Fallout Tactics mod Xkcon's ultimate rip off (0.895)

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  1. BTpat

    BTpat First time out of the vault

    Oct 3, 2010
    Hey guys, looking for some help, or info.
    Is vault 16 complete?
    At some point I've been running agains a wall here and there, asuming that maybe there isn't more past SLC further west. I've been proven wrong and found the vault 16 story, now that I'm in the bunker, idk where to go from there. What am I doing here? There isn't much except some loot.

    Anyone knows anything?
    Stand corrected, if you look around a bit youll find it. Gotta read the pages.
    But nothing else happens, it says objective complete, is this were it ends?
    The guy never tells you where his buyer is or anything.
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