Your favorite parts of Fallout 4?

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    Ah yes the "You only like it because of nostalgia" arguement.

    Saying we are nostalgic is blatantly shutting down any valid reasons we have for disliking the newer games and liking the old games. There are plenty of valid reasons to prefer 1 and 2, and assuming that we are only in it for nostalgia is a surefire way to avoid having any actual debate over it.
    Define "Shut Down". We are very open to dissenting opinions as a forum, we just debate with people who have them.

    Whenever someone claims they like Fallout 3 and 4, we dissect there arguements, and offer counter-points. We don't shut them down, we accept that they have those opinions.

    As for ridiculed, I'm not sure what forums you regular, but over here we tend to be fairly mocking of one another. Pretty much everyone here has jokes made about them. If you dismiss that as ridicule, maybe this community isn't the right place for you.
    IMHO the gameplay of the originals worked brilliantly.

    The use of action points means the player had to think carefully about what action they will take, whether to get two attacks or a targeted shot, or do a move, or gain bonus AC. Sure it was not as complex as it could have been, and had its flaws, but the gameplay actually had you considering what you were going to do. Similarly, where you aimed your targeted shots made a huge difference. Do you want to aim for the eyes and cause your enemies to miss more?, Do you want to cripple there leg and make them have to struggle to reach you?, Do you want to go for a straight up head-shot hoping to knock them unconcious?

    Compare this to 3/NV where the only use of action points is VATs, so combat basically consists of spamming enemies until you build up enough action points to use VATs(Not going to mention 4, because the gameplay there is actually semi-decent for a first person Fallout game), and even VATs is poorly done in comparison to the classics, given that the actual effects of crippling a limb are nothing to write home about(And it was simplified by removing two different options)

    Plus the Isometric view allowed far more testing your skills in the world, with the SkillDex and ability to look/talk/pickup/useitem on everything. It means you actually tested what skills and what items to use where, rather than getting a popup saying "You can use the doctor skill or a stimpak here"

    I would honestly say that the gameplay of the first 2 games beats 3 and New Vegas by a square mile.
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    I honestly cannot think of anything nice to say about Fallout 4, not for the lack of trying mind you.
    As a developer of game mechanics I make it a point to sift through games such as this to determine why it didn't work, and what it did well.

    If Fallout 4 wasn't marketed as a Fallout game, I think it would have seen greater success as a stand alone IP. However as it stands now it detracts way to much from the original IP to be a positive influence to fans, the IP, and for potential future titles.

    Therefore the only good thing I can hopefully take away from this is that there is potential for Bethesda to learn from this mistake (if they aren't blinded by whatever forces dictate their actions.) to benefit future titles and fan support.

    However if they do not redirect their efforts I'm confident that the Fallout franchise will crash and burn into obscurity just like other enjoyable series abused by their IP holders for pure profit.
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    Everything I experience is pure bliss.

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