Whats worse- Fallout 1 and 2 elitists or Fallout 3 fanboy kids?

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    There is indeed a lot of players who prefer isometric (and the opposite), and a lot of player who prefer newer games (and the opposite), but the conflict isn't focused around it.

    Otherwise, Fo1-Fo2 elitist wouldn't play FoNV (new & non iso) and Fo3 fanboys would play it.
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    There both terrible in there own ways- the former in there elitism and rose-colored nostalgia glasses, and the latter in the fact that they are literal children
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    That wasn't the analog, only away to highlight the ridiculousness of the statement without context.(read the spoiler) In our case, most people who played FO1&FO2 in their youth are obviously older then the gamer for whom FO3 was an introduction to the series.

    Also I changed my mind I prefer FO3 fanboys, I can't blame them for their youth, with time they will learn better as we did. Meanwhile the FO1&FO2 "elitists" are just a bunch of disgruntled wankers, i'd rather have a prostate exam than keep hearing all the same whining year after year, after year...

    Also FYI not every FO1&FO2 fan is "elitists", there are FO3 fans who can offer offer in-depth discussion, and reddit is generally a cesspit and troll haven.
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    You gotta listen to his point you guys, not only does he compare fo1/2 fans to racists but he also linked to tv tropes articles, that's like rock solid arguments there.
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    I think that's kind of missing the point of his post though.
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    I wonder if those "elitist" still exist or actually existed...
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    Oct 28, 2014
    Depends what Rosh counted as. He sure looked like he was quick to get angry at the slightest infractions...
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    I think the premise of this thread is one of those straw man thingies, being that it's really hard to find Fallout 1/2 "elitist" (Read : Hardline Conservatives), even on this board.

    I think what's actually going on, is that the thread OP started this discussion as some way to distance himself from these imaginary camps and illustrate just how much of a forward thinking, open minded fan of video games he is. (Low and behold, I open the first post again to refresh my memory and the guy posted what I suspected. "I LOVE BOTH FALLOUT CAMPS WHY CANT EVERYONE ELSE". The reason for this thread is the OP's own EGO and getting positive reinforcement, and mutual masturbation. It even has shades of this "supposed" Elitism he's definitely not a part of. This was never a discussion of Hardline fans.

    Since the beginning of Fallout 1, I've been an active internet user and have even known other fans of the game in person. The fraction of Fallout 1/2 "Elitists" versus people who simply PREFER the older games (for their own reasons), is so miniscule I don't even take it into account when processing public opinion of the game. The other 99% of people who don't like Fallout 3 have reasons, and generally, an educated background that allows them to reference all sorts of things from stylistic choices, impact of the writing and dialogue choices, the cadence of the game, call backs to literature, analysis of themes, blah blah blah.

    Meanwhile, the same 99% of Fallout 3 fans offer up a very different reason for enjoying the game.
    (All quotes from a steam thread survey)

    "The history of the game...
    The desolation of the Washington DC...
    The radio Galaxy...
    The brotherhood and the enclave...
    The supermutants..."

    "Stealing stuff and exploring the wasteland :)"

    "You shoot people and bits fly off :3"

    "What's there not to like? I'm not a big RPG player and Fallout is the only RPG I really like (along Diablo 1 & 2)."

    "we like it cause its a FRIEKEN AWESOME GAME"

    1. Graphics
    2. Story
    3. Freedom
    4. Huge world
    5. The guns
    6. The gore
    7. The Humor"

    "It's an rpg, so there's a certain level of imagination that is involved with it. and on top of that, it offers some of the most freedom of any rgp in it's time which only serves to advance the roleplaying aspect further."

    The quotes pretty much speak for themselves.

    So you got this stuff, versus pulp sci-fi, black writing and a heavy satirical tone juxtaposed with a dead, yet rebuilding world with the underlying theme that even with when the chips are down and humanity is at it's lowest, people are still shit.
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    I won't confirm or deny the statement above, but those things are taste & preferences. You can't blame people for those.
    The problem comes from some specific behavior not shared by every fanboys.

    - People that consider YOU are the problem because you don't share their love for the product. Not even your taste, yourself. They don't discuss your argument, but try to undermine your person. This isn't the kind of individual the most encountered, but it is really painfull to see that kind of guy around.

    - Also, an often read comment "someone who hate Fo3 shouldn't be lurking in the Fallout communities. They don't like Fo3, so they don't like Fallout, why should they bother ?" A comment often coming from someone that refuse to even try 4 out of the 6 games of the series. As a side not, they never blame you from hating FoBOS...

    - Group of people that don't read the very thread they are answering and repeat ad nauseam the same argument, no matter that it was countered numerous times before. You end up in a loop instead of evolving. Some times the same people are repeating the same thing where the same topic is brought again. Amongs the few subject i think about. When mentioning the possible removal of Fast Travel, they all say that they don't want to walk the whole way, not matter the billions of alternative you might have mentioned. You have to repeat all the time that walking and teleport aren't the only options, but instead of actually discussing, half of the post are about people that don't want to walk. We recently had a discussion about alternatives to essential characters. Half of the post were about not wanting npc dying at random, not aknowledging the fact that 25% of the other post were about alternatives to that possibility.

    - People who say that they really don't understand "people who think X". Then some of the people who actually think X will try to explain it to the guy why they think X. First, he will argue as if some group is wrong and another is right or that those people don't say enough to convince him. But the point isn't to convince him to share the same opinion. It is just explaining why those people who think X actually think X. You are only explaining what works for you. It doesn't mean that it should work for him too and that one of you is right/wrong. The next week, the very same guy would repeat the very same statement "I really don't understand why those people think X". They explained to you moron ! You don't have to share their opinion, but they told you why THEY think it.

    - People who state that people think Y while they never though Y. If they have the patience to explain, well... Just see above.

    - People who just want the other to be wrong, no matter if their own explanation is convincing or not. They don't want to leave any point/ground/anything to the other guy, even if they aren't convincing themselves. For instance, saying that there is much more Choices & Consequences in Fo3 than in FoNV. It is perfectly fair to prefer Fo3, but come on... FoNV run litterally around those things, while Fo3 considered those as an afterthough. It won't make you any wrong to prefer Fo3 despite its lack of C & C. You are totally free to love something that don't have all the qualities above another title. That other titles can indeed have those quality without questioning your own tastes. Loving something that has less C&C won't make you a moron. Not admitting a fact, on the other hand...

    - People that don't understand that the very idea of an RPG is to be able to sustain various playstyles. Considering that Fo3 is very linear, they don't get why some people might enjoy different way of playing the same game or having different storyline depending of their playstyle. As they only promote a single way of playing it, they are perfectly willing to remove everything that fit with other playstyle than theirs. "I don't kill npc, so they should be essential. I prefer fighting over diplomatie, so they should remove pacifist options etc..." Not considering that one of the strenght of the series is to allow various playstyle.

    - It might be arguable, but i find dubious at best when i read someone telling that Fo3 is the best game of the series, while they only played Fo3 & FoNV. Sure, it might be the best game you played in that series. But you cannot know if it is actually the best of the series until you played the other games.

    - Also arguable, but some common statement can be pretty annoying when you hear those quite often, but it is more the result of those comments that is annoying than the people who produce them. They simply lack of knowledge in some specific areas and often soften a bit when you bring some fact. For instance, isometric games are things of the 90s or they made it isometric because of money limitations. Once again, it doesn't mean that isometric/TB is superior in any way, but isometric is a conscious design choice, not an engine limitation, it doesn't predate (or not much) 1st/3rd person view, it provide some experience/option other perspective don't, and it was already niche in the 90s, not an evolution of the mainstream from isometric to 1st person. And last but not the least, if iso isn't superior to 1st person, you can also say that 1st person isn't superior to iso. Amongs other hot topic, there is "Bethesda saved the Fallout IP" or "aliens were always part of the franchise" etc... It is up to the older fan to be civil about that if the younger isn't hostile, but i get that it can be annoying after 10-100 persons making the same kind of uninformed statement...

    I am not trying to be hexaustive, but the point is, those behaviors are things i really mind from Fo3 fanboys, those behaviors, not the fact they love Fo3...
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    I think that's why tO on NMA is so hot blooded around F3 fans actually. I bet if only the occasional F3 fan came around mentioning things like that aliens always existed then no one would've needed to turn into GGoH and and they could've be more civil towards new fans of Fallout about it. Makes me think why there is no sticky on the F3 thread that could mention the problems in a civil and professional way so newbies wouldn't enter the forum asking questions thats already been answered hundreds of times.

    The way I see it is the reason the F3 fans come in here so hostile is because of how hostile of a rep NMA has. If it wasn't so hostile all the time then perhaps F3 fans may understand, I've seen plenty of F3 fans who also share the same grips with F3 so their not just "gunz and explozins" people. I don't like what ToddIsMyHeroTESRulez is doing with the comments since it just makes the website even more uninviting, you can't really blame those people for what they've said since they haven't played F1 or F2 yet. If they have played both and then said F3 was better than there might be a problem, but if they haven't played them yet then you should probably try to get them into them to see what they had to say.
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    "If they have played both and then said F3 was better than there might be a problem"

    It is not enough to create a great forum war. There is already a bunch of people who played them all and preferred Fo3, but not all of them are hostiles.

    PS: What is tO ?
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    Not sure The thing is known enough to allow contraction. (also, i thought it followed the first rule of the Fight Club, but it might be a myth)