Writing a Wanderer's Diary-style journal for Courier 6, need some character ideas

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  1. Ben Soto

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    Jul 7, 2014
    I'm writing a journal for the Courier, but I need some character ideas.

    I was thinking of going with a Good Karma, NCR-aligned Guns/Speech/Sneak sniper of sorts who was a former NCR soldier. She'd probably go for Boone or Raul as her companion and do as many pro-NCR and anti-Legion quests and possible, before going for either the NCR or Wild Card endings.

    I don't know if that'll make for good writing, though, so I want to hear a few other ideas before I start.
  2. mithrap

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    May 17, 2016
    Your courier 6 could have been raised by the daughters of Hecate (hence, the speech/sneak skills), before leaving to California to pursuit the dream of a life far away from the tribalistic system. Disappointed, a little history with crime in Reno and some jail time in the NCR. Was given the choice : stay in jail or enroll in the NCR army.
    Served in the campaign against the brotherhood of steel before deserting after witnessing acts of barbarism from his superiors. Decided to become a courier, hoping to find a place to call home.

    You'd have a good bonding point with Boone. You'd try to avoid NCR soldiers as much as possible until they give you the possibility of erasing your debt by helping the ambassador. You'd take that opportunity and Boone would also give it a chance, but with more restrain and more doubts, that could make for interesting scenes.
    With Raul, you'd share the homeless thematic, and you'd have moments of doubt that would resonate with his.
    You'd have tense moments with Veronica, but she's down to earth and can understand that you were following orders during the war, and she'd come to respect you. You'd witness another face of the brotherhood and considering your history, you would try your best to make sure the NCR doesn't forces you to attack them, ever again. And by doing that, you'd attain some sort of atonement.
    Your interactions with the tribes could be interesting, as you were born in one of them, but left in the hopes of finding a better life in the civilization. Do you have pity for them? Do you envy their simple needs, their place they call home? Do you dispise them and want to enforce the civilization you never managed to find yourself upon them? Your character could be very interesting in the eyes of Joshua Graham, who would try to teach you not to find a home in this life, but to try your best to ensure you have one in the "light after the darkness".
  3. Ben Soto

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    Jul 7, 2014
    @mithrap Aren't the Daughters Van Buren material? To our knowledge, they don't exist (and the existence of the Vipers in the Mojave sorta contradicts what the Daughters's backstory was.)
  4. rockitten

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    Jan 22, 2017
    Courier visiting a raider camp, and they are about to execute a slave......

    Raider: What's your name?
    Slave: ........
    Okay, Alright, I am gonna blow your fxxking head off. Any last word?
    Slave: Mercy!
    Raider: I am a generous man, so I give you 4 option.
    Slave: Oh thank you!
    Raider: So listen up,
    Raider: Option one, is a yes.
    Raider: Option two, is another yes.
    Raider: Option three, is a sarcastic yes.
    Raider: Wanna guess what's option four?
    Slave: Please!
    Raider: Option four is a NO.......
    Slave: Oh thank god!
    Raider: that still mean yes! Wahahahahahaha, got you!
    Raider: So, I gave you options, make your fxxking choice NOW!
    Courier: Ah C'mon, this game is stupid.
    Raider: What? Don't you see I am telling an engaging story? Game is for playing, not for making okay?