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    Don't mind this retard apparently he can't hold his booze.
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    I agree with what you're saying, but in regards to overall interactions and minigames, HG/SS was by and large the best old-gen remake and one of the best pokemon releases in general. Even the toys marketed with it were of fairly high quality.

    The other remakes weren't of great quality in comparison. FR/LG were definitely the worst, being a simple port of the original with a few minor changes as well as minigames which required a linking device to play. OR/AS were pretty good, but never really had any substantial additions to what X/Y introduced. The post-Elite4 content was enjoyable and going after special/legendary pokemon were a joy, but I felt like it's main intent was for grinding purposes (yes, I know about Sun/Moon).
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    So a little update is probably in order. My son and I went back this week, and I got smarter. My son is not old enough to really understand all the intricate strategy involved in building a 'deck', and I had no intention of spending the time to figure it out. I looked around the room until I spotted the 13 year old nerd king holding court amongst his subjects. I gave him $10 to sort through my son's pile of cards and give him something competitive. We are now 'Dark Type' trainers. No more crabs and rats for us:

    I didn't really feel like clearing the kitchen table from setting up my picture for the vices/poison thread, so disregard the guns, tobacco, and liquor.

    Anyways, my son totally crushed two other elementary kids today, so that made me parent of the year. We also apparently have some cards that are worth some money, although not particularly valuable in terms of game play. The other kids seemed disappointed that I wasn't more excited about that, but I guarantee the value on all of them is less then the $200 or so that I have spent outfitting my son for his Poke life-style.

    And finally, I learned you really have to be careful about letting your son look at Pokemon videos on YouTube unattended. I am pretty sure I overheard one of the little creatures ask for a shiv.
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    There are A LOT of dark aspects about Pokémon, even without all the YouTube vids.

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    Eh Pokemon is a family franchise. The dark elements are tame and emblematic of Japanese all ages media.

    Poketubers tho... oh boy, drama is their main dish (probably to compensate how little news there are in between games) there are some who force a "Gangsta" persona too much and there are several who are super try hard with the metagame who outright ignore the actual games and just focus on the Smogon battle simulator. You will find really agressive people in there throwing tantrums over losing if they feel you used something "unfair" even tho smogon works on a hard tier system thus you are just using what is allowed. And don't get me started on the gewunners, those guys are the worst.
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    No fucking kidding the fanbase is so badly divided. At this point I only really focus on the games that come out, rather than what kind of shit their players are jumping around over. I probably won't ever fully complete a Pokedex cuz of it, but who really cares?