How would you have re-done Fallout 3's lore?

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    I have imagined the last few days a game set about the same time of Fallout 1, somewhere 50-100 years after the great war.

    DC and the surrounding area is a allround crappy place, even for post-nuclear war America since it was massively bombed in the great war.
    People mostly survived in the vaults and government bunkers. And that's were our story starts.

    During the 21st century good old USA got a lot more paranoid, authoritarian and sectarian in it's government and leadership, the different departments even more than in our timeline looked to their own interests and the closer to the great war got the budgets swelled and so did their rivalries with each other. They buildt large underground facilities under their headquarters to house the core personnel of the departments and their families in case of nuclear war as well as sustain their lifes for many years. The departments could theoretically continue to exist and funktion underground for over 20 years completely isolated from the surrounding world.

    Many of these underground bunkers and complexes were also connected to each other and other underground installations such as the DC Subway system, larger bomb shelters and archives connected to downtown facilities in the pre-war DC Bunker project.

    As the war draw nearer many in the upper government got a head start over regular folks and much of the personnel of the departments made it into the bunkers under their headquarters, as life were wiped out on the surface they survived underneath. Contact with the outside world were completely destroyed and for many years they continued their life underground, believing that not much else survived. In the underground system they tried to set up a common leadership and cooperation but it ultimately failed and they isolated themselves from each other. Over time their culture and ideologies changed from each other even more and they started to infiltrate and undermine each other, the conflicts escalated to open conflict and war.

    When they re-emerged on the surface the conflicts continued. They took over their neghbouring areas and fortified the ruins of the headquarters into large fortress-like structures. Raiders and settlements were bullied by the strong military force of the departments and soon much of the DC ruins were claimed by the various factions.

    The most powerful was the Pentagon with the remnants of the defence department and the NSA, they boasted the largest military.
    In northern Washington the remnants of the Judiciary department and FBI controlled another swath of land equiped with pre-war heavy police gear as well as some power armour suits made for chrisis crowd-control. In Langley the remnants of the CIA rules etc.

    These factions are somewhat similar to the BoS of the west coast, despite not being strictly military they had access to a lot of resources and arms before the war and stocked their bunkers full with weapons, robots, ammo and everything they think they would need in a worst-case scenario. They also don't care much for non-members such as other factions and wastelanders and see only to their own interests, looting the surrounding areas for weapons, technology, food etc. They are also vaguely reminicsent of the Enclave, but note that they are not under their control, the Enclave abandonded DC and the East Coast for California and the Offshore oil rig. The top leadership of the Government departments were part of the Enclave and similarily abandoned their organizations following the great war. The leadership of the later department-states are descendants of the second-tier leadership and middle chiefs that were left behind.

    The Department states are very much armed after how they looked pre-war, the defence department is largerly military and has a lot of military equipment, while the FBI fights fights in pre-war police armour and weapons. All of them have some access to Power armour suits though. Some of them, like the CIA have great skill in subterfuge etc.

    The culture of the departments have shifted as generations have passed, now they are basically high-skilled and armed tribal raider factions with access to Power armors and high-tech weaponry. They fight under banners simplified from pre-war symbols and insignias while seeking knowledge and power from the hidden archives and labs under DC.

    The DC ruins are vast and dangerous. It was a lot larger than in our universe and got bombed a lot in the great war, making it a crappy place to be. It's littered with ghouls, mutated freaks, dangerous wildlife and raiders. The only civilized areas are around the bastions of the various department-states, their soldiers always try to seek through the ruins and underground facilities of Washington after pre-war military secrets and technology. The rest of the DC ruins are littered with ghouls, raiders and various kinds of mutated freaks and animals, remade by radiation and dark pre-war experiments. Raider gangs, prospectors, hired guns etc. also exist a plenty, often in some form of proximity to the department-states.

    Outside the DC ruins there are small towns and tribes, and that's where you start, either in one of the vaults or as some town-dweller or tribal.

    I haven't figured everything out yet of course so if you have any input, suggestions or objections let me hear.
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    Oh yeh, sounds funky. :wiggle:
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    I'd just provide explanations for most of the lore in-game.

    The big change I'd make would be that Elder Lyons is a Elder of the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel and not the West Coast.

    If he's left of the Brotherhood's Leftists that makes more sense.

    * Make all of the Raiders have a gang and have them have bases on the map.
    * Make Evergreen Mills a trading hub you can visit without killing everyone and get some Raider lore.
    * Put a farm outside of Megaton and allow you to visit a big farm on the top of the aircraft carrier deck. Every settlement should have crops.
    * Explain the food is running out in the Capital and the wells have been poisoned recently so they need to get new water sources now or everyone will die.
    * Give an option to side with the Enclave.
    * Explain that Raven's Rock was an Enclave Base before the War rather than try to say they're the Survivors of the Poiseidon Oil Rig.
    * Explain the Raiders of the Capital Wasteland are descendants of the psychotic evil experiment vaults.
    * Make the argument with John Henry Eden longer and more in-depth.
    * Explain the Talon Company as a foreign mercenary company hired by the Enclave to wipe out the Raiders and locals--only to be betrayed.
    * Have either the Lamplighters as 200 year old mutant immortals who look like kids or guarded by the Super Mutants to explain their survival. Have it also explained the adults are havested as a kind of sick farm.
    * Make the Vault 101 a place you can visit afterward for trade if you kept things bloodless.
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    But the enclave literally only existed on the oil rig.
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    Very well, a base of an organization that was functionally identical and all Enclave members are descended from.
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    But... They're descended from the oil rig iirc. It'd be best to just have a new villain. Tbh the Oasis vs two or three factions vying for the power green food and fresh water would bring wouldn't be a bad place to start.
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    Except for the fact that maybe it'd be a good idea to have the Power Armored Good Guys vs. Powered Armoed Baddies.

    Also, the fact the villain of Washington D.C. being the former US government is a pretty good idea if you're discussing the destructiveness of nationalism.

    Which is a theme in the game.
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    There's a real interesting notion of the word 'fact' on display here.
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    I love my Fallout with clear good guys and clear bad guys. Moral ambiguity and understandable backgrounds and motivations be damned.

    Seriously, i laughed out loud at the prospect of Fallout 3 having any theme. :lol:
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    It's has themes it just doesn't explore them very well.
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    Not much more new for me to say that others haven't. Scrap Super-Mutants and the Brotherhood. Though, if I were forced to put the Brotherhood in I think I'd give them the origin of the Fallout 76 Brotherhood because I actually don't think its too horrible of an explanation. Better than the trans-continental voyage shit.

    I still like the idea of spending the first few hours in the Vault, but I'd make it much more player choice driven even if its only in minor ways. The reason for leaving the Vault could either be just a way to kick the player out (i.e exile for a murder they did or did not commit) or it could be a overhead drive for exploration (i.e find the water chip/GECK etc etc) and would definitely not be as pre-written or narratively pigeonholed as the whole dad storyline. Either way, I'd love for the Vault to be a cosy if not slightly dystopian (think the society in the movie Brazil) in order to contrast with the surface. I always thought Fallout 1 missed that aspect.

    I still like the idea of DC being an irradiated, trashed hellhole even by Wasteland standards. Where all the scum, slavers and the desperate come away from the more stable regions. Bringing purified water to the area and being the hero who starts turning it around would make a fun underdog "Champion of the losers" vibe to the area I think and exploring a massively expanded Art Deco nightmare of DC ala the Boneyard would be fun.

    In terms of factions, there'd be no big NCR or Legion styled nations, instead they'd be more smaller sized nomadic millitia type deals. Slavers, Raider tribes, Prospecting gangs, religious extremists. DC is like a booby-trapped treasure chest. Full of potential but highly lethal/risky, the more safe/stable groups of the Wasteland stay the fuck away from it because why wouldn't they? So instead you have a lot of dedicated small timers trying to make their big play, and with some mcguffin water purifier suddenly it becomes an actual fight. You're in the crucible where Wasteland millitias can become actual factions.

    The Enclave would be around but as an isolationist presence. A side-story at most. In the vein of the Boomers in the Mojave, everyone sorta knows they're around but they've got a system for vaporizing anyone who comes near them. Perhaps they were escapees from the rig as in the real Fallout 3, but only a small number of them. They came flying on pilgramage to DC in the hopes or perhaps assumption of finding another US Government outpost, only to despair at the fact that everything was dead. Nobody made it in DC. So they settle and re-establish what they thought was going to be an operational base on the way over. Bringing in some weird eugenics program, they're basically breeding and waiting on top a mountain of technology for the radiation in DC to die down and their numbers to grow so that in decades to come they can retake the capital.

    At the time of the game they're in themselves a mcguffin. Hugely powerful but totally isolationist, the challenge for the Player would be that they would have the information or technology to access some major tech or mcguffin inside the ruins of DC itself.
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    Had some brainfarts today on this subject I am going to post here.

    The Glowing City (yeah original): The ruins of Washington DC. As you approach this city's borders you are getting this warm feeling inside you. It could not be the welcoming sight so it must be the radiation.
    Still that and the nasty abominations that have crawled up in the decades after the war don't deter prospectors from searching the glowing DC craters for useful things, and having wars between claim jumpers.

    The Rivet City Council: the closest thing to actually resembling a government in this wasteland. The Rivet City Council operates from a stranded carrier that has become one of the few civilized settlements in the region.
    There it has been trying to put some law and order in effect, trying to convince the other settlements to join in forming a new republic.
    It even funded some ambitious projects such as a failed attempt at terraforming using old Vault Tec technology though rumors go there is a test site somewhere in the wasteland where the experiments were successful.

    The Talon Mercenaries: a mysterious group from outside the region who have recently come to the Capital Wasteland and been setting up camps throughout it.
    The Talon Mercenaries are primarily looking for Pre War weapon caches for their mysterious contractor(s) but they do take on the occasionally local contract.

    Mama Dolce's: a pre war food factory that serves as a hideout for a group of pre war Chinese soldiers that have been Ghoulified.
    Cut off from their leadership in China since the War the Ghouls have been doing little than patrolling the area while living of the Pre-War vacuum packed food.
    One of the residents of Tenpenny Tower however has big plans on reviving Communism in the Capital Wasteland and would be most interested in being brought in contact with the ghoul soldiers.

    Reilly's Rangers: descendants from the National Guard, the rangers have been trying to maintain order and protecting civilians and settlements ever since the bombs fell, being able to do a somewhat adequate job despite the overwhelming odds.
    Unfortunate attrition and an increasing number of threats has forced the Rangers to shrink down the territory they patrol and effectively protect, leaving some settlements defenseless.
    They have been at odds with the Rivet City armed forces over areas and settlements of interest.

    The Family: a wasteland cult that preaches unity between humans and mutants, creating a new future in which both will work and live together in peace.
    It sounds all flowery and warm feelings but why are their higher ranking members so determined to get into Fort Constantine, a pre war military base that stores nuclear warheads?

    The Water Traders: one of the biggest caravan companies in the wasteland because of their control of the Montgomery Country Reservoir. They trade water to settlements throughout the Capital Wasteland and make quite a lot of money on it as they are the ones deciding the prices.

    Olney: a Pre War settlement that was pretty unimportant until it got annexed by the emerging Vault Dwellers from the nearby Vault 92 that since then have been converting the settlement into the capital of their new vault nation.
    Common people are still welcome as long as they are content with being second class citizens.
    One of the rare places in the Capital Wasteland where one can find really advanced technology.

    Tenpenny Tower: a party town and residence to some of the most rich (by wasteland terms) people in the Capital Wasteland. Run by its proprietor Allistar Tenpenny, it is the place where every trader and prospector goes to to have a good time in its casinos, brothels, and other places of entertainment. And nothing of course can beat the luxurious almost Pre War class hotel rooms in the tower itself.
    No one asks where Tenpenny got the money and resources from to found this place and why he keeps making more than what the casinos and brothels provide.
    Unknown to most Allistar Tenpenny is the man behind the raiders operating from Evergreen Mills and the slavers in Paradise Falls and he has set his eyes on controlling the Capital Wasteland.

    Paradise Falls: the largest slaver market in the Capital Wasteland. Here is where captured slaves are brought to be processed and be sold to sellers from within and outside the region.
    It is a rather fortified settlement and the raiders are heavily armed, deterring most militias from trying to take the place and free the slaves.

    The nearby WKML radio station keeps the slavers informed about potential new targets and troublesome rangers in the area.

    Evergreen Mills: the home and base of operations for the largest raider groups in the wasteland.
    It was established by Allistar Tenpenny as a settlement and place of entertainment to ensure that his "employees" would not come to Tenpenny Towers and bother the visitors and guests there.
    If one wants to be a raider this is the place where one can sign up, after one has gone to the initiation trials in the ring of course.

    Raven Rock: a Pre War military command center and nuclear fallout shelter from before the war, it was intended as a back-up Pentagon to the Pentagon.
    It is a place full of advanced technology and weapons including much coveted Power Armor.
    Raven Rock is controlled by automated systems that make sure that no one can near or in it (Scooter made it in and managed to make it out most alive again but he was never quite the same) while it sends out robots programmed to collect information about the area and bring back specimens for study and vivisection.
    It is the main source of the various robots that are causing so much trouble in the Capital Wasteland.

    Oasis: The primary test site. Here the scientists hired by the Rivet City Council made their big breakthrough on detoxing contaminated soil and terraforming it in a matter of days using Vault Tec technology and modified fertilizers.
    But when the Council wanted the experiment to be repeated on a large scale the money ran out and the project was put on hold indefinitely.
    Oasis is protected by forcefields and security robots, making sure no one who is not invited can get in.

    Another series of mind fart that will most likely never be used.
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