Dishonored 1 and 2

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    Apologies for posting in this old thread, but I don't see much point in making a brand new one.

    I've just finished playing through Dishonored 2, so here are some of my thoughts on it.

    I agree that it should be played through as Emily. As she sees more of Serkonos and the hardships its citizens suffer (especially due to the Duke and the Grand Guard's brutality/corruption) she realizes how thoughtless an Empress she's been and how ignorant she was of the effects the Duke's rule has had on the people.

    I like the addition of new non-lethal moves, such as the slide knockout, drop knockout and the deflect knockout. I also appreciate how you can move while strangling enemies, allowing you to move them into hiding spots before they've lost consciousness. Some of Emily's powers took a bit of getting used to but it didn't take too long. It's nice that the developers included a No Power option, though I can't imagine being able to complete the game with no detections and deaths without powers (especially that fucking Clockwork Mansion mission).

    Enemies notice open doors that should actually be closed and notice if anything noteworthy is missing. They're a lot tougher as well and can insta-kill you when at low health, which gives more reason to avoid them or knock them out instead of fighting them. I was surprised that enemies can throw objects as well.

    As for the main antagonist, not only is re-using Delilah lazy but I also found her to be underwhelming in this game. Her return is given a somewhat decent explanation but I felt that re-using her, along with the whole "regain name" plot again was a poor decision, not enough to kill the game but I feel if we hadn't gotten more of the world to explore and learn about the game would have suffered much more.

    In the Brigmore Witches DLC Delilah was much more threatening and seemed a greater danger than the Lord Regent and his cronies ever were. In this game however she barely makes an appearance and it seems that she could have done much more to stop Emily but seems to think "She will fail, I will triumph!" You'd think Daud trapping her in a painting would have taught her something. Earlier in the game she's shown she can drag Emily to the Void and there are numerous times where she knows where Emily is yet does nothing to impede her progress.

    I agree. Lady Boyle's and the Pendleton twins' non lethal fates in Dishonored 1 are particularly harrowing, whilst aside from Jindosh I can't really recall a terrible fate for anyone else in Dishonored 2. The last one, yes I can see where you're coming from, but in another light you can also argue it would keep said target from ever causing harm again.

    This was a really cool concept (and yes at first I totally didn't think to knockout a key character to save them from their fate) and I really liked how it changed things when done right. I was taken by surprise to see a supporting character in better condition once I'd finished the mission (in fact I didn't notice until returning to the ship!).

    Ultimately I did enjoy the game. Another feature I like is the Quick Save and Load functions, though the load times themselves were a bit too long for my liking. I'm glad I didn't buy this game when it first came out and I still would not recommend buying digital, which is still around £49.99, when you can grab much cheaper copies from Amazon or other places.
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