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Wireframe has a nice article (pdf) about some recent games inspired by...

As we reported back in September Timeslip Softworks, the...

In a new update we're informed that the standalone expansion for ATOM RPG will be available on steam early access as of May 11.

So the Wastelander add-on for Fallout: 76 is being released today after a few delays. At adds human NPCs to the game, so it's like 5% on the way to a full game now?


Is anyone here playing Fallout: 76?
hexer were previously working on an attempt to bring Black Isle Studio's Van Buren project to the FOnline engine as a total conversion mod. However the project run into some problems and work was halted.

Now he's back with the same project on the Fallout 2 engine. It goes under the name Fallout: Yesterday and you can check it out...
I was told to post about this game since it is Fallout inspired and I always do what I am told. Apparently there was an older version that has now been removed since the game was totally overhauled. According to Codex it is pretty good so don't let the simplistic graphics fool you. This was made by yet another Codex poster. There must be something in the water over there. Probably FEV. The...

This ambitions mod is finally out, in Russian.

Another post-apoc RPG to keep an eye on, currently in open accesss on steam.

The Wastelanders expansion will be released for free in April. It does appear to look more like a singleplayer Bethesda Fallout game, so this might please some hardcore fans.

In a recent interview with USGamer Pete Hines spoke about the reception of 76. You can find a snippet of that below, with the full link at the bottom.