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    Jan 5, 2015
    Yup, it's, I can play without the file there but I have no idea just how much that breaks, perk-wise.
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    updated all mods that use script,uploaded
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    It's been nearly 2 years since I last looked at Fallout2 but since opinions have been requested by the author i'll post what constructive advice I can give. If the issues I mention have been addressed then my apologies and thanks for your time.

    The broken economy

    There are 3 basic problems here.

    1) During the game you buy very little but sell huge amounts. It would makes sense to use the Barter skill when you both buy and sell. If it was to apply to only 1 side of the trade it would make more sense to apply it to selling rather than buying. Unless this addressed the only feasible way to address the problem of near unlimited cash value resources available in the game would be to make money incredibly scarce so items were traded. I don't recommend that approach. phobos2077 developed scripts in his ECCO mod that worked fairly well. I recommend those scripts, along with the adjusted settings I suggested in his thread, as a starting point.

    2) Barter skill starts at 4 X CH, (4-40) or 10 points lower if using the Gifted trait. However, for trading purposes the highest Barter skill of any party member is the value used. Since Sulik, (Barter 50), and Cassidy, (Barter 80), join early on the player's actual Barter skill is redundant. If your Barter skill is 24 adding 26 skill points with Sulik in your party would generate 0 benefit. Adding 56 points with Cassidy in your party also generates 0 benefit. Unless the original code is altered or a script is written to override that Barter skill adjustment the minimum value for trading will be ridiculously high and increasing Barter skill will remain a non-viable gaming option.

    3) Lower quality items, particularly weapons, have an unrealistically high value in comparison to the highest quality items. Repricing weapons/armour on a sliding scale or just revaluing common items in the 300 to 1500 range would have a significant impact on the ability to buy better weapons/armour. I can provide a rescaling valuation chart but revaluing is a matter of personal taste.

    1 & 2 shouldn't be too difficult and they are the main issues. 3 would cause problems with other mods that alter items for other reasons such as combat damage levels.
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    Feb 11, 2015
    Hey there, firrst of all, thank you for making all these marvelous mods , and keping the best game ever made alive and breathing almost 20 years later <3

    I seem to have an issue with the custom skill books mod; it crashes my game when i enter the abbey.

    i use a standard and otherwise working megamod install, which i again modified using all of the Nirran´s megamod-mods (boos/partyperks/customperks/etc.) ONLY MEGAMOD COMPATIBLE MODS WERE USED(as you mentioned on your site, Nirran)

    i did a fresh install for every time i added or removed a mod, to see which one it was.

    i made changes to the ddraw.ini, fallout.cfg and megamod.ini, to "activate" the books, no mistakes here, i think...

    sfall´s is 3.7, as included in MIB88Megamod

    i hope there´s a way to fix it, as the boni from the abbey (2INT for example) AND the skillbooks mod make for a whole new way to design characters and play the game.

    You mentioned on your site, that it "...Requires sFall with extended scripting functions enabled." is my mistake here? do i have to activate extended scripting somehow?
    Otherwise the mods work fine, as far as i can see.

    Many thanks in advance, you rock :)

    Edit: Protos are checked
    Edit2: Also the Mr.Fixit StimsMod and Weapon UpgradesMod, same problem.
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