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  1. Ziggy Stardust

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    Jul 24, 2018
    I don’t see why this isn’t acknowledged more on the internet, but Saints Row IV may have the best intro of all time. You stsrt of as some fuckin Tom Clancy American Hero hiding as some dudes in turbans are making clicking and spitting noises captioned (arabic). You sneak kill them and just go in, guns blazing, killing like 600 of them until you find their boss. He is about to fire a nuke into america, and for some reason is on a platform above lava. You shoot him, knocking him into the lava, but not before he begins the bomb sequence. So you jump onto the bomb, and everyone starts calling you to tell you what a hero you are, and Aerosmith starts playing. Then, you rescue the country, fall into the Oval Office, and become president. In ten minutes it manages to satarize so many aspects of American culture, I think it deserves some more praise
  2. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    As someone who liked Saints Row as a gang series: That sounds disgusting and I hate it.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    You're in a Fallout forum, you should know by now that "modern" gaming loves to ruin IPs by making them theme parks.
  4. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    But Saints Row was a fun gang-land theme park. :(
    Now it's lulzsorandom theme park.
  5. Ziggy Stardust

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    Jul 24, 2018
    Its not lolzsorandom. It’s a satire of American culture. From the whole American super spy hero idea to our perception of crazy muslims with AK-47s, there are so many things that are so expertly made fun of, I don’t see how the intro is anything short of genius.
  6. Norzan

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    Apr 7, 2017
    Yeah, funny that it has the same quality trajectory of the Fallout series, where the franchise plummets in quality in the third game and the fourth just more of the same except even worse. And the sattire in the third and fourth are about as subtle as a giant brick to the face, not to mention not exactly very funny because it's far too obvious and played out.

    The second one is my favorite because it had the blend of wacky stuff and the serious stuff. It knew when to be over the top and when to be serious and i think this made it set apart from GTA in a lot of ways, which for the most part plays everything straight. Not to mention it had some of the best side activities in any of these open world games, another thing that drops in quality in the third and fourth game.
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  7. ironmask

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    Mar 10, 2018
    Saints row 3 and 4 is some of the most cringy ass shit I have played.
  8. Ziggy Stardust

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    Jul 24, 2018
    Yeah the hunor isn’t subtle. Americans aren’t known for their subtlety. Its part of the satire.
  9. Big No

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    Oct 28, 2014
    Flippy's analogy for Saints Row is oddly fitting for the Fallout franchise.

  10. Ziggy Stardust

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    Jul 24, 2018
    Yeah it is, because like Fallout, the OG’s have become so blined by their growing distaste for the series’s evolution, that they lack the basic, necessary ability to acknowldge its positive aspects.
  11. Big No

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    Oct 28, 2014
    Not really, just the cons outweigh the pros. For every aspect a Bethesda Fallout could get right there's about 5 crappy elements next to it.
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  12. Ziggy Stardust

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    Jul 24, 2018
    Yes but constructive criticism involves acknowledging the pros. None of these comments are on the intro, let’s talk about that.
  13. The Outsider

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    Jan 9, 2019
    You see, the Saints Row series started off as another GTA clone with their first game back in 2006. As the series progressed, it achieved an identity of their own as an energized, hilariously absurd yet entertaining, action-packed series that would try something new than to keep on being a forgettable GTA clone. At least give the series some credit for finding new ways to be something different rather than doing the same thing, but with some new graphics, larger map, and new mechanics.
    (To be fair, I found Saints Row 2 as the best of the series, because that was my father's gift to me before he moved on.) :rip:
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