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    Jul 4, 2018
    So the DLC somehow make sense to be played within the main story? I didn't really feel it that way with honest hearts? At what steps of the main story would you say each expansion is best suited, story wise?

    Nevermind, did a little reading without spoiling myself and it seem the DLC were design to be played within the main story somehow. I guess I will just have to find the appropriate times in the story to fit them in. Starting Old world blues right after catching up with Benny might be appropriate somehow.

    I don't know why but I am doing a little re-run of the early game, and the traveling is actually far less annoying than it was the first time. Maybe because this time I didn't reprogram Slim Primm to be sherif and went to see Meyers at the prison, which gave me a marker for the Mojave outpost and a reason to go there early. And the fact that this time I am not trying to take 'shortcuts' which get me lost and make the traveling actually longer at the end. Just follow the main roads when possible.

    And about that, I have to admit, I just had a complete different perspective on the Nipton situation. Last time, my 'shortcuts' somehow made me enter the town from the other side of the road, and the first people I ran into were Vulpes and his rascals.
    This time I entered from the 'correct' side of the town, ran in the lottery winner first, and then I found Boxcar, the other 'winner', who I didn't find at all the first time even after killing Vulpes. Boxcar somehow make better sense than Vulpes about what happened and what kind of inhabitants Nipton had. While Vulpes's speech alone remain unconvincing and pathetic to my ears, the mayor's notes found later lacking details about most of the other inhabitants, finding Boxcar and his story actually provide a better sense of it all, and a incentive to make me doubt about killing Vulpes at this stage of the game.

    Make no mistake, my opinion about the legion didn't change, but my character doesn't know the legion that well at this stage of the game, and I don't base decisions on metagaming. So guess what, when Vulpes crossed path with my character this time, the bastards got to walk away. I have to give it, this first encounter with the legion is better written than I initially gave it credit for. If you arrive by the correct side of the road. Too bad most of the other legion's encounters, even Edward himself, don't shed this kind of doubt about them. A little regret to not throw the gauntlet in the legion's face right at the beginning, it had something exiting. But the game surprise me again and it's good, it give me a possible desire to turn this quick early re-run into a new full play, maybe.
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