Fallout 5 Predictions Thread (with EXPLOSIONS!)

Discussion in 'Future Fallout Game Discussion' started by Radiosity, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Jogre

    Jogre It's all JO'Ger now

    Oct 25, 2015
    But were you serious about the

    "And completely ignore Fallout 1 lore" part?
  2. CT Phipps

    CT Phipps Half-way Through My Half-life

    Sep 17, 2016
    Only in the hyperbole sense.

    The joke being that the Boneyard was depicted as having no remnants of the original Los Angeles. You'd have to ignore it was a ruin to do a LA-themed game.

    It wouldn't be LA though if they didn't have the Followers or cult, though.
  3. Jogre

    Jogre It's all JO'Ger now

    Oct 25, 2015
    And that is why I wish it never happens.

    A good Fallout game shouldn't retconn.
  4. CT Phipps

    CT Phipps Half-way Through My Half-life

    Sep 17, 2016
    Eh, I don't mind retcons if they have explanations or are soft retcons.
  5. Jogre

    Jogre It's all JO'Ger now

    Oct 25, 2015
    Ok, so everyone here is assuming Bethesda is going to take away even more dialogue options, however I think I'll go down a more subtle route.

    Bethesda will stick with 4 dialogue options, "Yes, No" however since sarcastic options encourage some level of Roleplaying, and Bethesda doesn't approve of that, they've replaced it with "Maybe"

    And since asking more questions means they have to write a tiny bit of lore, which they don't want to do in there shooty action game filled with Raiders and Supermutants, they've replaced the ask more questions option with "I don't know"

    Every time you choose one of these dialogue options, it is exactly the same as it was, except with maybe a tiny bit of extra forced character background added here and there. Mostly it's just the same lines repeated over and over again to save money on the now 5 different protagonist voices.

    And since our fans love choices in dialogue so much, for a $8.99 DLC, you can now get a brand new 5th option "Can you repeat the question?", just in case players missed vital information or lore(Or what Bethesda call lore anyway)
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  6. DirtyOldShoe

    DirtyOldShoe Some kind of lucky

    Dec 15, 2015
    Todd did say the shooting went well in Fallout 4, maybe because they rip out the good stuff the next game won't have any shooting, it will only be bad dialogue.
  7. Prone Squanderer

    Prone Squanderer A bit of a Sillius Soddus.

    Jan 3, 2016


    *enemy drops dead*
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  8. DirtyOldShoe

    DirtyOldShoe Some kind of lucky

    Dec 15, 2015

    Fallout 5 VR Full-body chamber.
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  9. CT Phipps

    CT Phipps Half-way Through My Half-life

    Sep 17, 2016
    Actually, my terror is that Fallout: Shelter is so successful they release a series of shoddy mini-games and effectively dumb the license down to nothingness.

    yes, I'm aware of the irony.
  10. MercenarySnake

    MercenarySnake Kept you waiting huh?

    Aug 22, 2015
    They already did that.

    My prediction is you leave vault 1111 to search for your best friend who also left the vault who turns out to be your brother who turns out to be the bad guy who turns out to be the person that murdered your parents and wants to enslave everyone living in [REDACTED] since the Zetans promised to let the humans live in return.
    In the end you convince him to kill himself as he has been brainwashed by the Zetans which implanted him with Zetan tech to assume control of him. You proceed to take them on to avenge your fallen brother and manage to cut down their numbers and damage their ship causing them to retreat.

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  11. CT Phipps

    CT Phipps Half-way Through My Half-life

    Sep 17, 2016
    Fallout 5: THE RETURN OF MYRON

    Cryogenically preserved after his stabbing, Myron has returned! Brewing various brands of Jet like Jet Quartz, Jet Victory, and Jet Quantum, you get to journey to Myron's kickass Drug Palace which you will get to spend time in as you help him become the Lord of Seattle. Be Myron's best friend and help him stop those oppressives who hate good clean druggy fun!

    A zanny new adventure based on the Grand Theft Auto engine!
  12. mithrap

    mithrap Ring a ding-ding, baby

    May 17, 2016
    You know, it hurts to say that, but I'd rather have a well written game without dialog options than a clumsy, badly written RPG with bad dialogs. Look at Dishonored for example. You still make choices, but they are integrated within the gameplay, there's no dialog option, and it's still a memorable story.
    Of course, the best option would be to hire a dialogist, a good writer and a script doctor, next time. I still can't believe that these kind of situations were greenlighted, recorded and integrated in the final game :


  13. naossano

    naossano Vault Fossil

    Oct 19, 2006
    - Optionnal dialogs
    You can toggle an option so you automaticall skip dialogs. Your quest journals will be uptated by bumping onto an npc.

    - Automatic reward.
    You get reward when you finish a quest. No need to come back to see the npc. If the npc has a new quest after this one, you quest journal is updated. No need to see the guy.

    - Androgyne player character.
    So only one voice over for both genders. But don't worry, npc will be able to say your name. (amongs 49 others. If your name isn't on the list, it will be automatically corrected by the closest on the list.)

    - Every named npc will be essential
    And many unnamed too.

    - You will be able to build your own space station.
    Said station will, somehow, regularly be attacked by raiders, super-mutants, deathclaws and molerats.

    - 56 new models of power armors.
    You can craft them from pieces of junk and brahmin shits.

    - You can also craft vertibirds.
    (and put them in your inventory when you don't use them)

    - You start the game as the leader of all the main factions, but you still have to do menial tasks for your underlings.

    - All the map is revealed and you can fast travel teleport anywhere from the get go.

    - Tunnel Snakes will be one of the main factions.

    - You will have a super-mutant companion, but as a mindblowingly shocking twist of fate, he will be... NICE !!! (unfortunately, it will be his only character trait)

    - one of the 75 paid dlc will be about putting a bigger gap between the crashes to desktop.

    - companions romance

    - radiant family members to seek for.

    - backer npc despite the company being big en0ugh to not need crowdfunding

    - characters that only exist for merchandizing

    - a flying dolphin companions after the previous best selling game was about a dolphin.

    - no visible dialog options. The four buttons will always amount for the same kind of answers, so lets safe some room for watching landscape during dialogs.
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  14. mrchaos

    mrchaos Super Orc

    Nov 14, 2015
    Super mutants will still show up, without any reason, goal, leadership or FEV, but hey, players need something to shoot.

    New factions without a coherent goal.

    The brotherhood returns has a powerfull major faction (because of course they have) .

    F**king Liberty Prime.

    A lot and a lot of canon rape.
  15. Kadscaner

    Kadscaner Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Feb 4, 2016
    BOS will be back and somehow will be even MORE different from what they were in the OG games

    Either the Institute or the Enclave will make a comeback somehow

    Main character will be voiced, naturally

    Dialogue will be even less immersive and more shitty

    Many cliche "cookie cutter" characters & "quests"

    More lore breaking

    Horses will be in the game cause fuck it

    Todd will continue to be praised, as well as Bethesda

    Game will probably be set in New York or something even though NY was completely destroyed in the lore but whatever

    More settlement BS

    Ghouls and other "regular" mutants will make a comeback

    +200 year old wooden structures will somehow still be standing

    Fucking Liberty Prime

    Non-functioning cars will be in as well

    Fast travelling

    Bethesda Bugs

    Shitty DLC
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  16. ikazuchi87

    ikazuchi87 First time out of the vault

    Jun 16, 2007
    No more boring dialogs, full FPS ARPG PEW PEW, multyplayer, more lore rape, random generated quest and dungeons.
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  17. naossano

    naossano Vault Fossil

    Oct 19, 2006
    But you will have to romance it first.
    ( which, somehow, will be a mandatory quest that you will need to go through in order to win the game)
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  18. ArkBird

    ArkBird FO3 Fanboy

    Mar 3, 2016
    FO5 won't be Fallout game
  19. ThatZenoGuy

    ThatZenoGuy Residential Zealous Evolved Nano Organism

    Nov 8, 2016
    I have a feeling the weapons will change design AGAIN.
  20. a721402

    a721402 I'm officially doomed.

    Mar 29, 2016
    Say it like bethesda's 3 or 4 are Fallout games.