Legion Territory Speculation

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    Probably planned to kill the entire succession line. Or something like that. :lmao:
    The Legion killed his wife and unborn kid, he will kill all of Caesars kids too! Revenge like in some 80's action flick.
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    That makes sense. Nothing like revenge to make someone obsess about politics. ;P
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    My understanding was that the Legion is an army rather than a true government or territory. With that being said, I'd have to agree with some of the others in here that it's likely fairly normal Wasteland, but with lots of Legion outposts, forts, patrols dotted around linking settlements and clearing out Raider tribes. The reason they have such insane territory claim (In-game content suggets they go as far East as the Oklahoma panhandle) is because unlike the NCR they aren't really governing it, per say. They're a nomadic army that, in all honesty, whatever forces exist in dotted lines throughout their "territory" (i.e regions they've fought in and won which they can now claim as their own through technicality and bluff) are likely entirely dedicated to just feeding the war machine of the bulk army in the West and not much else. I doubt there's a faux-Roman culture going on in El Paso or whatever, if anything the major Legion cities in Arizona are just like huge versions of the Fort (though likely ran by skeleton crew now).

    What's interesting to me however is Legion moral rule. Their regulations against degenerate behaviour (chems etc), do they extend to non-Legion settlements within their territory? I can't imagine so since it wouldn't really gel with their nomad army structure, but at the same time I can't imagine them letting that go by either. Maybe it's a thing of "nobody really cares but just don't be hitting up psycho in downtown Denver when the Legionaries are coming through. Otherwise they'll crucify you next to the town thief". The Legion would probably swipe in and collect slaves whenver they felt the need, too. I imagine living in non-army Legion territory would likely be a rule by fear. You're mostly left alone but whenever the Legion needs anything of you, you give it without question, and the fear of their wrath is enough to keep everyone in line even when they aren't immediately around.
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    Sorry it took so long for me to reply @AlphaPromethean ; but I mostly agree with your view of non-military Legion land. I’m also of the opinion that their chem restrictions and such are in effect within their land, but I also would have to say that I think it’s more... free, than NCR land. I speculate as such precisely because of the whole “we leave you alone, but give us what we want” thing. Imo what lies beyond the Mojave likely has some form of Legion government, but aside from donating men and materiel to the Legion are left to their own, and mete our their own frontier justice except for the most egregious violations of Legion law. I mostly say this because I agree with your first paragraph as well; people are valued by what they can give to the Legion. And that Legion culture is defined by self reliance and strength. Things people cannot exercise when they in tyranny, which so many people believe the Legion to be.

    What people don’t realize is that we see Caesar’s Legion in their wartime behavior, and through the lens of the NCR; I made a whole different thread about this (shameless plug), but Legion “atrocities” are acts of wartime terror. It is in no way an indication of the Legion’s conduct at home. Do criminals sometimes get crucified? Probably. But if I had to imagine anything, it’d be early Rome. Xenophobic, trade-rich and occasionally brutal. My opinion is that the Legion’s mind will open in terms of that xenophobia; because Caesar or his successor will realize that annihilating the culture of those they subjugate leads to Spartacus-style slave rebellions.