of the battle-hardened BoS.

    But where the Enclave lack forces, they had firepower. Orbital Strikes would begin raining down on the Brotherhood in battle, decimating their number while the Enclave continue to push them further and further back; if you sided with the Brotherhood, then the communities you visited will help out in this battle and try to hold the invading army at bay. If not, many of them will be swayed by Eden's message and either turn their back on the Brotherhood, or straight up attack them.

    The game ends either two ways; the Brotherhood is forced back into their Vault, where the Enclave would release a Modified FEV virus into the ventilation system to kill the rest and take their seat as the new dominate power in Chicago, or you;'d join a Brotherhood strike-team and infiltrate the Enclave's main bunker, kill the President, and set the Enclave's Bunker as the next and final target for the Orbital Missiles, reducing it to a molten crater.

    The idea has its issues, and it would definitely need to be fleshed out, but in my opinion I believe that would have much a far superior game than what Bethesda had come up with, while also keeping a lot of its original vision intact.

    Again, this is all just my own silly fanficion of what should have been for Bethesda's Fallout 3, and I know it would never be made a reality, but its fun to make up your own stories from time to time. How about you? Do you think this would have been a good story? What would you have done to make Fallout 3 better, besides make Van Buren a thing?
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  2. R.Graves

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    Apr 21, 2016
    A true fallout 3? Van buren. Or NV.

    A D.C. set fallout? I'd probably use @Radiosity's retrospective series as a jumping off point.
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  3. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    Well, I'm gonna do a fanfic rewriting Fallout 3 to be more lore friendly (with New Vegas as well).

    But I would take the Enclave out and replace them with a new faction.

    I would do the same with the BoS.

    The BoS would be cut down to a very small faction (following on from the BoS in tactics).

    The new faction is a dictatorship which offers protection for settlements.

    The raiders have organised groups.

    No super mutants are seen (but mentioned as part of the masters army).

    The towns are in good condition, but the ones that are taken by this new faction look nicer and are bigger.

    And a few other things I won't give away.
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  4. DirtyOldShoe

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    Dec 15, 2015
    1.) I Would Make a Post on NMA and Capitalize the Title as if it Were a Title of a Chapter of a Book Making Sure to Not Capitalize Conjunctions.

    2.) I Would Ask for the Thread to be Vatted.

    3.) I Would Wake Up From the Dream of Bethesda Making Quality Games.
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  5. Atlas

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    Jan 13, 2016
    You know, I never really thought about it, but you're kind of an asshole. Its a redeeming quality, really--the internet has precious few of them, so the originality is actually a breath of fresh air.
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  6. Crossfire

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    Jun 14, 2016
    I would've made Fallout: New Vegas instead.
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  7. DirtyOldShoe

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    Dec 15, 2015
    Ask @Risewild and his team to work perhaps too hard to try and combine it to a supereor game, so that when people say, "Oy, Muthfucka, you playin' that shit game Fallout 3?"
    I could say,
    "No, I play TTW, that way I can pretend that the game isn't an entire pile of donkey shit just waiting to get gobbled up by retards. But mostly I don't actually do anything in the Capital Regurgitation, because I can do it better in Oblivion or New Vegas."
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  8. AlphaSlayerZX

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    Oct 12, 2016
    Well, since i'm working on a little project that's taking all of the base ideas and concepts that we're poorly executed in Fallout 3 and doing them right, i'll just state some of the things I had in mind.

    • No Enclave (As a major faction at least): "Now I don't mind including the Enclave in a Fallout game set after the events of 2, unless it's done the way it had been done in New Vegas. Like either just add former members of the Enclave that decided to reintegrate into civilian life and few settled down in D.C or add abandoned Enclave outposts that the Enclave maybe had?
    • Midwestern Brotherhood (No Western Brotherhood): "You know, it never made sense to me from a strategical standpoint on why the Western Brotherhood would just send a detachment all the way to the other side of the country just to get some possible technology and super mutants, especially with weak suits of Power Armor. I think it would've made more sense if it was a squad or patrol of Midwestern Brotherhood instead, since they're much closer and I can see why they might send people to the East."
    • D.C Should Be Flattened? : "A lot of people make the argument that the reason why the Capital Wasteland is so radioactive is because it's been hit the hardest during the Great War. Now that I can agree with, but if D.C is hit the hardest, then why are there still buildings standing? There should be no D.C since Fallout 1 proved that Los Angeles (I think?) has been reduced to nothing but girders and rubble since it was also nuked pretty hard."
    • Better Written Reilly's Rangers: "You know, I always thought that Reilly's Rangers were a neat little idea in 3. I even thought that they should've been part of the main story."First, let's make Reilly's Rangers a much bigger mercenary force. As I call correctly, they we're sent to D.C to fend off the Super Mutants. How about instead of Super Mutants, we have some other powerful new faction instead? Reilly's Rangers has been hired to clear out this faction and it's leader by a mysterious contractor."
    • Better Written Talon Company: ""I also liked the Talon Company as I thought they we're a neat little idea. Let's also make them rivals to Reilly's Rangers, they're also hired to clear out this mysterious faction by the same contractor. Now it's pretty much a little competition between the two mercenary groups to see which one can wipe out this faction first to get the big, big prize."

    Well, that's pretty much all I have right now. Tbh, some of my ideas are probably mediocre.
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  9. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    Like @DirtyOldShoe mentioned. I work with the TTW team to make Fallout 3 better. But as I also always say, we might make some magic but we don't make miracles :lol:.

    While we improve Fallout 3 by making it use the FNV more polished engine and add FNV things to it (ammo types, harvesteables, some original recipes to be used with the survival skill using some specific FO3 ingredients, weapon mods, iron-sights, reloading benches, doctor's bags, FO3 foods and drinks hydrate and work with the hardcore system, etc) we still don't touch the story or writing.
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  10. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    Not cancelling van buren would be a l egood start.
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  11. Dr Fallout

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    Aug 17, 2015
    I really like these ideas. They could be tied into the main quest, both would have to be more gray and less black-and-white. Perhaps the player character is part of a separate and smaller mercenary group, for the first act he does missions and gets to know the team who then get wiped out but the player doesn't know by who. It's a bit cliche, but I think it could work.
  12. AlphaSlayerZX

    AlphaSlayerZX Deadpan

    Oct 12, 2016
    Yeah, I agree. I also think that these mercenary groups would be tasked with the extermination of the faction, which would be Ashur's slave group, who underwent recent disagreements and conflict with the said mysterious contractors. Like, Ashur may have disagreed to supply the mysterious contractors with the resources he and his people have which we're very, very important for the mysterious contractors intentions. These mysterious contractors would also happen to be the Institute (Heavily Rewritten) who are a large business type faction on the East Coast that have access to advance technology (Cybernetics and possibly Plasma Weaponry).
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  13. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Fire Todd Howard and Emil Pagliacci?
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  14. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    The problem I have with Emil is that there are good ideas there, but it's like he hands in something that barely counts as a first draft.
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  15. Walpknut

    Walpknut This ghoul has seen it all

    Dec 30, 2010
    Most of his good ideas are stolen from other things, and even wit that he fails at using them properly.
  16. lolpop109

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    Jul 14, 2016
    I dunno I would't really change fallout 3 cuz i mean with out that you would't get NV but then you would of avoided fallout 4. But i dunno know really you can't really change it now. I mean its kinda done now. We have NV now and fallout 4 because of it. But you know NV was a really good game so you know I don't thin it matter that stuff.

    I don't really understand people saying fallout 3 killed the franchise because of it we had NV that could easily be the best fallout game (Or wahtever you knoe pretty good). And fallout 4 could of also been a pretty good game too had some of the writing been changed or what ever.

    I would criticized fo3 so much as it was beths frist got at fallout I mean they keep alot of things from the orginal was witch good compeared to fo4 where everything (Even the genre of the game has changed) So yeah for me it was also enjoyable and really got me into the serires.

    The real problem I have is with fallout 4 because it like they didn't learn anything from NV or FO3 and just kinda well i geuss forgot everything they knew or something. But i dunno know I think fo4 is far away from the orginals where and I don't think that would be instatly bad but only that he does't feel that thought out really. From fo3 to fallout 4 to sift completely away from being an RPG and becoming liek a shooter hybred is really hard to explain. I guess they did what to do something different wit the game take it away from a formula but to be honest they kinda just made their own formula.

    My biggest problem is the quest. They have gone such down hill from fo3. You think they would of tried to built from NV witch built from 3 i dunno it feel like stuff from te faction and fraction choise does't work all that well. Also alot of feature where taking out from NV like gambling or different ammo types. Just really really confuses me. Also the world building confuses me because its a massive map with decent detail but do they put settlements or intresting stuff ? No its just like degounes and enemys that kinda shit. I played half the game thinking that their where going to be more settlements or something but yeha no just more and more eneyms cramped in the map.
  17. MercenarySnake

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    Aug 22, 2015
    Cancel the game, pitch all the bad ideas, take what good ideas there were and stay true to the Fallout series without rehashing the same factions.
  18. Dr Fallout

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    Aug 17, 2015
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  19. Kohno

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    Jul 30, 2009
    A whole lot of work there rewriting the stories and quests and adding all the missing reactivity (even if keeping the basics of what was there) and redesigning the gameplay (even if keeping the perspective). I actually had some ideas back in the day, but meh, what's the point...

    It wouldn't look or sound much at all like how it does now. Basically it might be a mix of the original Fallout and Wizardry 8 if FPP was insisted on.
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  20. Radiosity

    Radiosity Writiosity

    Sep 9, 2015
    My posts are here: http://www.writiosity.uk/reconstructing-fallout-3/

    Part 8 covers the mercs (new content when I rewrote the whole thing and added new stuff I didn't originally think about, or was going to write later).