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  1. Ghoul Elvis

    Ghoul Elvis First time out of the vault

    Mar 19, 2017
    Hey new to the forum, ive been thinking alot about this setting lately.
    Copy paste from my post at Beth net.

    My Ultimate Fallout Fantasy
    Fallout No.X Wacko Wars

    1: Story Intro
    2: The Environment
    3: Factions and their benefits
    4: Reputation and Karma
    5: Story
    6: jobs and activities
    7: Settlements and housing
    8: Fast travel
    9: Music
    10: Why all this?

    1 Story intro:
    The player sits in an Blues/Jazz bar, he has participated in an Post-Nuclear pub quiz. Now its time to unwind with a beer.
    So the players wanders around a chit chatting an bit to the quiz contenders/patrons
    The Quizmaster on stage announces he got an winner and waves at the player asking him to join on stage for to accept the grand prize of 150 Bottlecaps and an quik Q&A about Family etc.
    At that moment the players get the chance to fill in his Name, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and his appearance Human/Ghoul/Smart supermutant. (the players gets photographed for the Wall of Fame)
    The next moment the players says he's going to ( insert City here ), the Quizmaster asks "why"
    Then the players gets the option to tell why: the answer might be: I'm a Trader/Mercenary/Scavenger/Hunter/Hobo with a Shotgun.
    The quizmaster thanks the player, the screen fades to black.
    This is all for the Roleplaying mood, i hated the boring im from a Vault and gonna search my missing relative.

    Fast forward, 2 Months later.
    The players enters the map from the North Walks an few minutes through a dense snowfilled wood/mountainus area to see the skyline of the city appear but its many miles away.
    Not much further he comes a across an old man with an Brahmin and wagon heading towards the city. He insist he brings the player to the city "because this part woods arentsafe during the night"
    This act as Fast travel like Fallout 3/4/NV.
    The player gets dropped in the Northern part of the city, the streets are clean, no skeletons or trash lying around like the previous Fallouts. There are Bars/Hotels/Shops/posh people/jazz music in the street. The skyscapers are even fixed up for the most part. although towering southeast of the big wall there are skyscrapers that still look like a mess.

    2 The environment: Because of the war, tourism kinda collapsed worldwide, so the local vaulttec eggheads came up with the idea to terraform the area around the city so the people can visitall kinda climates/terain.
    Worldmap layout would be;
    Northern part: dense Woodland snow and rugged mountainous.
    Western part: Swamplike area, with an large lake. Nice fishing and hunting lots of wildlife
    Southern part: Colourfull Tropical area, waterfalls, sandy white beaches, used to very populair place to visit.
    Eastern part: Fertile greenlands. Farms, and small setllements. lots of wildlife

    Middle of the map: city. The city would divided in different sections because of the factions who live there.
    Citymap layout would be:
    -Northern part is for the privileged. Jazz bars, Snobs, Hipsters, Bottlecap millionairs. Well educated and getting proteced by an private army.
    -The sewers/underworld that run across most part of the city.
    -City Centre old churches and librarys/ abandoned historic housing.
    -South and West is for the common poor people. It will be filled with Bars/Hotels/Stores.An average everyday place.
    -The East is an dangerous criminal place, "girls for rent" Sleazy bars/Chem dealers/Arms dealers. Clearly the most dangerous place of the city, high chance of getting robbed of bottlecaps.

    -The Wolfboys, they live in the Northen worldmap, at home in the snowy forest, killers
    -The Pirates, they live in the tropical southern area. they are Traders, Scavengers, Mercs for hire
    -The Vampires, They live in the old city centre. Bunch of [censored] hipsters, who like poetry.
    -The Zombies, Living underneath the city in an giant network of sewers transformed into an unnderworld. They are obssesed with the Death, try to become Ghouls and live and haunt/kill/eat people forever at night.
    -The Superheroes, Based on the comics of the Unstoppebles, good guys, live among the common people and protect them.
    -Northern city, Elite Bottlecap millionairs and well educated. think they are the most important of the world.
    -The Common folk. They live in the South and Western part of the city. Just common people trying to survive another day.
    -Eastern City, Thugs, mercenaries, chem dealers, pimps and their girls, tattooparlors, sleazy bars. Nice place to get robbed or killed in an Alley.
    -General enemies would be Ghouls, Mutants, Wildlife, Random raiders.

    Faction benefits
    Wolfboys, increased unarmed damage, boost in Agilty and Strength. Ability to jump higher Acces to Unique faction armour.
    The Pirates, increased Damage with Swords and onehanded pistols, getting discounts at shops. unique faction armour
    The Vampires, Increased Agilty and Intelligence, Nightvision.
    The Zombies, these guys dont get sick or die easy, high endurance boost. They also get to get 2 feral ghouls. increased speed and damage at night. Nighvision.
    The Superheroes, you can pick your own power, seeing and breathing undwater. Or maybe be an barbarian with increased strength, you name it, etc etc etc.
    Northern city, acces to Tech and lots modern firearms, Gives traing so you can use uncomplete T45 Powerarmour.
    Common Folk, a bit of everything, dont excel, but they dont suck.
    Eastern City, acces to lots of Alcohol,Chems, Brutal Melee weapons, Pipeguns, Boobytraps.

    4: Reputation and Karma
    There will be 2 kinds of reputation, faction Reputation and Personal Karma.
    Faction Rep. Doing Jobs for each faction, increases your rep, this gives acces to better weapons/armour/chems/etc.
    When faction rep gets so high you can become second in command, (youll never lead an faction btw) then you gain acces to an steady amount of bottlecaps pouring in, luxury items for you personal living area, girls and the ability to choose what quests to accept or not, some are sneaky, some traderlike, some brutal assanations, you name it.

    Personal Karma, this all depends on the outcome of quests, peacefull neutral or violent.
    With this personal karma it will influenece what kinda jobs people offer to you. Have mercs hunt you, or People liking you so much they offer you bottlecaps or food.
    Also it will influence your decoration options, House of Love, Neutral, or more raider like.

    5 Story: The story is quite simple in the city centre is an antique shop filled with penny dreadfull holotapes and all kinda occult stuff
    50 years earlier a group of teenagers came across the store while trying to clean up the rubble in the city.
    at an certain point the youth in the city got bored and wanted more from life. They looked in the city archive for knowlegde and found the holotapes and all kinda occult things.
    first the Vampire cult started, then other kids started their own gangs. Wolfboys, Zombie kids, the pirates, superhero's, etc
    Now 50 years later, robbing rapes murders bloodshed all over the city and land except the Eastern part.
    The Northerns are going to teamup with common citizens (they got promised they can join the northern part and have luxury if they help) to end the Wacko's (hence "Fallout Wacko Wars") once and for all.
    Eastern city people dont care, theyr such badasses even the cult aint going into the east section.
    Now its up to the player what he like to do. Have the cults wipe out eachother, or they take over the entire city, leave the city, disband and become regular folks. Or the player joins up with the north and wipe the wacko cults out.
    Or join the corrupt eastern city and just trick them all. so the east wins.

    6: Jobs and activities
    -Jobs! Want caps so you can bath in luxury? Woman? Nice decorations? you have you work!
    The Wasteland is dangerous, people dont wanna go out and get killed in search of caps. So you have to do it.

    -Open up your own store, Looted items can be stored here, they might get selled they might not.
    this will depend where your store is located, The Northen city dont like chems, they like clothes and undamaged items.You can open stores in every factions area.
    -Become an hunter and sell the meat and bones, the zombies and wolfboys pay good caps. Vampires love bloodpacs
    -Join an group of thiefs in the eastern city and go steal to earn caps.
    -Become an Pimp.
    -Buy an house, start and bar and hotel
    -The ideas for jobs are limitless =)
    -Side activities, Gambling, music shows, Girls for rent, snooker, cardgames. You can earn or loose caps here.

    7:Settlements and housing
    There will be Rooms for rent/sale. all over the land and city. If you have the caps you can buy an house and decorate it how you like. Maybe buy several houses, gotta spend those caps!
    With an high enough faction rep you get permission to start an small settlement, in their own section of the map.
    So scavenging the land for materials still matters.

    8:Fast travel, will be allowed but only to certain areas in regions.
    The way you Fast travel depends on Faction rep/karma, also the screens fades to black like the fast travel in FO3, 4, NV
    Common people jump on an Brahmin wagon waiting outside the city, or at certain points in the wasteland.
    The Northern city use an Armoured people carrier. very fast, very safe
    The Easterns, use an Yaoi bear with an wagon, heavily armoured and lotsa defense.
    Other factions use different ways, Zombies use sewerpiping to get to the wasteland without hassle.
    In general, They way you travel means you can get interupted by raiders supermutants

    9-Music. I can understand that buying the rights to use the music in game is expensive, but why not use Youtube to find some good(!) amateur musiscian in different genres.
    Jazz, rockabilly, blues, etc. If you make an character ingame look like the musician/band im sure theyll give the music without charging money.
    Btw Check out Tito and Tarantula, god i would love those guys ghoulified in an sleazy eastern city bar!!
    Point is in an game as massive as Fallout you need hours of stuff to listen to. Take GTA5 as example, Different genres, even talkshows :D!

    10: why all this? Lets face it, Fallout 4 was very bland, sure they were some nice locations. Libertalia ,Goodneighbour, jumping from roof to roof in downtown boston.
    Enemie wise it was an disgrace, music wise it was an 7/10. RPG wise.. wel all the answers you give were yes =(,
    Why not blow the ball outta the park with the next installment of Fallout, like the witcher3 did for fatasy rpg's!
    Fallout is has more to offer then and loot and shoot.
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  2. SarcasticGoodGuy

    SarcasticGoodGuy *R O T T E N*

    Aug 31, 2016
    Needs more radiant quests.

    Needs less dialogue.

    Just my thoughts.
  3. Ghoul Elvis

    Ghoul Elvis First time out of the vault

    Mar 19, 2017
    Radiant quests would be good for faction reputation increase, or just to slaugther a bunch of people/mutants.
    But i loooove dialogue, written letters, Holotapes, computer terminals etc. the more the better.
    Like all the books in The elders scroll:clap:
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  4. SarcasticGoodGuy

    SarcasticGoodGuy *R O T T E N*

    Aug 31, 2016
    No- dialogue is boring and has no place in a Fallout game. I hated NV because people kept forcing me into conversations when I just wanted to kill them.

    Also you need essential NPCs because in NV I killed everyone and got locked out of most of the quests, which is just dumb.
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  5. R.Graves

    R.Graves Confirmed Retard

    Apr 21, 2016
    @SarcasticGoodGuy stop it.
    Also yeah except the only game with actually interestimg terminals was NV. Especially the randall Clark stuff. And most of the books in oblivion and skyrim are recycled morrowind content. Also fuck radiant quests entirely. Like procederal generation and dialogue wheels, they are a cancer.
  6. SarcasticGoodGuy

    SarcasticGoodGuy *R O T T E N*

    Aug 31, 2016
    Nope. Every game should have procedural generation. and settlements
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  7. Jogre

    Jogre It's all JO'Ger now

    Oct 25, 2015
    @SarcasticGoodGuy I'm not entirely sure the new guy realises that your just messing around. Might want to add a /s on the end for safe measure.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums Ghoul Elvis.
    Passing a pub quiz already seems to be assuming you have lots of trivial knowledge, OR that you have very specific interests. Wouldn't really suit a character who, for instance, was raised a farmer, or a character who is relatively new to travelling the wasteland.

    I like the idea of a wasteland start though. This also seems a lot more open ended then most game beginnings, which is always a good thing.

    Playable Ghouls and Supermutants may be difficult to put in to game mechanics, as it would mean that radiation would be utterly redundant as a game mechanic(I'm not totally against the idea of a game without radiation, but it may have some implications).

    I like the idea of deciding your own motives, and I love the little Murder Hobo joke you got going on there, but I expect that there will be more to it then the options you provided. Not every character is going to be a combat/scavenging/trading type, maybe there could also be options for a field scientist, or an explorer or other sorts.

    I would also say there needs to be at least some place for tag skills or a first level perk during character creation. By the time you get in to the wasteland, your character should already have some kind of area they exceed in, so that they'll be able to have a custom experience of the wasteland from the very start.
    I love the idea of replacing Fast Travel with a Wagon service. I'm imaging a Silt Strider type thing from Morrowind. That what you were going for?