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A few days ago Bethesda announced their future plans for Fallout 76 in the form of a...
IGN has published a dev diary from InXile where a developer talks about player choice in Wasteland 3 with a focus on character creation, customisation and combat. There's a lot of gameplay to demonstrate so could be worth a watch. Enjoy!

Also, there's a goat cannon for your truck...
Fallout 76 the 52 Metacritic FOOL(Fallout Online) experience is having a free weekend. On PC, Xbox One and PS4. So now you can first hand see the wonders and disasters of Bethesda's latest serving without paying a cent.

Start: May 14th 12 pm EDT
End: May 18th 12 pm EDT
ATOM RPG: Trudograd is now available on Steam early access.

Once again I'm asking for your financial support
Wait, no, that meme is over.
@cvet is developing the FOnline engine under the open source MIT license, so for future isometric online-game goodness and improvements to FOnline: Reloaded and whatever may come, check out his pages and consider contributing:
Wireframe has a nice article (pdf) about some recent games inspired by...

As we reported back in September Timeslip Softworks, the...

In a new update we're informed that the standalone expansion for ATOM RPG will be available on steam early access as of May 11.

So the Wastelander add-on for Fallout: 76 is being released today after a few delays. At adds human NPCs to the game, so it's like 5% on the way to a full game now?


Is anyone here playing Fallout: 76?
hexer were previously working on an attempt to bring Black Isle Studio's Van Buren project to the FOnline engine as a total conversion mod. However the project run into some problems and work was halted.

Now he's back with the same project on the Fallout 2 engine. It goes under the name Fallout: Yesterday and you can check it out...