Why Do You Enjoy Fallout 3

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    I sincerely apologize X12, I hope you saw that I tried to twist the subject back on topic at the end of my digression, again, I apologize for getting side-tracked.

    Yamu: I concur with those statements, and I would like to add, the sub quest "Tranquility Lane", although it was part of the main quest line. It was very surprising to me the first time I played through, and I found it to be a "Father Knows Best" meets "Twightlight Zone" experience.

    It also provided a brief glimpse into what the pre-war environment may have looked like (minus the b&w), or as viewed through the distorted vision of Dr. Stanislaus Braun. The evil little brat Betty (Braun in disguise) gave me chills, and I was gleefully happy to thwart that grotesque little monster and trap him within his own nightmare.

    I did like the in-game radio, but I could not accept the number of functional radios all over, at first. Finding one or two would have attracted a lot more scrutiny to the environment, then again, there would have been no purpose for the Three Dog and Eden characters, so that odd circumstance quickly became forgotten and the immersion factor returned, ... the side quests for the various radio signals also added a sad haunted feeling to the game experience, like echoes from a great past tragedy.

    Perhaps it is just me, but I always tried to search for a non-violent solution to the situations before resorting to the violent answer, allies were more useful than enemies, ... except the raiders, I often found myself muttering a response to the raider taunts: "Looks like we got a bleeder here!", "yeah, that would be you, ... [KA-POW!-headshot] ... moron."

    ... the wasteland is a harsh place, so violence often becomes the only answer. "Who wants loot? - Hellrazor wants loot."

    Exploration, solving riddles, and evoking emotions while exploring the environment are the main factors for the enjoyment of Fallout 3.
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    Also most will look down on me for this but i prefer Noble Steel (my nickname for Lyon's Brotherhood) over the current West Coast Brotherhood and Outcasts. Because despite what the Outcasts say Noble Steel has discovered way more tech than they have. Codex be damned, the fact is Noble Steel is getting results, if slowly. All Outcasts have is the same old plasma rifles and laser rifles and a broken missile launcher. Noble Steel has overcome most of its arrogance, while the Outcasts treat you like some sort of annoying kid at best, no matter how much you help them, or how many times you outright prove you are smarter than they assume. If Veronica ever heads to the East Coast, im sure she will be welcomed with open arms in NS.
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    I don't know about looked down on, but I know most disagree here. I'll actually add (and I swear, I'm not a contrarian, it just takes all kinds to make a world) that I forgot to mention that I rather enjoyed the Outcasts as a narrative element-- how they hadn't given up their mission or their ideals, even though that mission and those ideals were hopelessly obsolete and they had lost access to the fortified safe-haven and giant kill-bot they'd fought and bled alongside all the other expedition members to help recover.

    I wish they'd done more with that conflict, and been a bit more realistic about depicting the Brotherhood proper as bleeding from a thousand cuts by casting themselves in the role of wasteland protector. With The Outcasts devoting their full manpower to recovering the secrets of DC (I'm sure there were plenty of caches like the Operation: Anchorage one lying around, and with far less unintuitive locking mechanisms) and Lyons' people tied up with the muties, Enclave, and Project Purity, I have a feeling the balance of power would have evened out. Plus, the Outcasts actually found a way to make T-45d stylish.

    And Tranquility Lane was indeed a highpoint. As were aspects of Point Lookout and The Pitt. And I thought Rivet City was a great idea, and pretty neat visually.

    I'll definitely give the game that: It was full of good ideas.

    Also, it's a little thing, but I probably laughed as hard as I ever have playing a Fallout game the first time that deranged housewife in Arefu gave me a cookie. I've got a strange sense of humor, so maybe that's just me.

    (To those that have asked: yes, there's a lot of overlap here with the "Why so loved?" thread-- and X12, the reason it's so provocatively named is simply because it was the doppleganger thread to "Why so hated?", so no ill-intent there-- but it does seem to be taking on a character of its own. I'll merge the two if that doesn't pan out.)
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    I agree that Noble Steel's desire to help the Wasteland is its weakness...but its also its strength. Make no mistake I admire the Outcasts' dedication to their duty....but sooner or later they will run out of people, while Noble Steel is ever growing. Heck, by the time of 2280 i predict that Noble Steel will have flushed out Vault 87 and sent the Enclave running, either to somewhere else (Chicago, perhaps) and/ or the "punch clocks" leading normal lives in the Wastes, thus giving them more time to research things.

    Speaking of Vault 87 im glad they made a new kind of Super Mutants and gave them their own origin story, instead of just bringing over the Mariposa ones for no reason. Many people say Vault 87 having FEV makes no sense, seeing as FEV was a Millitary project. Well, what if Vault 87 was a joint project between Vaul-Tec and the Millitary, testing a different type of FEV. A Vault would be the perfect place for unsuspecting test subjects.
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    FO3 ends in 2278. BOS is fresh out of war with probably the most technologically advanced faction in the known world. At this point BOS should be substantially reduced in number. Your prediction is that in 2 years the BOS would: neutralise the mutant threat, root out the Enclave remnants, keep the wasteland stable, maintain PP and water deliveries, manage recruitment and training of new soldiers and somehow manage not to face tremendous supply shortages (which should be a major problem in the first place, with Lyons' 'people over tech' policy). Seems kinda unlikely. Still, they have better chances in your game, than mine. I decided to throw them a curveball (an orbital curvestrike really). For some reason the survivors were a bit upset.

    As for the SMs, the problem people have with them is double: their origin story is sketchy (lots of 'maybes' and 'what ifs') and their transformation into shallow, big, dumb ogre stereotype. Also, my personal opinion is that they have the same problem GECK had in FO3. If you're going for something completely different from the original why keep the same name and aesthetic? I mean it's not like they weren't capable of making new monsters or McGuffins (like trogs or Marie).

    To be honest, the one thing I really liked about FO3 was Sydney. A really likable character, with some backstory, neutral alignment, a quest and some decent dialogue. Even gets a mod to become a companion (http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/9320/?) and it's a lot better than the vanilla ones.

    Oh, and gore bags.
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    I liked the idea of Reilly's Rangers. Too bad they didn't expand on it.
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    My first Fallout game was Fo3 and it's also my favorite game, not because New Vegas is worse - it's even better, but owing to my personal sympathies: Enclave (sideable due to mods), my dear President (just perfect!), my beloved August (though not agree with him), flock of ED-Es (coolest robots ever), lots of fantastic weapons and armors (shellproof or stealthy as you wish), interesting plot (I really think so), aliens (being an X-files fan appreciate it), giant insects, and the world itself is very wide. What about Fo1 and 2, I cannot judge here, I haven't played these games yet, have only read the storyline and it is literally exciting. I wish there were modern remakes of the first two games with extended plot and maps.
    And God bless the creators of GECK and all the mods! Without mods Fallout wouldn't have much freedom of choice.
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    You like the idea of a place having limited choices in an RPG? I would much rather have the ability to do whatever I want than to be forced to take a path that my character is not skilled in.
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    You should try Fo1 FIXT & Fo2 RP, they correct the bugs & add new contents (that were initially cut) and new features to make things smoothy.

    About new engine, there is Fonline, but not port to it currently. I don't think unity would be good. Too ressources heavy, and not enough feature, plus being ugly. If it is like Jagged Alliance, chances are that you will get less content instead of more.
    Fortunally, it aged great, so there is not current need to change engine.
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    I enjoyed the landscaping and art design for the most part; excepting where it directly [sometimes jarringly] contradicts the established art design of the series. My favorite times in FO3 were of wandering the outer wastes... far, far from any NPCs and settlements that would incur interactions with them. I also liked the overpasses.
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    Yes. The overpasses and highways were the only parts I actually enjoyed navigating. I crossed a lot back home when commuting, so they actually kind of made me feel like I was traveling long distances in a fraction of the time I originally thought. I found that to be quite relaxing whenever I wasn't being harassed by the Human-Jerky Cannibal Gangs.
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    He didn't really say that, he stated he liked not having children die so he would not get the "Child Killer" perk, a perk that's about as effective as it sounds. It's kinda different from outright stating "I want the location to have no choices". That, and it's not like Bethesda had a choice with the children anyway, moral guardians are terrible...

    It seems pretty strange, but what I liked about F3 were the green filters which everybody hates except maybe me. Also, even though it's against lore, the "wasteland-ishness" of CW. It's easy to forget that the CW was a lush and green place filled with trees and animals and now it's a brown desert with mutants, quite the contrast.
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    I knew what he meant, but we are talking about a camp full of children that are protected by a gate. If you were to actually kill a child in Fallout 3, obviously it would be your fault for being reckless. Choose a weapon that does not inflict area damage so a kid that was next to an enemy is unharmed.
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    They had a billion of choices. They could have :

    - Removed all of them.
    - Unlocked the ability to blast them with a patch for adult player
    - Make them permanently inconscious.
    - Make them flee and disapear forever
    - Replace them with juveniles
    - Have someone else get rid of them off-screen

    Instead of this, they purposly screwed you by making invincible children everywhere, force you to deal with them in the main quest, dealing with the worse of them, who constantly act jerks around you, force you to be nice with them no matter you alignement, and put them in a location that make no sense at all. It's like they are trying all the players to unite agains't invicible children by using it the worse way possible. I don't think it is possible to top them in awfulness in the way to handle those.
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    Possibly, but then it may raise the question of where all the children are in the CW.

    Not an option, unless the developers want to piss off "concerned soccer moms".

    That could potentially cause some of the LL quests unfinishable which may not matter here, but completionists or people who wanted the "Wazer Wifle" would be pissed.

    Wouldn't make sense for them to just GTFO and leave their one and only home behind, but even then that would probably just throw them into the wasteland proper (LL special encounters anyone?).

    Your right, they could've done this. Although, I wouldn't want them like Sticky.

    Would need to be part of a quest or have it happen after certain part of the storyline, just having someone out of the blue do it would break quests if you haven't gotten there yet.

    About 5 or 6 locations in a game with over 100 locations do not count as everywhere, unless your hyperboling it (which you probably are) which is unnecessary because like I said, 5 or 6 locations.
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    I have to type a message outside the quote or NMA won't allow it to be posted. Here is that random message.

    Anyway here is just a sample of the many solution they could come up with. They didn't have to choose the worst, which was my point.
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    Your right, the children didn't need to be jerks. To be fair however, only LL's children are proper jerks, the other children in the game are just that, kids.

    It doesn't matter if the game is directed to moms or 30 year olds, those soccer mom guardians will complain if a single child is harmed, period.

    But that's the thing, a completetionist would want to complete as much as they could on one save file, to collect as much with that one character, kinda like a personal goal of sorts. It's kinda a quirk with completetionists. Although if said player did decide to go on a rampage in a town and was surprised that repercussions followed, then they probably deserved it.

    That's kinda of what I mean't, the teenagers don't need to be "Sticky" they could be something else.

    I'm not sure if your stating for locations with kids in the franchise in general or just F3. In the event you mean just F3 then yes, it's about 6 or so locations:

    -Rivet City
    -Little Lamplight
    -Canterberry Commons
    -Grayditch (temporarily)
    -Citadel (there's a child in there too)

    There's also that kid who lives in a cave in PL and the girl from MZ as well, the baby from The Pitt really doesn't count though.

    That's a little over 6, but it would still contrast with the number of locations within the game proper.
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    About locations orverflowed with kids, i meant Fo3, with the location you listed, and those : (which make 12 at least)
    - Vault 101
    - Andale
    - Paradise Falls
    - Republic of Dave
    - Tranquility Lane

    At least they were kind enough not to put some in Tempeny Tower.

    I wouldn't count DLC too as their number is quite lower in them.
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    Curiously, these are the only kids you'll ever have to talk to to finish MQ (except for the LW childhood sequence). If you have one path that cannot be available (killing them) then don't have kids as characters blocking your way. Much less being dicks about it. I don't have a problem with immortal kids in NV, they don't go 'Ha ha, you can't shoot me, now dance on my leash'.

    Also, there are kids in Republic of Dave. That hardly matters, though. What should be said, though is that those 'few locations' are the majority of human settlements in CW.
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    Your right, I forgot about the Republic of Dave, probably because of it's uselessness. On the bright side, those kids in the major settlements most of the time are just there to serve as background characters and just exist to make the location have diversity, so at least you don't need to do much with them which is probably a plus.
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