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Recently on Twitter, TriangleCity asked FO1 Designer Jesse Heinig if he remembered any details of the original plans for the scrapped raider factions The Vipers & Jackals, and this is what he had to say...

Here's the transcript of the Twitter thread:

TriangleCity: "I know this is a longshot since Fallout was developed so long ago, but do you remember any details regarding the cut raider...
I'm not sure if somebody has already done this, but I'm going to do it anyway.

Here are the links to the original Fallout 1 and 2 websites that this website actually preserved for quite some time, until the links to them sadly died.
So yeah, here they're and enjoy looking through them! 8-)...

"Raphael Colantonio and Peter Salnikov talk to programmer and game designer Tim Cain, co-creator of Fallout, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Outer Worlds and other cult classic RPGs."
  • How to understand your professional limits and what to do next;
  • Reactive worlds: when the game strikes back everytime the player does...
Forming a studio to work on a new post-apocalyptic colony sim/real time strategy game.

"Ascent of Ashes is coming in 2023 from the makers of the popular RimWorld Combat Extended mod."
Fallout 4 is getting a 4k re-release next year as a part of Bethesdas plan to milk every IP for as long as they can.

The update will also include bug fixes and performance mode features for high frame rates.
The real Queen's death in September has led to the mod creators' decision to remove the ghoul version of Elizabeth from the full-conversion project.

"Do not expect them in there," Carter says. "There's no point asking in the comments, there's no point moaning. This is the official stance of the mod, it will not change."

"For those new to this project: "Is that Alexander "Red888guns" Berezin's art?" Yes. He's our artist!
"Why are you using Mark Morgan's music?" He's our composer!
"When will this be fully revealed or playable?" Not for a long time!"

This looks pretty great to be honest. At least in terms of artstyle and graphic direction.


"In October of 1997, players first encountered Fallout’s post-nuclear world and its memorable characters, irradiated monstrosities, impactful conversations and stark reminders that war…war never changes.

25 years later, the Fallout series is a...
We all know Alexander Berezin (red888guns) by now for his awesome Fallout-inspired artworks. Most are 2D, although he did sneak some "Fallout 3D" clip in some years ago. Now, in honor of the 25th anniversary of Fallout he did a short clip called "Fallout: Bakersfield" depicting Necropolis if it was a Doom mod.

Calling it "teaser" and apparently actually...
Reddit user Misha_Vozduh reimagined Fallout 2's pixelated character sprites as realistic-looking people using the Stable Diffusion AI.

More examples here: