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InXile has put out an update that details their preparation for the release of the game on Friday. They have brought back crouch as a combat feature, updated the UI and will bring permadeath to companions in a post-release update.

They've also...
Lexx has released v1.3 of Fallout et tu, the mod that let's you play Fallout 1 in Fallout 2s engine. For more info go to this thread.


The third major update for the Encased early access is now available. You can read all about it...
A few days ago PJ & Co released a demo version of their upcoming total conversion Fallout: Yesterday (Van Buren on the Fallout 2 engine) available...

Dark Crystal Games, the developer of Encased, have uploaded a video on the the reception of Fallout in Russia and how that is connected to their game development and other Russian...
Amazon Prime has teamed up with the Westworld show runners and Bethesda Game Studios to develop a TV show based on Fallout.

Kind of. I can't say I am surprised Bethesda is now whoring out the last vestiges of RPG left in this once esteemed RPG series. You do realize this is the beginning of the end? What other Fallout abominations are in store for us in the future? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. I still...
Lexx has released v1.2 of Fallout et tu, the mod that let's you play Fallout 1 in Fallout 2s engine. All the info can be found in the quote below:

InXile explain how the game world reacts to the player's choices with consequences.

In this dev diary Brian Fargo talks about the the story, characters and reactivity in Wastelnad 3.