I'm entirely rewriting Fallout 4's story.

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    inon zur is a good composer tho. he did great with new vegas.

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    I'm was probably too hard on Zur. Zur is a good composer and his soundtrack for fallout 4 is very good. It just doesn't fit fallout like at all and that's the problem. His soundtrack for new vegas is decent though. I guess obsidian gave him a better direction than Bethesda.
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    I do plan to replace 'some' music and modify the scenery quite a bit. However to really "fix" the overall look requires ENB. Also I'm turning off the radio there should be no dandy songs blasting on the radio all the time.

    Btw new stream where I talk about some new ideas regarding the main quest.

    Character creation involves picking a race (human, ghoul, super mutant or robot) then selecting one of 2 job opportunities upon your arrival in Boston, which is either a detective under Nick Valentine or a field journalist under Piper.

    The advantages of this premice:
    1: You have a concrete, believable motivation to interact with everyone, meet every faction and do quests.

    2: What kind of Detective or Journalist you are is very open to personal interprétation and roleplay.

    3: It works for pacifist playthroughs and still gives a motivation to witness battles or faction interactions.

    4. Gives the PC something to do at the start without being too limiting to one's backstory.

    You select your stats like you're filling in a resumé. You are also afterwards given a pipboy by either Piper or Valentine with the idea that they see your employment position as dangerous and requiring such a rare device they weren't really using. How they got their hands on one can be asked.

    That's so far what we've thought of for the start.
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    There are sidequests?
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    Contradicting what I say in the stream here, but I just thought an interesting idea would be to keep the Eastern BOS rather and then have them clash with the Mid-Western BOS.
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    I'd actually say that you should add more color, specifically to the flora. There's no reason for everything to still be dead after hundreds of years.
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    @mithrap has made quite an idea doc, so I'll repost it here for other people's thoughts:


    Boston is no longer a ghost town ; it is now occupied by thousands of people, protected behind a
    wall. You get inside the city by crossing one of the bridges and get through the checkpoints, then
    through the big city wall.

    For performance reasons, I wonder if the best way to implement an actual megalopolis would be to
    separate it in five maps, separated by load screens, like in Fallout 3. The discomfort of having to go
    through loading screens is worth it, because it would allow for the creation of an actual city within
    Fallout 4, something that is missing in the current version of the game.
    Now, we need to see if this is actually possible. If so, it would even allow for better performances in
    the wilds and while flying in Vertibird.

    While Boston is a megapolis full of life, technology and activity, the outside is a barren, dangerous
    wasteland. Think of something in the spirit of megacity 01, surrounded by the radioactive desert, in
    the Judge Dredd Universe. It's something in that spirit.

    What we should do about the wilds :

    I think that we should take the bet of a stark contrast : high tech and formidable standards of living
    inside the wall, but beyond ? Not just the wasteland that we know, but a more barren, lifeless and
    desperate one. We must FEEL how being a citizen of Boston, under the rule of the Institute, is a
    luck, and how being rejected from the safety of the walls means a very difficult life.

    It needs to be WAY more hostile and alien looking than now, but we don't need to change much to
    achieve that. I think we should thrive for something in the spirit of Dredd :

    Or in the spirit of Blade Runner 2049 :

    Fundamentally, we should use the assets of the statues and put several of them into the wild, like
    graves, but we'd need to scale them up, in order to give a sense of WOW seeing them.
    The whole thing, coupled with a climate overhaul in the spirit of « Dead sun weather » ?

    Other things that I think we should do about the wilds :

    -Add « SYNTH CHECKPOINTS » and « SYNTH CARAVANS ». The idea is to show that the
    Institute owns the entire commonwealth, and has a word to say about its trade policies, and the
    immigration policies. Plus, it would look odd and alien, which is good.

    -There are three quarry sites in the Commonwealth : Thicket Excavations, Quincy Quarries and
    Dunwich Borers. I suggest that we add workers in Thicket Excavations and Quincy Quarries,
    excavating the quarry under the rule of Synth overseers, in order to show that the commonwealth
    HAS a viable resource industry, which would finally justify why on earth traders would travel there.
    I suggest that we leave Dunwich Borers empty, as it is an interesting place on its own as it is.

    -Relay towers should have a role to play in the story. In the current situation, their importance is
    very vague. I suggest tying their activation to a quest (for example, the Brotherhood wants to send a
    message to the outcasts, rallying them, but they need to extend the range of the radio signal in order
    to do that) and fortifying them with higher level enemies.

    -Sanctuary must have been lived in recently. It mustn't have been a ghost town for two centuries. I'll
    explain why in the story section (it would be the city that the citizens of vault 111 founded, using
    their G.E.C.K.)

    -We need to find what to do about Covenant and the pillars of the community. Two of the dumbest
    places/communities possible as they are, we can't leave them like this ! Maybe they could be
    anomalies, sights of a community from a different universe, shared inside ours because of the
    shattered reality, unstable because of the Institute's experiments ? Or maybe we should erase them
    altogether ?

    -The glowing sea should have a little settlement of Super Mutants, and I suggest using the arena
    asset from the combat zone to create an actual Super Mutant colisseum, where fights are performed
    between Super Mutant gladiators. Defeating Strong in combat there could unlock him as a
    companion ?

    I'll talk about an idea of « anomalies » in the bestiary part, I think that if it's possible, it would add a
    very interesting part of the gameplay ! Imagine if there were anomalies there, shattering the very
    fabric of space and time ; like a trigger zone, where the game speed suddenly accelerates, extremely
    dangerous if you play on hardcore mode...

    -It would also be interesting to add technological dumps. Places where the Institute throws away
    used Synths and defective pieces of technology, where broken robots like Nick roam around, trying
    to find replacement parts. Something in the spirit of the robot dump in Spielberg's « AI » :


    The Institute

    The Institute no longer hides in the shadow. It is no longer the boogeyman of the commonwealth ; it
    is its official government. Operating in the open, its existence is known by everyone and its power
    is absolute over Boston.

    The Institute's Synths make for about 60% of Boston's population, and the sight of Institute officials
    is common. They provide the city with food, energy, labor and protection, write its laws, rules over
    who becomes a citizen and who is rejected to the wasteland. It is NOT a democracy. The Boston
    citizen never vote.

    Bunker Hills has a speaker, that the Institute uses to spread its message of advancement towards the
    golden age of mankind through technology, bioscience, robotics, artificial intelligence and quantum
    experiments. Just imagine regular speeches, something in the spirit of :

    It's also a safeguard, in case the Synths rebel ; a single word and they all reset. The Institute led
    Boston to a golden age of technology, at the price of high unemployment. They resolved the fertility
    crisis, thanks to synthetic surrogate mothers who gave birth to actual humans. They cleaned Boston
    of all radiations and secured the city from the horrors of the outside. They provided energy and
    electricity to everyone inside the walls.

    While the Institute succeeded at most of these tasks, it is now on the verge of something new.
    Something that could allow the mass production of microfusion cells, G.E.C.K. Units and enough
    power to upgrade all the Synths to a new level of autonomy : the power to evolve by themselves.
    Through the sheer power of the quantum reactor. Some say that this technology has enough
    destructive potential that it would make the great war look like a walk in the park. The fabric of
    reality itself could be shattered.

    But these are all blabbering from savages beyond the wall that surrounds Boston. Nothing can stop
    the progress of mankind, and the Institute has run every single simulation possible. The Quantum
    reactor is not only possible, it is about to start.

    The Institute is not « evil » per se. They have a good reason to hate the railroad now, and the
    development of the commonwealth is truly their true motivation. Their opposition with the
    brotherhood is not only ideological, but political, as the Institute simply resists a foreign invasion by
    a feudal dictatorship.

    We refine the Institute's motivations and means available

    1 : The Institute wants to keep power over Boston, because they believe that they are the most
    suited to lead the commonwealth to a technological golden age, whereas the outer world is seen as a
    medieval radioactive nightmare. The thing is that now, they have a concrete reason to believe that.
    They actually proved that they are suited for that rôle, considering the prevalence of synth workers
    in Boston, the automation of manual labor and the overall well being of the citizen inside the wall.

    2 : In the current game, the Institute is below every faction in terms of technological achievements.
    They are below the Brotherhood and the Railroad in terms of weaponry. They are below the Big
    MT in terms of teleportation and synthetic sentience. They are below the Shis in terms of energy,
    armory and bioscience. They are below Dr.House in terms of biomechanics and life extensions.
    This is a problem that needs to be fixed.

    In this mod, the Institute acknowledges the achievements of these factions, reached out to some of
    them and learned from them. Now, their weapons are the higher tier in the whole arsenal.
    Teleportation has been refined, thanks to a partnership with the Big MT and the sharing of low orbit
    satellites. Synthetic sentience is becoming absolute, since the Institute is about to let their synths
    EVOLVE, which is beyond anything we have ever seen. They don't have problems of energy
    anymore, since their nuclear reactors have been working for decades without problems, and their
    bioscience department actually managed to clean the whole town of Boston from radiations.
    As for the high council ? They are all virtually immortal, without the setbacks that House had to
    live by.

    3 : We can fix the Institute's lore problems. First and foremost, if we remove the father/son dynamic
    with Shaun, everything makes more sense now.

    Secondly, the Institute could very well acknowledge the Synth's sentience ; they don't believe in
    their FREE WILL, which is totally different, and is an actual valid point of view.

    Third, we can totally remove the link between the Institute and the F.E.V., because it makes NO
    SENSE for them to create Super Mutants and release them in the wild. They might have studied
    them and refined their genes to transfer the cancer immunity to Institute leaders and coursers, but no

    4 : The Institute doesn't hide anymore, which is more in line with the previous titles (Dr.House
    knows where the Institute is, same for every single peasant Dr.Zimmer talked to in Rivet City. They
    have no reason to hide, especially in a place called « the Institute », worst hideout ever.)
    It makes them WAY more interesting.

    5 : The Institute isn't blind anymore. They acknowledge the sentience of Synths and actually
    consider the risks of revolts ; they just know that it takes one sentence through the speaker in
    Bunker Hill to reset every single Synth AI in Boston. They are now smart, they take precaution

    A quest would lead the player to actually shut down the speaker of Bunker Hill, so that the Synths
    can revolt without the risk of being shut down ; a valid reason for the battle of Bunker Hill, whereas
    in the main game, I can't even remember why the Institute would attack it.

    6 : We can link the Institute to the previous titles. Let's have a moment where Mr.House is contacted
    and offers his advices on how to fight the Brotherhood's robot army. Because it would make total
    sense ; Mr.House was an Institute member and the founder of Robco later on. He'd be the most
    valuable consultant for the Institute, especially if his teachers are STILL ALIVE thanks to
    bioscience technology.

    The Midwest Brotherhood

    The Brotherhood of steel. But a very specific one : the midwest brotherhood.
    The lost chapter. The one which tamed the plains from Chicago to northern Colorado, conquering
    cities, crushing the robot army under its boots, assimilating the super mutants and the deathclaws
    into their squads and into their scientific branches.

    A chapter led by the calculator ; half-man, half-machine, connected to the central hub of Vault Tec,
    from which it controls its army of paladins, mutants and machines.
    The calculator has estimated the risks of override from the Institute, should they manage to engage
    the quantum reactor and upgrade their own artificial intelligences. And the risk is too high. It's only
    a matter of time before this foreign power who plays with technology like a toddler with toys can
    take control over the Midwest Brotherhood Forces.

    The Midwest Brotherhood is very different from the east coast chapter. It maintains a very strict
    feudal system over its subjects, but is also very agressive in its expansionism. Another particular
    point, they did not hesitate to assimilate Super Mutants, Ghouls, machines and Deathclaws within
    their society, in which they play important roles, be it in research, special forces, council, trade...
    They are here in the commonwealth to impose an ultimatum to the Institute : abandon the power
    over Boston, or there will be war. Deathclaws will be unleashed in the wilds. Sentry Bots will
    blockade the industry sites. Paladins will kill every single synth they see. Super Mutants will be
    offered a chance to join the Brotherhood, by taking the fight to Boston.

    The midwest Chapter sees the eastern chapter as traitors and fools. Should they intervene, they will
    be exterminated. Should their outcasts seek a chapter that follows the codex to the letter, a message
    will be sent to them : join the TRUE brotherhood in the commonwealth, and fight for the quarantine
    and preservation of technology, under the leadership of the calculator.

    Why the Midwest Brotherhood instead of the East Coast one ?

    1 : The calculator would have a direct, tangible reason to intervene, whereas Maxson's reasons are
    more abstract, and based on faith/ideology.
    Should the Institute expand its influence to Artificial Intelligence, the risks of overriding the
    calculator's power over his army of machines is actually a real threat, especially considering what
    happened the last time these robots were under a different rule : the entire country could have been
    drowned in blood and fuel, and it is only thanks to the midwest brotherhood that this apocalypse did
    not happen.

    2 : It would make more sense for them to use a zeppelin like the Prydwen, considering that their
    origins are tied to a zeppelin fleet, and that their territory is HUGE, and they'd need air support to
    monitor it, unlike the east coast brotherhood, which only owns Washington D.C.
    It would make sense for them to explore their own roots and expand this technology forwards,
    whereas the east coast brotherhood doesn't have any lore connection to the zeppelins.

    3 : The Brotherhood of steel in the original Fallout 4 actually tries to emulate them. Intimidation of
    farmers, hiring of outsiders, a more brutal and warlike approach, and the use of mass destruction
    weapons to exterminate their enemies. Things that make WAY more sense for the Midwest
    Brotherhood than for the East Coast one, which is only 10 years from Lyons doctrine. The Midwest
    Brotherhood doesn't hesitate to actually use nuclear weapons and starve out a population that
    doesn't pay its taxes, for example.

    4 : They are more interesting. Because despite their brutality, they are the only chapter which
    accepts non-humans within their ranks : ghouls, deathclaws, robots and Super Mutants are
    integrated, both in the civilian life and in the military. They genuinely don't care about racial
    differences ; they only care about the safety of technology. Which actually makes them a valuable
    moral choice for the player.

    WE COULD HAVE DEATHCLAWS NPCS, and tactical squads of armored Deathclaws roaming
    around with brotherhood soldiers. Now, that'd be a sight to see.

    5 : Because they aren't hypocrites like Maxson. Also, their motivations are more concrete, more
    simple and straight to the point, which makes them a more relatable faction than in the current
    game. Their leader is already a man who became one with a machine. Their soldiers use bionic
    implants. Their goal is to ensure the safety of the wasteland, by making sure that the institute can
    never control their robot army. It's a solid, simple and realistic motivation.

    6 : Their presence would generate GOOD fanservice. Fans would speculate about how Lyons and
    Maxson would react to the ghosts of the lost chapter showing up at their border, in full force. Is a
    civil war between chapters inevitable ? Would Lyons actually support the Institute ?

    7 : Because it's more lore friendly. In Fallout 3, the Institute operates in the open in Rivet City, and
    the presence of a gen-3 synth + a Courser within sight of Brotherhood of steel operatives doesn't
    cause any diplomatic problem. The two factions coexist peacefully, interact with each other and the
    synths don't cause any ideological problem.

    More than that, the protagonist of Fallout 3 actually receives Institute Bionic Implants, and is still
    allowed to serve next to the Elder, and is elevated as a hero of the brotherhood.
    The sudden turn in their diplomatic agenda is « possible », but it feels rushed and forced, when you
    remember that the events of Fallout 3 only took place 10 years ago.

    Existing mods :

    1 : Midwest Power Armor Evolution ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33121 )
    To replace every instance of T-60 (which also fixes a big lore mistake from Bethesda).

    2 : M-60 ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33319 )
    The Midwest Brotherhood relies on standard heavy weapons instead of laser technology.
    Which is excellent, because it allows the Institute to keep its visual specificity, as they'd be the only
    ones carrying high-tech laser weapons.

    Second point, the battles from the third act of the game were HORRIBLE to play, with dozens of
    laser bolts on screen at every second. Should only one faction have laser weaponry, the fights won't
    be as cluttered and will be WAY more enjoyable to play.

    3 : Chainmail (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44172)
    The Midwest Brotherhood soldiers wear medieval chainmails under their kevlar vests. While this is
    a skyrim mod, it looks pretty easy to port it to Fallout 4, and it would give a very distinct look,
    especially combined with a high-tech, modern armored vest.

    4 : Deathclaw Armory (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22270?tab=images)
    To equip the Deathclaws that are part of the Brotherhood elite squads, and would appear in the
    levelled lists once the Prydwen arrives. We could have Deathclaw NPCs in the Boston Airport, that
    would be interesting, and it's a missed feature since Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. I suggest we
    replace scribe Haylen with one. Her attachment to Danse would be less cliché, as she'd see him as
    the first « human » to have accepted her as she is.

    Sentry Bots would need to be removed from the world and levelled lists, in order to make them part
    of the Midwest Robot Army.

    The railroad :

    Not much would need to be changed about the railroad, except three very little things that would
    make them WAY more interesting.

    1 : The railroad is presented as a religious faction in Fallout 3. I propose that we reintroduce some
    religious elements to them ; a neo-christian subfaction within the Railroad, who sees the Synths as a
    perfected form of human being, that needs to be converted and baptized so that they can have the
    gift of free will.

    2 : The most interesting part. While 90% of the railroad is really convinced that they are helping
    synths escape, the truth is very different. It's a smuggling ring, a trafic... They are basically slavers,
    people who run a « human » trafic. It's realistic ; plenty of human trafficking mafias operate by
    luring their victims with the appareance of goodwill and morality. The railroad is the perfect cover.
    And there would totally be such kinds of traffics, as Synths are worth a ton of money. An intact
    synth is worth thousands and thousands of caps ; a Synth hand can be sold to tribals who believe
    that they hold magical powers, for fertility rituals and such.

    When the player realizes that, he'll understand that the railroad works closely with the Stalkers
    (raiders) and that they are actually part of the SAME faction. Now, raiders make sense, as they are
    smugglers, and they have the support of an actual employer inside Boston.

    The player may want to back out, now ; but wait. As smugglers, the Railroad has access to the
    BEST LOOT possible. Would it be worth it to leave them now, or would the player be tempted to
    keep helping them for his own benefit ? We now give an actual, plausible reason behind the arsenal
    that the Railroad possesses (Gauss Rifles and high-tier armors, for a start).

    Also, it makes Deacon and Desdemona actually interesting. Because we now have a concrete proof
    of why Deacon is said the be the greatest liar of the Commonwealth. It makes total sense for the
    vanilla character, even with his past.

    As for Desdemona, it gives her a double personality. We understand that she is a perfect liar and a
    very viable politician, which justifies her level of responsibility and it gives her way more
    personality, whereas in the current game, she is a forgettable character with nothing much

    Of course, it also explains why the Institute hates them. They now have a GOOD REASON to do so
    and to systematically exterminate them. The player could join the Institute for an actual, plausible
    motivation : protect the Synths. Protect the assets, and fight the liars.

    3 : That element finally allows the player to actually join an evil faction. A truly, truly evil one,
    which wasn't possible until now. But not just « evil guys » who kill for pleasure. No, realistic evil
    people, who hide behind a wall of good intentions.

    It allows the player to join a raider faction in a
    believable, plausible and IMMERSIVE way.

    Stalkers :

    Of course, now that we have seen the link between raiders and the railroad, time to explore what
    needs to be changed about them.

    First of all, there are no more « raiders » in the commonwealth. They have been wiped out a century
    ago, when the Institute took power and unleashed the destructive power of synths upon them. The
    lands have been scrapped clean from raiders ages ago.

    What remains, is a simple « retexture » of the raiders under a new name, which is a very little
    something that makes way more sense. They are now « STALKERS ».
    These people don't RAID, because there's nothing left to raid. Everything has been looted and
    explored ages ago, it wouldn't make sense for raiders to still exist. What they do, is smuggling
    business ; they hunt down Synths and sell their components to mysterious buyers outside of the
    Commonwealth (the Ronto Conglomerate ? The Brotherhood of Steel? Tribes looking for Synth
    components because of religious beliefs?)

    Now, this faction makes sense.

    Even more so, when we remember the link between them and the Railroad.
    They also have their own beliefs and superstitions. They are trying to find a way inside the Institute,
    where they believe that « TECHNOLOGY WILL MAKE ALL THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE »,
    as if Institute's tech was seen as pure magic. It enhances the Institute's presence while giving a
    second layer of complexity to the raiders.

    That layer of superstition is enhanced by one thing : Mama Murphy is no longer part of the
    Minutemen faction. She is a Stalker prophet, who dumps them superstitions and prophecies. She
    can be consulted in exchange for caps, drugs or synth components, in her « temple » in the Corvega
    factory, where Raiders ask you to dump your weapons at the entrance, in exchange for which they
    won't be hostile to you.

    Now, Mama Murphy is interesting. We can actually learn that she is one of the last Daughters of
    Hecate, a faction from Colorado, made of female prophets, who stood up to Caesar and got
    destroyed. Mama Murphy escaped the massacre. Now, she has a viable, interesting backstory that
    links her to the previous Fallouts and to the extended universe.

    Existing mods :

    1 : mrsasa789's mods (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/6315672?tab=user+files)
    His armors are very interesting and would give the raiders/railroad a more sci-fi paramilitary visual.

    2 : Half Life chatter ()
    Just imagine if we replaced every raider dialogue with this kind of audio. Wouldn't that make them
    way more interesting, creepy and intimidating ? Imagine hearing these guys patrol in the streets at

    The Minutemen :

    The Minutemen were once the protectors of the Commonwealth, taking action against raiders and
    protecting settlements. But when the Institute rose to power, it was becoming clear that the age of
    the Minutemen were coming to an end, as sole protectors of the Commonwealth.

    They decided to collaborate. They became the Institute's private security force. Armed with their
    primitive, first generation laser weapons (now, there's a reason why they use laser muskets!), they
    acted as the spearhead of the Institute... For a while.

    Then, the Coursers appeared. And suddenly... Nobody needed the Minutemen anymore.
    They lost their sole reason to exist. As a recognition for their service, though, they were allowed to
    keep power over Quincy, where they'd act as border guards for the Commonwealth, filtering who
    goes in and who doesn't, picking the suitable assets from the flow of refugees, fleeing the conflicts
    of Washington D.C. and the conscriptions within the Brotherhood of Steel.

    One day, the Minutemen captured two strange refugees. Vault Dwellers, carrying what could be
    chemical weapons. They were put to arrest and questioned by the Minutemen.

    What the Minutemen didn't know, is that these people came from Vault 95, and when the news of
    their disappearance reached out to the overseer, he sent his Rangers to rescue them.
    Quincy was exterminated by the Vault Rangers, who rescued their own members and forced the
    very last Minutemen to escape.

    The Minutemen now take mercenary work for various employers, mainly the Ronto Conglomerate.

    Most of their work consists in recovering debts and tracking down fugitives.
    The hero is one of their targets. But in a turn of luck, the Minutemen will need HIS help, and in
    exchange, they promise that they won't be hunting him down. In fact, they will protect him from his
    enemies, if he joins up and helps the Minutemen become, once again, the Institute's security force.

    The advantages of this Minutemen's backstory overhaul :

    1 : Their backstory makes sense. It implies the Minutemen in a long history, it ties them with the
    politics and the overall history of the Commonwealth. It also put empathis on the fact that raiders
    were dealt with long ago, and that there's a reason why people wouldn't want the Minutemen's taxes
    anymore : they weren't needed anymore.

    2 : Their war with the gunners (transformed into the « vault rangers ») now makes sense and has a
    reason. In consequence, the Minutemen could have developped a deep mistrust of the vault
    dwellers. I can totally see a mission of the Minutemen where Preston wants to besiege Vault 88
    (we'll find a reason why), and the player would decide if he wants to dissuade him, lead the assault,
    or find a peaceful diplomatic way with Vault 88 and the Minutemen. Finally, a quest with choices
    and consequences.

    3 : Having the Minutemen become debt collectors make them the first bounty hunters that come for
    the hero... but of course, they are trapped in Concord and ironically, need help from their target.
    Now, it makes things interesting. What would the player do ?
    If the player doesn't help them, the Minutemen actually survive, and will become the main
    antagonist, spawning after the hero on a regular basis.

    4 : The Minutemen become a more interesting, morally grey faction. What they ultimately want, is
    to gain leverage, so that they can become THE faction to talk to, whenever the war will erupt and
    the need for peacekeeping within the wasteland will rise.
    They can want to become, once again, the guardians of the Institute, or they can want to become the
    perfect auxiliaries for the Brotherhood. Or, they could want to be the ones remaining, if both of
    these factions destroy each other.

    In any case, the need for allied settlements now makes sense. These aren't towns, they are people
    who couldn't afford the cost of citizenship within Boston, were driven outside by poverty and need
    protectors. Of course, the Minutemen want TAXES, and not all settlements will agree to pay them.
    So, the player will have to make moral choices : FORCE them to pay taxes ? Or leave them to be
    and announce Preston that this settlement doesn't want to be part of them ?

    5 : Preston now PAYS the player for each settlement conquered. This is the most simple, yet
    efficient motivation, that is lacking in the current game for unknown reasons.

    6 : The player doesn't become the general right away. The Minutemen HAVE a general, a
    mysterious figure who gives them orders and contracts via radio, and never shows up in person.
    Once the castle is liberated, the general can be met, and we'll learn about the fact that the
    Minutemen work for the Ronto conglomerate, who want leverage over the industry of the

    The player can decide to overthrow the general and take his place, or he can decide to leave him be
    and continue with his objectives. Now, the Minutemen have a plausible geopolitical situation and
    the player now EARNS his title, instead of the puerile way it was given to him until now.

    The Vault Rangers (the Gunners) :

    Now, it's time to overhaul the most empty, least written faction of Fallout 4 : the gunners.
    They had no backstory, no motivation, nothing interesting about them. They were raiders with better

    Now, they are the Vault Rangers.

    They work for the Vault 95's overseer, and their job is to scavenge the Commonwealth, study it, raid
    whatever technology could be useful for the vault citizen, secure its borders etc.
    They are highly paranoid and hostile to the outside world, for different reasons :
    1 : Outside Vault 95, the most immediate surroundings are populated by Super Mutants. Not exactly
    the most efficient way to ensure Vault 95 that the outside world is friendly. In their eyes, the world
    is brutal, violent, and its inhabitants are mutated, primitive monsters.

    2 : The Institute had an history with the vaults, raiding them in order to steal the G.E.C.K.s inside.
    They did it with Vault 95, which is why they now need to scavenge and use Rangers in order to
    survive. Their only contacts with the outside worlds weren't friendly. They have reasons to be
    automatically hostile.

    3 : The Minutemen had captured two of their scientists in Quincy. In the eyes of Vault 95, this was a
    declaration of war, and a direct threat, as the scientists could be tortured to reveal the location of
    Vault 95. The Vault Rangers massacrated Quincy in retaliation, and now, they are seen as hostiles by
    the Minutemen.

    And... that's it. Nothing much more to add. The « gunners » now have a very simple, yet plausible
    backstory, and a reason why they are automatically hostile (which wouldn't make ANY sense for
    mercenaries, as they'd actually shoot potential employers!).

    What needs to be done, is equip them with Hazmat suits in the colors of Vault (blue and yellow). It
    gives a nice change on how these colors are perceived, a shift in the series tone, and it adds a new
    layer to them. It justifies why Vault Dwellers aren't TRUSTED at all in the commonwealth, and
    seen as troublemakers.

    The Technopriests (the Triggermen)

    A very minor faction in Fallout 4, yet with a HUGE potential. Instead of generic mafia mobs, I
    suggest we take a more sci-fi, horror route, and make them technopriests.
    What they do, is worship the Synths, as some kind of higher level of mankind. And what they want,
    is to BECOME SYNTHS. Make one with the machine. Fuse flesh and steel, and basically ascend to
    the level of sainthood that they perceive in Synths.

    They capture synthetics, rip off their components and try to implant them within themselves.
    That's the reason why they captured Nick Valentine, and why he absolutely needs to be rescued

    That's the reason why they took a vault as their HQ. It is filled with enough technology and surgical
    rooms to allow them to perform their sinister experiments !

    I also suggest that we make Hancock a former member of the Triggermen ; makes sense,
    considering his location. Also, let's not make him a Ghoul, his backstory was dumb and didn't make
    any sense. Instead, what I suggest is : Hancock TRIED to become a synth, through barbaric
    implants, surgical horrors and poisonous injections. He became a monster, a bit like a ghoul, but not
    quite. It makes him more interesting, in my opinion !

    Now, we make them part of a truly sci fi, horror thematic, they are tied to the Institute in a
    believable, yet creepy way.

    Super Mutants

    There are two communities of Super Mutants in the Commonwealth.
    One is fully integrated within the community ; despite rampant racism, they managed to find work
    as bouncers, bodyguards, traders, caravan guards etc. They are led by Uncle Joe and Fawkes, and
    are formed by Refugees who fled the conflicts in Washington D.C., looking for shelter within the
    safe walls of Boston. They humiliated themselves by accepting to do labor work for humans, and
    work FOR THEM, something that their ancestors would never agree to do.

    The other is more wild ; these Super Mutants inhabit the Glowing Sea, and lead a life of raiding and
    competitions of strength ; a good part of their lifestyle revolves around the ARENA, where the
    player could take the fight to Super Mutants in exchange for caps (or document this tradition).
    These ones aren't welcome within Boston and are led by Strong. Them too are refugees from

    Washington, but they refuse to humiliate themselves by doing labor work for humans and man-
    machines. They are the children of the Master, the last remnants of the Unity, and they are proud of
    their history.

    Yes, in this overhaul, I suggest we fix a lore issue within Fallout 3. Let's make the midwest
    brotherhood explain that Lyons was wrong about the Super Mutants ; they weren't born in
    Washington, they were PUSHED there by the midwest, and simply put their FEV reserves to safety
    within vault 87. But these Super Mutants were part of the Master's Army, the last remnants of the
    Unity movement, because it makes NO SENSE for them to have been born on the east coast. The
    FEV Project was moved to Mariposa, it wouldn't make any kind of sense for such experiments to
    take place near the Capital of the USA, aka a prime target in case of nuclear war !

    In any case, BOTH of these groups aren't mindless orks. They are intelligent, they can speak in an
    eloquent manner and they both have their reasons. One is clinging to a past glory, the other looks at
    the future and accepts the sad reality. It will be possible to interact with both groups and intervene
    in these struggles, even make them allies if needs be (OR convince Strong to incorporate the
    Midwest Brotherhood, which promises them freedom and their very own state in Washington
    D.C. in exchange for their support as auxiliaries in the war with the Institute, and later on, with the
    East Coast Brotherhood of Steel.)

    Twin Mothers (the children of atom)

    Let's overhaul the children of Atom. This is a pretty dumb faction that shouldn't exist in Fallout 4. Their scale isn't believable, and standing in the center of a radioactive crater shouldn't be explained by « Magic ». Radiation has always been a serious subject in the old Fallouts, and I suggest we go back to these roots by simply overhauling this faction in a new way.

    Let's make them refugees from the Twin Mothers. A tribe of female priestesses who stood in the path of Caesar's Legion, got assimilated and became the bearers of the Cult of Mars, raising the children of the legion in a total obedience of this cult.

    The group in the Commonwealth refused the assimilation, and refused to join the cult of Mars. They fled north, until they found shelter in the Commonwealth, far away from Caesar's reach. They are highly religious people, an all-female sect. Culturally the Twin Mothers are a matriarchal tribe who worship a goddess, the moon, and a god, her consort the sun. Women rule the tribe and make all governing decisions. Men provide for the tribe by hunting, fishing, and tending the farms.

    The Twin Mothers were a gentle people who respect nature and life in all its forms. Unfortunately, these are not beliefs that are shared throughout the wasteland.
    Their struggles with the Legion, their exile and their new life within the barren horrors of the
    Commonwealth shattered their kindness, and turned them into violent zealots. They HATE the
    Institute, the Brotherhood etc. with a passion, as they see them as responsible for the death of nature.

    They will attack any technology worshipper on sight, perceiving them as heretics. As an all-female sect, they are also known for capturing breeders within the population, which makes them some sort of boogeyman, also associated with the imagery of succubus.

    I'll post more later

    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
  8. Black-pilled

    Black-pilled First time out of the vault

    Oct 15, 2018


    Creatures :

    -We'd need to alter the levelled lists of the Super Mutants, so that they don't spawn like they used to.
    Super Mutants aren't automatically hostiles just because, anymore.

    -Mongrels are a pretty generic, uninteresting critter. On the other hand, Fallout 4 handled Mutant
    Hounds in an interesting way. They were intimidating, creepy, and their howl was efficient in terms
    of atmosphere. I think we should replace mongrels with them !

    -Feral Ghouls ; a lore problem that we can fix, and improve dramatically.
    Firstly, ghouls don't run ; that much is explained in details by Lenny in Fallout 2, as it is actually a
    pretty central narrative element.

    What we could do instead, is rename them as « Institute Failed Test », or « Failed Synth ». They'd
    be synths turned insane ; half human, half robots, turned completely mad by pain and despair ; they
    want to replace their failing parts by ripping apart the flesh of humans, and gluing it to their
    mechanical parts.

    Imagine if feral ghouls kept their animations, levelled lists etc. but instead of their normal
    appearance, they'd have DIMA's body, and emit sounds like this :

    Wouldn't they be WAY more interesting and terrifying than just zombies ? Also, it would be way
    more realistic and lore friendly. Feral Ghouls left undisturbed for 200 years in the streets of Boston
    isn't realistic at all, it's silly.

    -Something that we could try, but it can be quite difficult : anomalies.
    Invisible creatures (or maybe just sparks) that emit INSANE levels of radiation. Others could
    trigger a script where time would pass at a very fast rate around them, so that you could die of
    hunger in a matter of a minute if you stand around them. Other could spawn invisible feral ghouls.
    In other words, put STALKER kind of shatters in the fabric of reality, in order to add a new danger
    that really fits the « hard sci fi » tone we are looking for.


    Visuals and audio :

    I'm not entirely sure if we should touch much about visuals. Many players have their own visual
    setup ready, and I'm not sure if this is a good idea to make our mod incompatible with it.
    Maybe we should stick to the narrative, creatures, gameplay and leave the players decide what
    visuals they want to use in their own modded title.

    The music, however, could be interesting. We could use the classic fallout soundtrack, coupled with
    a few tracks from modders. Same goes however, maybe keep it as it is, in order to let the player use
    whatever music mod they are already familiar and comfortable with ?

    We could see if we could replace the radio stations though. Maybe go with something more
    retrofuturist with synth wave songs for Diamond City Radio, and something more creepy for
    Classical Radio. Instead of classic songs, it could play creepy short wave radio emissions like the ones there :

    Way to create an atmosphere !

    I'm not against the idea of replacing Travis' announcements too. They're not in line with this new
    story and the character is, in my opinion, pathetic. We could have an announcer that spreads around
    Institute's propaganda between songs, reassuring people about how safe the Institute's experiments
    are for example.


    -I suggest we take a look at « Tifa Overhaul » and use its basic idea as a framework for our
    overhaul. Its idea is simple : every human being has his health adjusted around 120 HP. No more
    bullet sponges !

    -Bullets should have their damage level doubled, even tripled in some cases, and flattened with
    most weapons, so that a 10mm stays a viable weapon even at higher levels. Basically, make sure
    that the player can keep his favorite weapon, even if it's one he found early in the game. It's more
    realistic and it makes for a more pleasant experience for the player, in my opinion.
    -Location damage should be overhauled (Horizon has a solid base for that aspect, except for head
    damage which should mean instadeath for a human being).

    -Power Armor : instead of finding new sets in the wild, I suggest leaving the player with a single
    frame, that he upgrades, piece by piece, until he can finally have a complete set by the time the third
    act comes. The joy of SLOWLY building your own power armor instead of finding complete sets in
    the wild.

    -We should get rid of legendaries entirely. Legendary drops and enemies are a very cheap mechanic
    that shouldn't have its place in Fallout, in my opinion.

    -A loot overhaul would be welcome ; less valuables to scavenge (because come on, it has been two
    centuries...), less ammo as soon as you get out of Boston, and no more energy weapons lying

    -Lore fixes in the loot can be dealt with : pipe weapons in pre-war caches and jet in pre-war
    locations can be fixed.

    -For the sake of realism, I suggest getting rid of caps as a concept for currency ; simply exchange
    their model with the pre-war money, and rename every instance with « Commonwealth Institute
    Dollar », or C.I.D.

    It makes more sense (caps being a Californian currency backed on water, in a desert, it has no
    reason to have been implemented in Massachussetts!)

    -Prices need to be adjusted : a lower price for a shack in Diamond City, but a functional flat in
    Boston should be at the price of citizenship, and be EXTREMELY expensive. The value of many
    objects could also be adjusted by taking account of supply/demand.

    -Prostitution was an important part of every Fallout. We need to implement lore friendly brothels,
    and considering this new setting, synthetic sex workers should be a thing that exists. It would add
    to the overall adult, yet immersive atmosphere.

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  9. Milf_Hunter_77

    Milf_Hunter_77 First time out of the vault

    Dec 29, 2018
    I saw on the thread something that bothered me a bit, and it's about the Institute and Big MT:
    "thanks to a partnership with the Big MT and the sharing of low orbit satellites".
    Instead of that, the institute could have a "fight" with Big Mountain and then eventually hijack their satellite (You could add a bit of lore about how the institute managed to hijack the Satellites.). I say that because the Institute could see Big MT capabilities as threat, instead of a partnership possibility, and seeing their capabilities of sending a army through the satellites, the Institute decided to take the the satellites instead of "sharing" them.

    A possible quest to the player would be that he would either give the satellites to one of the factions or return the satellites to Big MT (Taking into account that the Railroad smuggles synths and the Brotherhood could send soldiers at a minutes notice.). Both choices are right, seeing as the player could see unfair to basically steal the Big MT satellites or he could use to aid his own cause.
  10. Black-pilled

    Black-pilled First time out of the vault

    Oct 15, 2018
    We're still working on it btw.

    Excellent summary by @mithrap of our latest ideas and his changes:

    Video :

    An introduction video explains the context : the war, the rise of the Institute and finally, the fact that
    the player is plagued by debts and has just arrived to Boston.

    Introduction :

    The player is waiting in line in front of the immigration office of Boston.
    In the line, there is a Super Mutant refugee coming from Washington D.C. As a way to show that
    here, things are different. Boston is a hub that attracts people from everywhere, and from every
    background ; and here, Super Mutants are not mindless orks.
    When the immigration Synth calls the player, the character creation takes place.
    The immigration Synth insists that vagrancy is illegal ; the player will have to find a job if he wants
    to stay inside. This moment could also be an opportunity to tell the benefits of eventually becoming
    a Boston Citizen : having your very own Synth (that could be sold to pay the debt ?)
    At this moment, the player also realizes that his current currency is worthless in Boston ; he
    probably has to give everything just to get access inside.
    Once inside, a quest prompt : « Get a job ! ». The player can walk around a little bit. He learns that
    gun laws are applied in Boston ; you can carry your guns, but they need to be holstered.
    This is the opportunity to get a glimpse of the Institute owned Boston. A place of marvellous
    technology, Synth prevalence, job automatization and absolute security. The Institute must appear as
    a rigid, strict but benevolent ruler, who actually manages to rule a society with success.
    The player eventually finds a notice board. Clicking on it brings a message box, where we learn that
    Piper and Nick are both looking for a new field agent.

    Meeting with the mentor and comfort zone

    Depending on who you click, you are teleported to their agency, and you get the job.
    Nick/Piper give you a Pipboy (as your « first paycheck »), as it's going to be a very valuable asset
    for a field agent.
    The player doesn't leave Boston yet. We establish a comfort zone, where the player is in his element
    and is not challenged by the outside world yet.
    During his investigations, he will hear glimpses of the overall themes : rumors of quantum
    experiments, religious cults, the place of synths in society, the prosperity of Boston etc...

    Ideas for a few quests :

    -Investigate/Interview Hancock and his relations to the Technopriests
    -Investigate/Interview the Church of the Holy Surrogate Mothers, local tribal cult
    -Investigate about a serial killer who targets Synthetic sex workers. Is he treated with the same

    gravity as someone who would kill actual, human people ?
    -Investigate/Interview the scientists of Polymer Labs

    A disruption in the comfort zone

    IDEA : Preston Garvey meets the player. He leads the Minutemen and is tasked to find the player
    and make him pay. For now, it's just a warning. But the next time, the player should better have
    some cash.
    Should the player inform Piper / Nick about it, he/she can provide some background context for the
    Minutemen : how they went from Institute's Security Force to low bounty hunting.

    Leaving the comfort zone

    IDEA (see how it can be implemented ; we can find other narrative hooks if needs be)
    The player gets infected during his investigation at Polymer Labs. A chemical leak.
    He needs to find a cure, which is why he now agrees to take on more dangerous jobs that would
    push him outside of the safety of Boston's walls, into the wasteland.
    This sickness would have no gameplay effect ; it would be strictly narrative.
    Nick/Piper send the player outside, to investigate about Sanctuary, an isolationist Vault-City north
    of Boston, founded by Vault Dwellers using a G.E.C.K.
    Once the player arrives, Sanctuary is simply gone, and something is wrong. The population is
    nowhere to be found. The player will be led to the Vault. Once inside, where things start to get
    really weird : the ancestors of the population are there, living normally.
    Confusion. The player informs Nick/Piper of what just happened : there's no vault city, here !
    They tell the player that this is impossible. There is even someone from that Vault-City, living right
    here in Boston ! A person named Kellogg, who was banished from that Vault-City because of a
    violent crime (and later became involved with the Institute as a field operator, but the player doesn't
    know that yet). The player is tasked with meeting this Kellogg and see if he knows anything about
    what happened to Sanctuary.
    On the path, the bounty hunters ; the Minutemen who threatened the player earlier. They are now
    trapped inside the Museum of Freedom in Concord and ironically, need the player's help. If he helps
    them, they're going to defend him against the next bounty hunters. If the player doesn't help them,
    the Minutemen will survive the assault and be recurring antagonists for the rest of the game.
    The player gets to meet Kellogg, who acts surprised when he learns that Sanctuary vanished... but
    not « that » surprised. He knows something more, but needs some time to think things over and talk
    to a few people. Then, he'll get back to the player. For the moment, his responses are very vague,
    which is why he doesn't mind being quoted in the article / file (he just says that he is surprised,
    basically. Nothing for the Institute to be worried about, especially if Kellogg is a trusted agent from
    The day after, Kellogg is missing. The only lead the player had.
    Piper pressures the player to go after him (the paper sold really well, people want to know more ; a
    few articles like this and the player would have enough cash to buy himself his citizenship), as
    would Nick (The Institute hires him to find Kellogg. It makes them look innocent and they actually
    want to find him. And they pay.)


    1 CID (Commenwealth Institute Dollars, backed on microfusion cells) = 3 Caps = 18 Dollars
    This is to be the baseline for the economy of Boston. Anything under 18 Dollars would be
    considered worthless, which means that most objects (and basically all the loot) is now completely
    worthless and can't be sold.
    This way, the player cannot cheat his pay to paying off his debt.
    Indicative price of things :
    A standard appartment in center Boston (bought) : 20 800 CID
    A standard appartment in center Boston (monthly rent) : 55 CID
    A stimpack : 2,5 CID
    A newly produced hunting rifle : 45 CID
    A used and cheap revolver : 6,5 CID
    One night at a hotel : 3 CID
    Synthetic sex worker : 25 CID
    One day of rations (3 meals & 1 bottle of water) : 1 CID
    One day of energy (lights, heating, protection against rads etc.) : 1 CID
    Considering that many things would cost less than 1 CID, it leads to new habits.
    A drink at the bar wouldn't exist ; you'd buy a series of four drinks, for example.

    A minimal wage would be about 0,5 CID per hour, which would mean that the lowest paid citizen
    have an average monthly salary of 87,5 CID. They couldn't afford an appartment in the upper
    quarters of the city and would need to live in the southern quarters if they'd want to eat, drink and
    have a few CIDs left by the end of the day.
    The middle class would be paid about 1 CID per hour, and the upper class could go with way higher
    paid hours.

    Gameplay tweaks

    -NPCs's health pool is normalized. No more raiders with thousands of HP.
    -I removed the sneak attack damage multiplier ; a shard from Skyrim, no place in Fallout.
    -Chems are nerfed, but they don't get the player thirsty anymore. Mentats are now using the old Fallouts formula.
    -Jet has been renamed Slow-Mo and any pre-war reference to jet has been removed. Its recipe has been complexified a little bit too.
    -The size of many creatures has been changed ; smaller animals, bigger deathclaws etc.
    -Raids are now actual attacks, with many more people coming for your settlement.
    -Adjusted weapon damage, name, ammo, stats, reach, stagger and noise. To balance things, enemies are less accurate than before.
    -Ballistics are applied to bullets : tracers and gravity.
    -Locational damage has been adjusted, using Horizon's as a base. Every enemy has its own weak spot now (ex: legs for securitrons)
    -About accuracy, Swan and the Behemoth have had their seeker perk removed, so that you can avoid their attacks.
    -Most explosions now ignore walls ; you can't survive a rocket launcher by ducking behind a wooden door anymore.
    -Cars don't explode anymore
    -Guns don't dismember people anymore, except for rare explosive ones such as the rocket launcher.
    -Cap stashes are completely gone.
    -Characters from factions have been renamed (Raider to Stalker) and the names are simplified (no more "Raider super ravager from hell", just "Stalker")

    -More realistic cooking recipes
    -Alcohol and chems last for a more realistic time.
    -More realistic stealth : enemies search for you longer and stay alerted longer
    -Fast Corpse Despawn in order to reduce the risks of save bloat
    -Loot overhaul : stimpacks and ammo should be more rare now.
    -The efficiency of generators has been revised for higher, more realistic values
    -Addiction rates revised, mostly for alcohol.
    -Addiction cannot be cured by eating an omelette anymore. The only way is through addictol or a doctor, and their respective prices are now higher.

    -Longer VATS engagement distance, to compensate for the fact that NPCs can also snipe you now. Expect engagements like in Arma 3 now (far away ; much more realistic).
    -Water pumps now provide dirty water. In the next step, I'll make sure that water purifiers are locked behind quest requirements, so that you need the Institute or the Brotherhood to build this technology. Makes sense, considering F3.
    -Misc Items which weren't tagged as junk are now corrected and can be scrapped for component too.
    -Caps renamed to Commonwealth Institute Dollars (C.I.D.) and are gold coins with the Institute's logo on them.
    -Power Armor stats are now similar to the ones from Fallout 2 and should only spawn at a higher level than the level cap. Which means that they shouldn't spawn at all.
    -Fusion Cores were removed from the random loot list.
    -Power Armors stations shouldn't be equiped with power armors anymore. The only way for the player to own a Power Armor is to be offered one through the main quest, now.
    -The only Power Armor frame that should remain is the one on the roof of the Museum of Freedom. It's now a naked frame, not a full set of Power Armor.
    -Vendor respawn time has been tweaked.
    -You need the chemist perk to craft chems and poisons now. You need the demolition perk to craft explosives now (makes sense.)
    -Charisma checks should be about twice as hard now.
    -Tweaked damages for a few weapons that needed nerf/buff
    -NPCs use a limited amount of grenade, to limit intempestive grenade usage.
    -Turrets don't need to be connected anymore.
    -I read through every single terminal entry and corrected/rewritten about 160 of them. Fixes were made in the lore (regarding pre-war situation or the state of robot sentience, mostly), and the narrative is adapted to the new story/factions.

    No script, everything in F04Edit

    Here's a little demonstration of the feral ghoul overhaul with the gameplay framework:

  11. Milf_Hunter_77

    Milf_Hunter_77 First time out of the vault

    Dec 29, 2018
    If it's just narrative, the player could take his sweet time walking around without doing anything to find the cure for it. I suggest a timer to find the cure, just like Fallout 1 did to find another water chip.
    The player has 150 days to find a cure, and every 25 days, he loses 5% of his current life bar. The player could go talk with the Technopriests (or other faction/group) to find a way to slow down the disease. The player could pay 100 CID to add 100 days to his lifespan and reset the loss of his health (The player could do that once.).
  12. Milf_Hunter_77

    Milf_Hunter_77 First time out of the vault

    Dec 29, 2018
    I think letting the player walk around the town for a little while is better. He could use the time to reach Nick/Piper AND explore a bit of the town.
  13. ironmask

    ironmask Still Mildly Glowing

    Mar 10, 2018
    I just read everything and I like everything except a few things. First, why are you bringing back intelligent deathclaws, one of the stupid ideas in fallout 2 along with the ghost. I also think you should just completely just do away with the settlement system and just completely focus on gameplay and story. I'm also sure that using a soundtrack and other audio files, from another fallout game would be illegal, and that's why fallout 4: New Vegas is completely remaking the NV soundtrack.
  14. mithrap

    mithrap Ring a ding-ding, baby

    May 17, 2016
    Agreed, and I didn't explain it well in the summary of the introduction. The notice board is actually in the immigration building, and not in Boston yet, so the player would actually be able to roam around before deciding to go to Nick or Piper.

    I see your point. Thing is, I'm a bit cautious when it comes to scripts relying on timers, for this has always been a weakness in Bethesda's titles, making excellent mods buggy, prone to script lag on heavily modded setups etc. But if we find a stable, simple way to do it, then everything's possible!
    The original idea was to take the New Vegas route, where getting shot in the head doesn't exactly give you any gameplay malus, but justifies why you start at level 1, with low skills etc. A good balance of gameplay and narrative, I think.

    I freaking love that idea, and it would allow us to give a purpose to the Satellite Dishes locations in the Commonwealth, which, until now, were simply Raider outposts with nothing really interesting ! The one between Sanctuary and Tenpine Buff is usually crossed by the player at low level, and now, it could integrate within the quest in a non-intrusive way.

    We're not formally decided on the Deathclaws yet. But the idea is to justify the Deathclaw's presence in the Commonwealth with the arrival of the Midwest Brotherhood (the deathclaw spawns would be locked until the airship's arrival), since otherwise, I see no reason why lizards would cross an entire continent to finally settle in the Massachussetts, quite a cold and humid place. Thing is, the Midwest Deathclaws are intelligent enough to be incorporated within Brotherhood Squads, since they are capable of talking.
    While it may sound a bit weird, think about how it changes the perception of the Brotherhood. They would be the most tolerant faction, accepting non-humans within their ranks (and we'd see armored Deathclaws patrolling with their soldiers), but on the other hand, it also means that they're not afraid to unleash these creatures upon the Commonwealth, and won't care much about collaterals.
    Plus, Goris was an interesting character, even with her weird species' backstory.
    But then again, nothing is decided yet. It's just an idea, to make something distinct from what Fallout 4 gave us.

    About the soundtrack, many users already have their own music replacers, or are fine with the original soundtrack. While Mark Morgan gave authorizations for using his work in mods, I think it's one of the categories where we should let the player decide what works the best for them.
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  15. ironmask

    ironmask Still Mildly Glowing

    Mar 10, 2018
    I still think bringing back talking deathclaws is a bad idea. Most people who played fallout 2 would say that talking deathclaws was one the worse ideas and bringing back a concept that no one likes does not sound good. Instead of justifiying deathclaws being in Massachussetts you could just make a new monster instead. I think having super mutants and ghouls is enough to show how diverse the brotherhood is.
  16. mithrap

    mithrap Ring a ding-ding, baby

    May 17, 2016
    I see your point. A new creature could be interesting indeed (it would need to use the Deathclaw's skeleton though, but I've gotten a bit better at rigging, so that part wouldn't be too much of a problem), especially considering how we already replaced one creature from the bestiary (feral ghouls) with a new one.
    That's why it's interesting to talk about it here. First draft ideas need to be punched again and again, until something cohesive holds on in the end (or breaks down completely). That's what should happen in Bethesda's studios, instead of validating every single idea they have.
  17. Black-pilled

    Black-pilled First time out of the vault

    Oct 15, 2018
    Just a quick update, we're still working on this and have thought up an amazing amount of ideas. We recruited some fantastic voice actors as well:

    In the meantime while we're still writing up the story and characters @mithrap has been busy with the numerous gameplay adjustments

    Valve is allowing us to use the sound assets from Half Life 2 in regards to our altering of "raiders" into more stalker-themed scavengers. Here's the mail of approval from Gabe.

    It's official : this mod has been literally approved by Gabe Newell himself

    Here's a demonstration of the usage of the audio, but do note that the "stalker" name is just a placeholder, it will be changed:

    Deployable robot concept:

    In summary, most of our ideas boil down to:

    -Complete rewrite of Fallout 4's main story
    -Boston is now treated as a giant settlement full of NPCs
    -Multiple race selection (Human, Ghoul, Super Mutant, Robot)
    -Highly fleshed out dialogue system with much more than 4 generic options as well as consequences with regards to what you say to every npc or your reputation
    -More brutal combat, longer ranges, deadlier for both you and enemies
    -Pacifist or Retard playthroughs possible
    -Grey morality, rewritten factions, and new factions
    -New story and atmosphere drawing heavily from media such as Bladerunner, Deus Ex, Lovecraft, STALKER and Judge Dredd
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  18. yfk12

    yfk12 Degenerate who belongs on a cross

    May 31, 2018
    Looks great so far!