Does RPG mean anything anymore?

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    Mar 21, 2016
    Well, look at that. You're narrowing 'stat/value-based interaction' and equate it completely to 'tactics/strategy'. To that, I will reply 'Tactics/strategy =/= stat/value-based interaction', or that 'tactics/strategy isn't the only stat/value-based interaction', at least in RPGs. The most common and easiest example of stat/value-based interactions, would be stat/skill checks. Not just dialogue checks, but just about every kind of checks. From checks found in dialogue (Charisma/Speech), to the ones found in environmental interaction (Perception/Traps).
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    Jul 2, 2016
    I meant those as separate statements, otherwise I would've just double spaced before the second statement. I was referring to the whole Pokemon bit with the strategy/tactics thing. Lots of games have tactics but no roleplaying to speak of.
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    Except Pokemon's strategy comes from it's rpg elements.

    It gives out pretty high money prizes and have been going on for years now... International at that not just within Japan.
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    Am I supposed to watch a forty minute video to find out how that is the case?